Part One

Second Chances (Majisuka Gakuen AU)

Gekikara was surrounded by Yabakune Students. Her manic laughter wasn't enough to fill the rival yankee's thirst for blood.

"Nee... Okotteru?"

She began her rampage, punching, kicking and possibly killing the flood of girl who surrounded her. Within the span of a few minutes, she looked up and glanced upon a familiar looking hawk hovering over the chaotic scene and she only knew it could be one person.

"Masaka..." she thought. She continued to fight off as many as she could before her reinforcements arrived,


Two girls had ran to the scene, one with a bird perched on her shoulder and the other carrying an array of weapons on her body.

"Tori... Kaeru...."

"Gekikara-san, more of us are coming," Kaeru spoke, preparing to take out her favourite pair of nunchucks from their case.

"I remember asking Furuhata and Hime-sama to join us too," Tori said, whilst the other of her bits was flying to the exact same spot that it's partner was flying to, at the same time, she herself was preparing to fight.

Gekikara had remembered that their real names were Takayanagi Akane and Furukawa Airi. She had known that Takayanagi had a weird fascination with birds of all shapes and sizes, hence the alias 'Tori', on the other hand, Furukawa had a strange addiction with carrying a lot of items that were used to hurt other people, on her. But the strange thing to Gekikara is, her alias is 'Kaeru', which is the word for 'frog'.

She wasn't concentrating on anything that was happening behind her, before she knew it, her bird loving comrade was seen flying across the bloodied battlefield, bruised and beaten up.


Gekikara had heard Kaeru yell out Tori's real name and she had realised, that it has been so long since she had last heard her own birth name.

"R-Rena-san... I don't care what you do...just stop this madness...."

That was when Gekikara.... No, Matsui Rena broke. Not just physically or emotionally... But psychologically. She had tried all that she could to rid of herself of the strange feeling inside her, punching, torturing, everything,

The last time she had felt the same feeling was with Center. But before she could say anything, the girl had just disappeared, vanished. Before she could think about Center any further, she could hear faint yells in the distance.


"Watch out for the knife!"

She couldn't react to it in time and had felt something dig into her skin. She continued with her manic laughter before suddenly collapsing.

All that Rena could see was now darkness. Her eyes averted to faint figure in the distance.

"Rena,you can't stay here. They need you down there."


"Especially Akane... If she doesn't have Airi and either one of us, she'll become rage induced."

"W-what do you mean?"

"She's so emotionally unstable, that if she loses you, or Airi, she could become as bad as Gekikara or worse. Just like what happened to her when I went."

"What happened? Where are you?"

"I can't say...."

Meanwhile, back on earth, something strange happened. Kaeru, who had been fighting nonstop for the past few minutes, just stopped. She turned to Tori, who slowly tried to stand up, like a zombie, resurrected from the dead.



"Oh no..."

Before she said anything further, Tori had walked up to her, stole a pair of her nunchucks, walked up to a random girl and ed the nunchucks through her chest, puncturing it at the same time.

"Akane, you can't do this! Rena isn't dead!"

Tori had stopped with her demonic rampage, looked at Kaeru with widened eyes and stepped back. Kaeru had agape when her bird loving friend had suddenly vomited out blood, in a vast quantity, before collapsing in the crimson red pool beneath her feet.


She couldn't take any of it anymore. Kaeru was too ashamed, as she had never protected her lover like she had loyally promised to Center. To her, there was no point in living any longer.

"I'm sorry, Akane..."

Kaeru put away her nunchucks and unsheathed a tanto. She pointed it to her abdomen and started inching it closer.

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