Betrayal and evil

The Night Wind's Deed

Airi’s POV


Akane… You stupid reckless baka…


“Airin….” I could hear Jurina from beside me, “Should we go back and see Rena again?”


“Yea… I’d like to see her.”


“Then, let’s go.”


We turned around and started to make our way back to Rena and Rina’s house. We found the stone path and arrived in front of the hut once again.


As we approached the door, I heard a piercing screech.


We opened the door and saw Rena crouching on the floor in fright, with Rina preparing for battle. There was a demon, who looked rather boyish.


“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’d best be off with the girl.”


“I won’t let you!” Rina said, with clear sounds of anger.


“You really do not know how powerful I truly am. I’ve been hearing word from a snitch about where she is.”


“Wait… Who..?” Jurina asked, confused.


“Her!” The demon pointed Rena, who was still cowering in the corner.


“Airi, Jurina, protect Rena!”




We ran to either side of Rena, clutching our swords.


“You must be Furukawa Airi. Akane seems to be mad at you~”




“She was so nice, as well. Telling me where you’re little friend was kept.”




Akane… I can’t believe she did that… and it’s all my fault….


I heard a small clicking noise. I looked and saw Rena was biting her nails.




She never bit her nails when she was younger, she avoided habits like that. Something’s wrong…




“Rena, what’s wrong?” Jurina looked at me worriedly. “Nee, Airin, what’s wrong with her all the sudden?”




“Her seal must be breaking.”


“E-Eh? Is…?”


“If we don’t stop her, then Gekikara will be released once again.”




The demon grinned. “What perfect timing.”


Rena looked up and met Jurina’s gaze. Jurina backed away, terrified.


“Rena…? What’s wrong?”


“Who are you…?” I glanced at the demon.


“Me? I’m Miyazawa Sae. I suggest you let me take what I want, and no one gets hurt.”


Rena slowly got up, walking to Jurina.


“Nee… okotteru?”


“Rena? What’s going on? You’re scaring me...”


“Jurina… I suggest you don’t ask any questions, just back away slowly..”


She looked at me and stared for a while, but then she did as I said and started backing away.


“Get out of my house, demon!!!” Rina charged. A white mark glew on the back of her hand and she fired an orb of light at Sae.


The demon dodged and grabbed Rina’s wrist.


“Don’t even try to underestimate me, mage.”


“I’m not trying to.”


Rina attacked again and this time, hit Sae’s chest. Unfazed by the attack, Sae walked towards Rena.


“You’re coming with me,” she grabbed her and put her to sleep with merely her gaze.


“Not when I’m around. Just because you’re one of Akane’s co-workers, doesn’t mean I’m giving up a friend.”


“Tsk, who said I’m working with her anymore?”




“She betrayed my trust, by bonding with a puny human, like you. We made a deal, that she broke! I’m keeping my reputation as a general, and I’ll do anything in my power to do it.”




She grinned. “Say goodbye to your dear friend. When you see her again, she’ll be a monster.”


“No! I won’t let you do this to her!”


Before Rina could attack again, she had already disappeared, with Rena.


“W-What do we do now…?”


“What the heck is going on here?!” Jurina said, confused.




“This doesn’t make sense! Who was that?! Why did she take Rena?! I just got to be with her again, after so long!”


I saw Jurina was crying, hiding her tears.


“I finally got to see her… Why is this happening..? Just TELL ME!!!”




“I can’t… I can’t cope with this…!”


“Jurina,” Rina approached her. “Do you want to know the truth about Rena?”




“We’ve been keeping a secret from you about her. Do you want to know what it is?”


“Yes! Please! I don’t care how bad it is, just tell me so I can actually understand what’s going on for once!”




Rina placed her hand on Jurina’s chest. Her eyes widened as she collapsed onto the floor.


Rina turned back to look at me.


“You sure this will be alright?”


I nodded. “I think it’s time… she finally learns the truth.”


“Alright then.”


Jurina’s POV




What’s going on…?




“What are you doing?!”


“Hehehe… nee, Jurina, let’s play~”


What is this..? I’m scared..!


Airin… why is she lying on the ground like that..


Oh God, she’s not breathing! Is she dead?!


“Hehehe… hahahaha…. hahaha.. what’s wrong? Are you scared?”




She walked towards me slowly as I had tried to back away.


“Don’t run away. We just started having fun.”


“W-What have you become…?”


She laughed more and grabbed my throat.


“Oh, poor Jurina~ Try to breathe, kay? I won’t hold back. Hahahahaha!”


“R-Rena…. stop..!”


“Aw~ sorry. Rena’s gone.”




“She’s not here. I’m Gekikara. I’ll be the one who sticks around from now on! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!”


Her laughter filled my ears until my body went weak and my eyes slowly closed.




I instantly sat up, wondering what went on in that crazy dream… No, it was more of a nightmare.


What was that…?


I felt another rush of memories hit me.




I saw the visions from my nightmare. They had been repeating, making me scared once again.




“Airin? You’re alive!” Standing up, I instantly ran towards her, enveloping her in a hug.




“How…?! Who is Gekikara? Why…?”


Another rush of memories hit. I saw Rena, but something was wrong. Her eyes were glowing red, and she seemed demonic….


“No… NO!!!!!”




I held my head as more memories flashed in my head. I dropped to the ground again and felt a pair of hands holding on to me.


“Jurina, listen to me. Keep focusing on my voice!” I could faintly hear Airin’s voice, but all I could hear were screams and screeches.


“Nngh.. no! Go away..!”


“Jurina! It’s just a hallucination, it’s me, Airin!”


“...ugh… Ai..rin..?”


“That’s right, I’m right here. Try to resist it!”


“Ai...rin… Help…me...”


“I’m here. Don’t worry, Jurina. Just keep focusing on my voice.”




I kept trying to hear her voice over the screams and terrifying sounds.


“Jurina… Please, snap out of it!”


I blinked furiously and saw Airin’s blurry face.




“It’s okay. I’m here...”


I started crying and hugged her.


I remember now…




“Airin… Why is life painful…”


“I don’t know, but we need to get Rena back.”




“Stay here. Rina, look after Jurina, I’m off to look for Akane.”






Akane’s POV


“You… actually got her.”


“Of course I did, I’m always serious in what I say.” Sae grinned.


I stared at the unconscious girl, chained to the altar.


She’ll hate me even more, if she finds out what I did…


“D-Did you tell Airin it was me..?”


“So what? That human hurt your feelings, you told me where her friend was and here we are.”


I stood up, walked towards her and gripped her collar tightly.


“You don’t know how I feel, Miyazawa.”


“Tsk, I feel as hurt as you are. Don’t you remember that deal we made?”


S-She still remembers?


“Of course I remembered, I was wondering if you had remembered.”




She smirked again, grabbing my wrists and pushing me to the wall.


“You better be good and keep our deal,” she whispered in my ear. “Do as I say or I’ll kill her.”


I nodded.




She parted from me and went over to the unconscious girl.


“About time I wake her up, wouldn’t you say?”


She then got out a knife and drew out some blood from her wrist. She the blood and transferred it into Rena’s mouth through a kiss.


“Why..? Why did you want her in the first place, Sae?”


“You don’t realise, Akane, that Gekikara is the key to power!”


“And she could be our downfall! I instantly regret giving you her location…!”


“Then you shouldn’t have let your emotions get in the way. I know how you feel, I was in a position like the one you are in now.”


She held my cheek and made me look in her eyes. I knew what she was trying to do, and immediately turned away, shutting my eyes.


“Nice try. But I won’t fall for that.”


“Are you sure about that?”


I could feel her face coming closer to me, so much, I could feel her breath.




“I’m sorry, Akane, but you’re in the way of my plans.”


She pinched my cheek, which surprised me and made me open my eyes. Her gaze immediately locked with mine.


“That girl hurt you, right? You must hate her.”



“You must hate Furukawa Airi for she did to you, right?”




“Oh, I think you do. Somewhere deep inside your heart, you hate her.”


Maybe she is right…


I only shrugged those thoughts out of my head and continued to deny her accusations.


“I-I… I love her…”


“Eh~ You sure about that, Akane?”


“I-It’s the reason I bonded with her in the… first place…”


“Akane!!” I heard someone shouting my name and in the corner of my eyes I saw Tsugumi running over.


“Eh~ What are you doing here, Iwanaga?”


“Trying to save a friend from the likes of you.”


She charged forward and tackled her, freeing me from Sae’s grip.


“Two versus one? No fair~”


“Tsk, says the one using me to get what she wants.”


“Why you…”


She pushed Tsugumi forcefully off her, stood up and ran towards me.


“Always think before you act, Sae.”


I swiftly dodged.


“I have no time for you two. I have someone else to tend to.” She said before knocking Tsugumi down.


“Tsugumi!” I rushed towards her, seeing her withering in pain.


“J-Just put Miyazawa in her place…”


“I will!”


I ran up and planned to punch her, but she saw my attack and tied my wrists and ankles together.




“I had everything planned for when you had betrayed me. You realised it was me, leaking plans to the humans and the angels so I had everything pinned on you~”


“You little--”


She grinned as she walked over to Rena once again. Sae’s hand hovered her head as she started to say some words that I couldn’t make out as I was so far away.




“Too late, I’ve done it.”


Rena’s body started to shake rapidly. Foam started to come out of .


“You monster!” I broke the tethers that were bounding me to the floor, “I’ll kill you!”


She grabbed me again, but I kept punching and kicking. She flipped me over and caused me to hurt my back.


“You should be happy… Once she’s loose, the first person I’ll make her go after is Furukawa.”




Rena’s scream filled the room. Her seal had just broken and her eyes were glowing a bright red as she was reliving the horrible memories that were sealed within her.


“I’m going to kill you, Miyazawa….”


“Oh, really?” She grabbed my collar and whispered in my ear. “What if I report to Nakanishi that this was all your doing?”


“She would trust me enough to know it wasn’t me, you know how I’m her right hand.”


“Tsk, I’m not sure about that anymore.”




“She’s been skeptical of you, these past few weeks. Ever since she found out you’ve been sneaking out to be with that human.”




“I’ll give you time to find that girl but for a price.”




“Either you find her quickly, or I’ll kill your strategist.”


She walked over to Tsugumi’s unconscious body.


“Don’t you dare kill her!”


She chuckled. “Oh, I won’t kill her.”




“However, I could use her~” She placed her hand over her head and moved aside some of her hair, revealing her neck. She bit her nape and left a mark on it.


“You…! Don’t tell me you...”


She wiped away the blood from her lips with her thumb. “She’s mine now.”


“No! She can’t be!”


“Oh, but she is.”


She snapped her fingers and Tsugumi rose up from the ground. Her eyes were dark and cold, with a wicked grin on her face.


“Tsugumi… You truly are a monster, Miyazawa...”


She grinned again.


“Bye bye, Takayanagi.”


She snapped her fingers again and the three disappeared.

No… this can’t be!

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