Second Chances (Majisuka Gakuen AU)


Gekikara had remembered that their real names were Takayanagi Akane and Furukawa Airi. She had known that Takayanagi had a weird fascination with birds of all shapes and sizes, hence the alias 'Tori', on the other hand, Furukawa had a strange addiction with carrying a lot of items that were used to hurt other people, on her. But the strange thing to Gekikara is, her alias is 'Kaeru', which is the word for 'frog'.

She wasn't concentrating on anything that was happening behind her, before she knew it, her bird loving comrade was seen flying across the bloodied battlefield, bruised and beaten up.


This is a birthday present for Heaven (megaexofangirl88), happy birthday!

Tori = bird in Japanese

Kaeru = frog in Japanese.



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