in a field on flowers.

Night Gladiolus | Water |
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In the darkest night, a girl no older than 10 years woke up in a field in the middle of  a forest that seemed to be untouched by hands of men. 

A fragrant smell woke her up from her sleep. She opened her eyes and saw the most unusual place in her whole life. She sat up with her breath caught, looking at the scene around her.

The field was full of white blooming flowers that she had never seen in her life. The flowers was so many that it made the field look like a white carpet, making the whole place mysterious and magical.

It was the most unusual thing as the young girl clearly remembered that she was in her room sleeping. She rubbed her eyes in wonder where and how she got in this wonderful place.

Is it a dream? If it is, she wished never to wake up.

The field was so pretty that she was almost afraid to touch the pretty flowers, not wanting to hurt them. But with a child's curiousity winning out, she touched one and felt the velvety smoothness of it. She couldn't help but giggle at unique texture.



Beyond the field was a dark forest forest threatening to swallow her in darkness. It was night and yet the moon's light shine brightly as if it was protecting her. 

The moon was high up in the sky in full bloom. Under its gentle light, the moon made the flowers bloom more beautifully.

Her skin glowed, basking her in light and warmth. She giggled again, forgetting her wonder on how she came to such a place. All her attention was turned to the moon's beauty and reached out to the source of light as if she could hold it in her hand.

It was a childish thought to be able to grab the mood. She believed she could as she imagined her hands almost touching it.

The moon look small like it was a jewel surrounded by little diamonds.

A frown formed on her lips.

No matter how hard she reached for the moon, she couldn’t grab it. She wanted to touch the moon and hold it. The young girl thought it looked pretty.

“Careful child.” A voice so foreign and yet so familiar made the child pause and looked at the direction of the voice. 

Her head turned upwards to the moon but saw nothing but the moon and the stars.

Whoever it was, the owner of the voice sounded different almost like bells ringing.

She looked around searching for the person who spoke but not one soul was in sight except her.

“It is not wise to desire for something that cannot be truly yours.” The voice said. She couldn’t decipher whether it was a man or a woman’s voice.

“Why?” Her little voice asked innocently.

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