stay with your mother.

Night Gladiolus | Water |
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 Stay with your mother...


  "Don't! It's too dangerous for a child to go out there!" Her mother begged her only child. She held her tight for fear that even her little one would disappear.   "What about father?" The young girl cried at her mother. "He's still outside!"   Tears fell freely from her mother's eyes. Those eyes were pleading her not to be foolish.   "We could only pray and hope God would answer our prayers." Her mother answered.   Everyone else in the cave watched them in silence. They have loved ones outside the cave. The cave was cold.   There was no fire for there was nothing dry they could use to make one.   Everyone waited in the darkness.    The little girl sobbed. Her father was outside fighting the cold, the rain so that they could survive once the storm passes.   "Please be safe father." She prayed.   For hours, the rain poured and the wind remained strong.   Everyone was afraid.    No men came.   The young girl stared at the opening, trying to stay awake until her father comes.   It was hard to keep her eyes open. She was tired hungry and cold. Her mother's warmth around her warmed her a bit but she was still cold.   Eventually she fell asleep in her mother's arms.   When she woke up, their fears had become reality.   The storm passed and all that was left of the village was destroyed houses, fields, dead
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