The Night Wind's Deed


How does one comprehend when seeing a supernatural being? Fright? Suspicion? Anger? 

Furukawa Airi felt none of those feelings. Instead she felt a mass amount of curiousity when she had met Takayanagi Akane, a blood demon who had nothing to lose. Isolation for these two had meant more longing and desperation for each other, something society didn't accept.

"No matter what other people say about her, she’s still the one I care for. I always think about her. The sound of her voice echoes within my head, and dreams of her dancing around me at night." - Furukawa Airi

"I don’t understand. I can’t get the thought of that girl out of my head. And, more importantly, even without knowing the taste, I crave to drink her blood." - Takayanagi Akane.




Well here I am with another story. This is genre is one that I've never written before. Human x Supernatural... Let alone FuruYanagi human x supernatural <3 Anyway I hope you enjoy it, comment, subscribe and upvote <3 Much appreciated.

- Michael

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