Everyone has darkness within them

The Night Wind's Deed

Third Person POV


Deep in the far reaches of the village, Miyazawa and Tsugumi were trekking.


“Go scout out the forest, in case anyone is ready to ambush us.”


“Yes, master.” Tsugumi had ran off in the distance.


“Now that Takayanagi’s out of the way, I can get back to my ever so clever plan.” Miyazawa thought whilst pulling a sly, evil grin.


She had turned towards Airi, still in her mind controlled state.


“Now for you~”


“Yes, my master?”


“Go and look for the the dream manipulator, Minegishi Minami.”


“Yes, master, anything for you.” She had also run off, in a different direction.


“Now my plan is soon to be complete in due time.”





Akane had gripped her sword tightly in her hands, ready for the upcoming fight. Her clone also did the same thing but a bright blue flame enveloped her.


“I won’t let Airin down…. I won’t let her suffer this way!”


She had rushed towards the blue flame and slashed it with her sword. Nothing happened in return as it bluntly looked at her before kicking the demon general.


“You’re weak...” her evil clone spoke. “Do you really expect you can protect your precious Airin as you are?”


“I will! I’ll protect Airin!”


Her eyes had suddenly blazed with fire. She never wanted Airin to feel this way about her, let alone having her in the midst of the chaos that was happening.


Akane raised her sword, preparing to strike once again. But before she could, she had felt a burning pain in her body, one that she could not control herself. Falling to the ground in unbearable pain, she let out a painful screech.


“A-Akane… I’m…. I’m sorry for everything...” She could hear Airi’s voice echo through her mind.




“If I hadn’t have done what I did…. This would never had happened….”


“Wh-where are you..? What’s going on..?!”


“I.. I don’t know… I can’t see anything… it’s so dark.. I’m scared..!”


“I’ll try and get you back, I promise!”


The mirror image of her raised her sword and prepared to stab her. Turning around to see her, Akane needed to act fast.


She swung her sword and slashed the clone’s arm. It dissipated into nothingness as Akane continued to swing furiously.


“I will protect Airin… with my life!!!”


With one last shout, she stabbed the clone’s chest, straight in the heart. It disappeared into nothingness.


“Well done Takayanagi. I can now truly see that you wish to save Furukawa. Now go forth on your journey.”


“Thank you...”


“Oh, yeah. And also, why don’t you take her back to Furukawa’s friend?” she said, opening the cage Rena was kept in.


“E-Eh? Alright then.”


She took the sleeping girl in her arms, before seeing a blue portal in front of her.


“Goodbye, Sashihara-san.”




Meanwhile, Airi was blindly walking somewhere she didn’t know of. The last thing she remembered was encountering Miyazawa, then she had lost consciousness.


When she came to, she had no control of her body. Now she doesn’t know where she is or what’s going on. It was though her actual soul was being locked out of it’s body, creating an empty shell on the outside.


“What’s going on…?”


Outside, her body arrived at a mysterious temple on the southern most boundary of the forest. Standing outside was a girl in pure white.


“Why am I…. Here?”


“Can I help you?” the girl asked.


“Minegishi Minami, you are to come with me.”


“Eh?” Airi touched the girl’s forehead and they immediately became dull and empty, hypnotized just like Airi. “Okay...”


What does Miyazawa want from this girl….?


Airi walked back the path where she came from, the girl in white following her.


I don’t understand this… Where is Akane? I need her..!


“..rin..! ..Airin!”




“I-it hurts… ”


What’s going on…?


“I don’t know… but.. it hurts… I’m scared..!”


I know… Don’t worry, I’ll find you.. I promise…


Airi finally made it back to Sae. The girl in white snapped out of her trance and saw the two, looking confused.


“What’s going on?”


“You belong to me, Minegishi Minami.”


Sae reached her hand to grab her, but Minami’s eyes suddenly became serious.


“You’re not going to get me this time, Miyazawa.” She grabbed Miyazawa’s wrist and pulled her down, then threw a punch.


In return, Miyazawa kicked Minami straight in the stomach, causing her to lose her grip.


“Now, now, Minegishi, let’s not be like that.”


“Why you..!” Minami threw her fist again, but Sae caught it.


“Let’s not fight. I have a job for you.”




“You know Takayanagi, right?”


“Y-Yes, but I thought you worked with her….?”


“I used to. Until she betrayed us,” she pulled Minami closer. “I need you to find her and do something for me. Make her hate Furukawa Airi.”




“My hypnotic powers don’t affect her. But you… I know you have powers strong enough to break her.”


“You’re not SERIOUSLY asking me to make a deal with you, a demon?!”


“What if I did something for you in return?”




“I know you want Kojima back, so you don’t have to feel alone anymore.”


“Kojima….” Minami clutched her chest. “You… you could actually...”


“Yes. That is, if you agree.”


“If it means I can get Haruna back… I’ll do anything. But wait a minute...”




“Furukawa Airi… Where have I heard of that name before….”


“This is her,” Sae pointed to her hypnotized slave.


“You can’t be serious…. Hypnotizing a human who is… Special to the angels….”


“Tsk, she’s also useful for my revenge plan. Besides, she’s the reason Takayanagi betrayed us.”


“You don’t mean… Isn’t that rare…?”


“Yes, she bonded with this human. Isn’t it weird? That demons like Takayanagi could have enough feelings for a human to bond with them.”


“So that’s why...”


Sae nodded, turning away.


“Humans are all the same… Never realising their feelings until it’s too late.”




She saw the demon gripping her fists.


“Because of this.. ‘love’... they become.. fools.”


“W-What are you trying to say…?”


“That’s none of your concern,” Sae quickly changed the subject. “Now, do we have a deal, or not?”


She reached out her hand.


Minami stood there a few seconds, thinking the situation through. She gave Sae a serious expression, and made her decision.


She took her hand. Sae smiled.


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