Secrets, Lies, and a New Arrival

The Night Wind's Deed

Jurina’s POV


It’s been happening again. Lately Airin hasn’t been speaking to me like she would normally would and she would be sneaking out to that part of the woods.


Yes, I know she’s been sneaking out to go there. I’ve known for a while now. It’s been bugging me to wonder what she has been doing out there. Whenever she’d come back, there’d be this look in her eyes that seemed… Empty.


So, I decided tonight I’d follow her and see where she goes.


I need to find where she is…


I followed her in the deepest part of the words as she plunged further in the darkness. Who knows what lies beyond there. As I ventured deeper, I could see a vague figure in front of me. Along with it was… glowing red eyes.


A demon..!


I gripped onto my sword as I walked closer and saw the scene. Airi was standing in front of the demon, as if she was talking to her. I pulled back the hair behind my ear and listened...


“You’re very incompetent, but I respect your decision.”


“Thank you, Akane.”


What is this madness…?


Before I could react, the two of them found me and turned their faces towards me. The demon hid behind Airi, as if she was afraid of me.


“Who’s there?” Airi said. I had no choice and stepped out of the darkness. Her eyes widened. “Jurina...”


“What’s going on here?”


“I can explain.”


“What else is there to explain? You’ve been sneaking out just for a demon.”


“Jurina, you don’t understand. She’s different.”


“How can she be? All demons are the same, nothing but ruthless killers!” I drew my sword.




“I suggest you stop now, human, or I will just have to taste your friend’s blood,” the demon spoke in a sinister voice.


“Just gives me all the more reason to kill you.” I raised the blade as she charged towards me. Her speed was definitely not something to joke about. By the time I could do anything, she was now in front of me.


Her nails grew long like claws as she slashed her arm and scratched my cheek. Feeling a deep sting, I instantly flinched. I gripped tighter onto my sword and the blade at her. She dodged, disappearing from my sight, only to reappear behind me.


“Gotcha,” she slyly made a remark.


“Stop, please!” Airi pleaded, “Jurina, I’ll be completely honest… I’d do anything to be with her.”


“You’d even sacrifice yourself to be with her? That’s preposterous.”


“It’s true! I…” she fell silent, biting her finger. “I… I care about her.”


My eyes widened. Airi cares about this demon?! Impossible!


“You’re joking, aren’t you?! You can’t care about… About such a beast!”


“I’ll prove it to you! Akane, bite me.”


“As you wish--”


“Don’t you dare!”


The demon appeared behind Airi, smirking as she moved aside her hair.




“NO!!!” I watched in horror as she pierced her fangs into her neck. Hearing the moans of delightment coming from Airi’s mouth, I took a few steps back in disbelief. “Airin…!”


“Okay, Akane, that’s enough.”


Just as she said, the demon pulled her lips away from Airi’s neck. My breathing went back to normal.


“Thank you, Airin,” she said before kissing the wound. It disappeared, leaving a scar.


No one… no one calls her Airin but me!


I gripped my sword. “How could you..?”


“Jurina, Akane isn’t like other demons. She’s...”


“She’s what?!”


“She… she used to be human.”




A demon… who used to be human?


“Akane’s mother… the man she married was a demon. He cursed her, saying their daughter was to become a demon like him.”


Her childhood… Now I feel sympathetic.


“I know you only see her as a demon, but… she never wanted any of this. She never asked to be the way she is! Please, you have to understand...”




“Airin, it’s fine,” the demon spoke. “If she wants me dead, I’ll give her what she wants.”


She stood in front of me, her arms out.


“Go on.”


“Akane, no..!”


I was suddenly lost. I was tempted to stab this demon’s heart with my sword, but… the look in her eyes was so sad… In the end, I resisted the urge to kill the demon and withdrew my sword.




“It’s unfair to take a life that was never to be taken in the first place.”




“I’m sorry for anything I have done wrong. Please forgive me, as I had no intention for purposefully killing you.”


“It’s alright. I don’t blame you.”


“Jurina, I want to ask you a favor...” Airi spoke.




“Akane and her friend, Tsugumi, both live here alone in a cave, and… they have nowhere else to go… Can they..?”


“You’re not serious…”


“Please… let them live with us!” she bowed in front of me. This was the first time I saw her like this, it got me surprised.


“Ugh... Fine by me, as long as I don’t hear those moans of yours, again. They sound disgusting.”


“Oi!” Airi blushed heavily, “T-That was the first time that it happened, is all.”


Akane snickered a bit.




“Sorry. It’s been awhile since I had any proper conversation with humans, like you two.”


“Ah, that’s understandable.”


“I’ll get Tsugumi and we’ll be right there,” she said before disappearing.


Airi walked up to me, “So… you okay?”


“I should be, this wound just hurts,” I said, resisting the temptation to touch my wounded cheek.


“Just get home and patch it up, I’ll be waiting here for them.”


“Okay, just make sure you’re safe.” I said before heading home. It was a tiring trek but it was worthwhile.


When I got home, I bandaged up the scratch on my cheek and began waiting for Airi to come back. If the demons will be living here, they’ll need a bedroom…


*Knock knock*


“Hm? Already?” I opened the door and expected to see Airi, but instead, it was a girl I’ve never seen before.


“Konbanwa~” she said with a smile.


“Uh, hi. And, you are..?”


“Hai~ Watanabe Miyuki desu~”


“Uh… Okay...”


“May I come in?”


“S-sure,” I let the girl pass. “My friend is out right now, but she’ll be back soon. She’s bringing… um, guests, who will be staying with us for the time being.”


“Hee~ she must be a good friend.”


“Yeah, she really is.”


She turned to face me again.


“Is there anything else I should know?”




She came closer, giggling slightly. “Now, I don’t think it’s good to keep secrets.”


“How…?” She cupped my face and stared into my eyes. I saw them glow bright sky blue as she smiled again. “What… are you..?”


“It really isn’t good to lie in front of an angel. Just tell me your secret. I promise I’ll keep it.”


“Eh?! I-I can’t, Miyuki-san. I...” As I stared into her eyes more and I suddenly felt dizzy. Like I was being pulled in.


“Come on, just let it off your chest. You’ll feel much better~.”


“I’ll… feel better...”


“Now tell me, what is it you’re hiding? You must tell me.” She told me with that hypnotizing voice, with a slight smirk on her face…


“I… must…”


*Knock knock knock*


“Jurina, we’re back,” I heard Airin’s voice and snapped out of the trance. I pushed the girl away and stepped back from her.


“Now that’s not good~” she said with a frown.


“Jurina?!” Airi knocked on the door again. “Is everything okay?”


I tried to let open the door, but the girl kept pulling me away.




Before I could do anything, Akane had already broken the door down.


Well, there goes a perfectly working door…


“I thought I smelled angel blood,” the demon growled lowly.


“Hmm, so that’s your little secret,” Miyuki purred, “Poor you, but this is punishable by the worst means.”


“Well, I’ll just have to kill you first, before you can say anything.”


“Eh~ I know you inside and out, Takayanagi~”


The angel spread her majestic wings from her back. They were so beautiful, shining in the moonlight...


She stared in my eyes again, holding my chin. I felt myself slip under her spell again. My eyes were once again hypnotized by her.. Her everything.


“You will be a good girl,” she spoke, “Won’t you?”


“Yes. I’ll be a good girl.”


She smiled, that sweet angelic smile, and kissed my cheek.


“Good. Now,” she pointed at Akane. “Kill her.”




Airi’s POV


Jurina suddenly raised her sword and tried to slash Akane. It was if that girl was controlling her…


“Jurina, stop! What are you doing?!”


She didn’t listen and her sword at Akane again.


“So that’s how you wanna play, huh, Watanabe?” she sneered, baring her fangs, “Tsugumi, get Airin out of here, now.”


“Got it.” I felt her grab my hand, but I wouldn’t move. “C’mon, we have to go!”


“Please, just stop…!” I couldn’t bare to let her go, not right now.


“Airi, we need to leave!” she yanked my arm and I felt myself being pulled at lightning speed.


In the blink of an eye, I found myself somewhere I had never been before, an unexplored territory for us humans.


“Where… am I…?”


“This is a sanctuary, if you must, for us demons,” Tsugumi said. “We’ve hidden it off to all humans.”


“But why have you taken me here?”


“You’re probably now wanted by the angels for keeping demons and...”




“You obtained a blood pact with Akane-san...”


“What?! B-But how..?”


“Did she bite you at all?” She asked me, making me more confused.


“Yes but… How can it be possible..?”


“The moment she bit you, the two entered the blood pact.”


“T-That’s impossible!”


“It can’t be reversed now. The two of you are bound by blood.”


“This… Can’t be...”


I can’t be blood bound with Akane… It just can’t be…!


“But, Akane’s bitten me before. She should’ve only needed me for nourishment...”


“You don’t get it, do you? Humans are so oblivious. Ever since that moment, Akane’s only been able to consume your human blood.”




“Animals like pig’s blood is fine, but for anything else, it became inedible for her. She became obsessed with your blood, craved for it.”


“So… what does that mean?”


“Right now, she’s fighting your friend as your protector now. She’s literally fighting for both of your lives.”


“What… do you mean..?”


“If she dies, you’ll die too.”

No..! That can’t be..!

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