What lies inside

The Night Wind's Deed

Airi’s POV






“Nee, Airin.”


What’s going on…?


“Airi-chan! Come on, let’s go!”


Eh? Jurina..?


“Catch me if you can~”


“Mou, Jurina, slow down!”


“Wait up!”


Before anything else had happened, I saw that Jurina tripped. She started crying because she fell and hurt her knee.


“Jurina!” I ran up to her, looking at her wounded knee.


“Airi-chan, do the magic, do the magic!”


I smiled. “Alright.”


I placed both my hands on her knee, where her wound was.


“Pain, pain, fly away~”


After a few seconds, I lifted my hands and the wound was gone.


“Sugoi~ Thank you, Airi-chan!” Jurina hugged me.


“No problem.”


“Look at the sunset.”


What is this… calming feeling? I’ve never felt like this with anyone before…






“I love you.”


“I...” My eyes opened slightly. I realized it was a dream and woke up. Tsugumi was towering above me, wondering how she was to wake me up. “Tsugumi..?”


“Yeah? What’s wrong?”


“Wh-what happened..?”


“You fainted. You were out for an hour and a few minutes but thank god you’re okay, Akane-san was gonna kill me if you weren’t.”


I slowly got up, rubbing my eyes. “I had the weirdest dream...”


She raised her eyebrow at me. “I don’t get why humans have dreams.”


“Don’t you?”


“No. Never.”




“It’s true! I never have dreams because I’m nocturnal and when I do sleep, I just never have them.”


“I guess that makes sense. But, what about Akane?”


“I never bother to ask her, but I guess not. She sleeps like a rock.”


“Does she ever sleep talk?”


“No. And if she has, I was probably asleep and never heard it. But why should I care? Dreams are something only humans should worry about, so it’s none of my business.”


“Well, dreams are things that give you new experiences and feelings that you have never felt before.”


She scoffed. “Wow, that’s poetic,” she said sarcastically.


“That’s what I think, anyway~”


Just then, Akane appeared before us.




“There you guys are, what happened?”


“I just fainted, I’ll be fine.”


Just then I heard some rustling in the distance, causing Akane to prepare to attack, in case anything happens.


“God why…  The Nightcrawler Season is upon us.”


“W-What are Nightcrawlers…?”


“Nightcrawlers are only predators to us demons. Me and Tsugumi have a high chance of dying right now.”




“Oi, Akane, remember you’re blood bound with her. Don’t make her worry more than she needs to.”


“I know...”


Out from the darkness, a black creature stepped out. It was oozing a demonic purple aura and had glowing red eyes filled with madness.


“Move, I feel like it’s coming for me.”


“Gotcha,” Tsugumi said as I felt her pushing me to the side.


Akane grew her nails at as she moved forward to attack the beast. Before she could, however, the camouflaged monster pounced on her, causing her to fall on the ground.


She grabbed it by the throat and started kicking and punching it, trying to get it off her.


“I better help her,” Tsugumi said before she speeded up and chopped the monster in the back of the neck, then she elbowed the arch of his back hard.


Hearing a loud high pitched roar, the three of us covered our ears.


Akane then stabbed her hand into the beast’s chest, causing it to fall to the ground. She pulled out what looked like a heart, covered in black blood. I covered my mouth a bit, feeling as if I was about to barf.


“You kinda have to get used to this, Airi-san,” Tsugumi warned me, “Akane really loves drinking from the heart.”


Thanks for telling me after, Tsugumi


She looked at the heart and sniffed it, then gagged.


“This one’s bad...”


“Get rid of it, then.”


She nodded and crushed the heart in her palm.


“Let’s go back home. Miyuki is waiting for us.”


“That angel?!”


“Why is she still there?!”


“She has business with us now. Just trust me on this, you two.”


We started to follow Akane out of the woods and back towards the village. This was a bit uncomfortable for me, as I didn’t know anything about Angels.. all I knew is that they were  holy beings.


We came back to my home and I saw the angel looking over Jurina, who was asleep on the couch.


“What happened to her?”


“That would be my fault,” Akane said, shyly, “She was getting a bit out of hand.”


“What did you need help with, Watanabe-san?”


“There are things near Heaven’s Gate that none of the angels can get rid of. It has human qualities.”


“The Masters of Disguise… They can use any magic spell that different supernaturals are weakened by, I heard. They can also summon Astaroths and other monsters too.”


“And some of the Heretic Monk’s minions too…. The Nightmares are so hard to deal with, especially during Full Moons.”


“So you have the same thing near the Gates of the Underworld?”


“Yep, pretty much.”


“Ever since those things started appearing, strange things began happening.”


“Like what…?” I asked curiously.


“For one, those Nightcrawlers, like the one you saw, have gotten stronger and going on mass rampages.”


“Not only that, there was one girl who disappeared, and when we found her, we could easily tell something in her mind had snapped.”


“That’s crazy...Who would do something like this…?”


“I know only one person...” Miyuki said.




“The Maou. He was a very powerful demon who ruled over the demons, but he was sealed away by us angels a long time ago.”


“If he was sealed, then who is ruling the demons now…?”


“Nakanishi Yuka,” Akane answered. “She’s a very powerful demon of our kind. However, she luckily has more sanity than the Maou.”


“What he wanted to do was crazy, even for us...”


“W-What did he do…?”


“He created a war within the supernatural world. He decided to kill off the werewolves and the vampires, leaving us demons and Miyuki’s kind as well. I’m guessing he’s gonna kill us demons first as he was our ancestor.”


“So that’s why we cast the Final Judgement on him.”


I furrowed my eyebrow. “Final… Judgement?”


Something about that feels… familiar.


“It is an agreement instituted by both angels and demons.”


“But then, why are you two working together? Don’t angels and demons have a natural rivalry? Wouldn’t this start another war?”


“That’s why I came here,” Miyuki said, “I had thought something fishy from one of the 5 generals, so I came to inspect the situation. And it turns out she was with you and your friend. In the end, I had asked her for help.”


“5 Generals...?”


“Yes. Aside from Nakanishi, there are 5 other demons who can easily match her power and one of them is Takayanagi over here. The others are Miyazawa Sae, Oba Mina, Suda Akari, and Shibata Aya, if I am aware, is that right?”




“So, it’s like, a demon high council?”




“It is the same for us angels. Sayaka is the leader, and the 5 generals are me, Kadowaki Kanako, Yamada Nana, Yagura Fuuko and Shiroma Miru,” Miyuki explained. “I sit on the chair of truth. I have excellent powers of persuasion.”


“I can tell,” Akane said sarcastically.


I looked over at Jurina again, seeing a pained expression on her face, as if she was having a nightmare.


“Is she going to be okay?”


“Well… I’m not sure.”


I saw Akane glaring at Miyuki for some reason. Does she know something?


“Airi… since you and Jurina already know about all this,” the angel took my hands, “I ask you to fight alongside us.”


“Eh? Me?” I was surprised by the angels sudden acclamation, “B-But why…?”


“I knew from the moment I saw you that you held potential. A power none of us have.”




“Uh… Guys...” Tsugumi nervously replied from behind us, “Sorry to interrupt but there are more Nightcrawlers incoming!”


I looked outside the window and saw red eyes staring at us.


“I’ll take care of them,” Miyuki said as she spread her wings.


The next moment, she teleported out of the house. All we heard next was the sound of the monsters’ screeching. We all covered our ears from the horrid sound.


When Miyuki came back, there wasn’t even a scratch or drop of blood on her.


Akane’s jaw dropped.


“Those were nothing.” Miyuki grinned.




“Now then,” Miyuki moved aside some of my bangs and looked at me. “It’s time to wake up.”




She kissed my forehead and suddenly, an image appeared in my head.


It was a girl. The same girl I saw in my dream. She had pale skin and long black hair. She had the smile of an angel as she looked at me with dark brown eyes.




“Rena...” my voice acted on its own.


“Seal, release!”

The next moment, I felt a sharp pain in my head, but just for a moment as my body grew weak, and I fell into darkness.

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