Light and Darkness

The Night Wind's Deed

Airi’s POV


Morning came and I woke from my slumber, the remnants of my dreams still lingering within. I can still see them, her irresistible red eyes from last night.


Ugh… Still having those dreams….


“Airin~ breakfast~” Jurina called to me from down the hall.


I sighed and slowly got up. I couldn’t put my thoughts together as I had kept on imagining her. I walked into the kitchen and saw her mixing the eggs as they cooked in the pan.


“Airin, how are you?”


“Tired,” was all I could answer. I sat down on the dining room table, quietly eating my breakfast. Ever since that fateful day, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.


Flashback, 2 years ago…


I met her that night. I was with Jurina, hunting for food in the woods, but my lantern broke and I ended up getting lost.


Why now of all times I could be getting lost….


As I was walking, trying to find my way out, I had a chill run up my spine. I felt like someone was watching me, and I didn’t like the feeling of it at all.


I looked around, trying to find the person, but there was nothing at all. Just complete darkness. I sighed, leaning against a tree a bit.


Then, my eyes saw a strange glow. A bright red glow, from… eyes?


Yes, someone’s eyes. Or, something’s… And they were staring right at me.


It’s either kill or be killed, Airi, choose wisely….


I gripped my sword, holding my breath a bit.


“I wouldn’t, if I were you, human.”


Eh….? This thing isn’t human..?


If this thing isn’t human, and it talks… Could it mean….?


“You’ve figured me out, that’s clever.”


I saw a flash of red pass by me, and before I knew it, I was staring face to face with… her.




“Speechless?” she said, “Not surprised.”


“Wh-what are you..?”


“I’m just as you see it; a demon. Tell no-one of this or I’ll be sure to find you and kill you.”


Then, she disappeared as fast as she appeared before me.


A few minutes later, Jurina finally found me and we returned to our normal lives. But, the thought of the girl couldn’t leave my head. I decided I wanted to find her again.


Everyday, I had thought of the same few words…


Where could she be…?


Every night since then, I would sneak out and try to find her again. In the same place I had first seen her, same appearance.


But, all my efforts went in vein.


End of Flashback




Akane’s POV


Why do I feel this way… for a human…?


“Akane-chan, I’m hungry...” Tsugumi moaned from behind me.


“Hai, hai. Let’s go.” I said as I stood up. My thoughts, however, were trailing behind my body as I was constantly thinking about her.


I don’t understand. I can’t get the thought of that girl out of my head. And, more importantly, even without knowing the taste, I crave to drink her blood.


What is a blood demon to do in this crisis..?


“Oi~ Akane-chan, are you listening to me?” she asked. She must’ve been talking to me while I was lost in thought.


“Oh… sorry. What was it?”


“I’m telling you, I wanted to go hunting~ I’m hungry~”


“Ah, right… Jyaa, whatever you’re in the mood for. My treat.”


“Yay! Thank you!” She smiled unconsciously, “I’ll pay you back some time~”


“Let’s go before it gets bright outside.”




As we left, I felt a piercing pain of the side of my head, something that I never felt before. I saw a strange vision flash in my head. I saw someone standing in front of me, but it was so bright, I couldn’t see. Then, I saw fire rising, the sky turning red…


Blood… everywhere… the moon was blood red as well… everything… all dyed red… I looked at my hands. There was blood on them…


“Monster!!!” Someone screamed behind me. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by people I couldn’t see.


“Leave this world!”


“Go away! We don’t want you here!”


I fell to my knees. I don’t know why, but I was crying. These words, I always hear them everyday, these thoughts echoing through my mind.


I looked up and saw someone. I couldn’t see her face, but I felt very sad.




“You were a mistake being born.”


“Mama, how can you say that?! It’s me, Akane… your daughter..!”


“You are NOT my daughter!!!”


No…. H-How… how can this be..?




As they yelled, I finally lost myself and cried out. Black wings grew from my back as I flew off.


If no one wants me… then.. I’ll just disappear… where no one will ever see me again…


“! Akane!”


I opened my eyes and saw Tsugumi. She was carrying a large pig which she had killed.




“Are you okay? I found you collapsed and you were crying.”


“I...” I held my head. I knew exactly what happened.


A memory from my past came back to haunt me. My thoughts were cluttered with emotions, from panic to confusion.


“Akane, maybe you should get some rest for tonight. You seem tired...”


“Uh, yeah, I.. I think that’s it...”


She stabbed her hand into the pig’s chest and handed me its heart.




She’s giving it to me..?


“But… Tsugumi, this is the most important part--”


“I know,” she took my hand and placed the heart in my palm. “But you look like you need it more than I do.”




I took the heart and started walking back to the mountains. I became very conscious of my surroundings, in case anything triggered my visions again.


Flashing out my fangs, I bit into the heart and started drinking the blood. I instantly felt invigorated and became more relaxed.


“You feeling any better?”


“Much better, but honestly, I’m feeling slightly nervous…”




“I don’t know. But I have this feeling something terrible will happen...”


“Uso..” Her voice was filled with disbelief, “You don’t think…”


“Yes… A repeat of the war that started it all….”


She gulped.


“Don’t worry,” I said reassuringly. “I won’t let it happen. I’ll be sure to prevent it, and kill every single one of those godforsaken angels.”


“Un. Arigatou.”


Besides… if I am a demon, I have no one to turn to. Only fellow demons. But, Tsugumi is more than just that. She’s important to me. She’s like a sister. If she gets hurt, even a scratch, I will kill everything in my path.


“Let’s go home. Before anything else happens.”


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