The One Who Never Sleeps


2048. The year us humans were waiting for. With nanobots to help fight disease, and robots to aid us in everyday life.


We were highly mistaken. A breed of aliens came and invaded, leaving the Earth in shatters. A handful of us were willing to fight back. How you ask?


The Jaeger Project. A two man robot, designed to fight, even in the harshest of environments, bonding the two men by connecting their brains together into one. How do I know?


Well, I’m Furukawa Airi, one of the people involved in the Jaeger project. Of course, being a woman has it’s hardships but… I want to protect the world, in it’s bad times.

My new partner is also someone very serious in what she does, but when we’re in danger, I have to be the one who risks her life.


Well, as you can most probably tell... A Pecific Rim based fanfic <3

The main pair in this will be a pair I've never actually written before... And that's Furukawa Airi of Team KII x Matsui Rena of Team E, this is because recently I've seen an abundance of RenAirin moments and moments of them two are more common than FuruYanagi, it seems. Though Airin and Churi basically see each other on a day to day basis...


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