An Alliance between Good and Evil, an Unknown Enemy, and a Mystery Girl!

The Night Wind's Deed

Third Person POV


“You can’t do this to an innocent human, Watanabe, just let it be between you and I,” Akane bellowed, creating echoes through the empty village, “I’ll fight you right here, right now, just leave her be!”


“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Takayanagi, you know your own strength, you’d be able to beat me full stop~ It’ll be better with a bit of fun, right?”


Akane growled as she eyed the angel. Jurina shouted as she ran forward, swinging her sword wildly at her again.


“Hee~ you were never good at playing fair, huh?”


“Of course, they do call me a fisher after all~”


As Jurina was about to stab her, Akane grabbed Jurina’s neck and raised her in the air.


“You’re strong for a human, let me tell you that much…”


Jurina glared at the demon, raising her sword again. The moonlight gave the sword a deathly, intimidating look, not that it troubled Akane in the slightest.


In one swift movement, before the blade could touch her, she threw Jurina and made her hit the wall, hitting her head hard.


“That’s it!” Akane roared angrily as she moved to stab the human.


However, Jurina looked up at Akane, and what she saw made her flinch. The girl’s eyes suddenly looked sad, like a crying child.






Jurina’s eyes gently closed and she passed out, collapsed on the ground.


Akane was extremely confused as to what was going on, until Miyuki came and looked over the girl.


“I thought so...”




“This girl was involved with the incident that occurred 5 years ago.”


Akane’s eyes widened, “You mean… that?”


The angel nodded.


“I pity her and her friend.”


“You never know, they might’ve been close with her.


“I do know,” she said. “The Final Judgement.”




“Apparently, those three were very close. They lived happy lives together and everything was peaceful.. until that moment. In the end, we had to separate them. She was taken away to a place she could be contained.”


“So, what about Airi and Jurina..?”


“Well, about them… the past was too hard to bear. In the end, we had to erase their memories of her.”


“Must’ve been rough for them...”


Miyuki picked up the girl and laid her down on the couch in the living room.


“I do apologize,” she said. “I was never meant to fight you, I was just here to send a message.”




“Archangel Yamamoto is quite aggravated right now,” she bit her lower lip with signs of anxiety, “If you cross the line, there will be consequences.”


“Yamamoto?” Akane scoffed. “I don’t see what her deal is. I’m not killing humans.”


“It’s not about you. It’s about her own personal issues. And, I don’t see what your problem is with every angel blaming things on you.”


Akane sneered. In her head, she was screaming, “Because your oh-so precious God had forsaken me!!!”


Miyuki then frowned. “Look… I’m not one to get into conclusions really quickly, but I need help from you demons.”


“Eh?!” Akane was shocked.


“An angel asking help from a demon?!”


“There’s something bad happening as we speak, something that I can’t handle alone. A mysterious being has been appearing by Heaven’s gates. None of us can get it out.”


“You as well?”




“Almost every night, we find a human like figure near the gates of Hell. We don’t know what it is or what it does, it just… Sits there.”


“If this thing is after both of our kind, as well as this world…”


“It could mean the end of everything.”


Miyuki now had a serious look in her eyes.


“I propose we form an alliance.”




“For now, anyway, until we destroy whatever that thing is. It can be our secret, I won’t even tell Sayaka, I promise.”


“You.. serious?”


“Yes. Whatever it is, we don’t know how strong it is. We need all the help we can get.”


“Fine, I won’t tell Nakanishi either, if you’re not gonna tell Yamamoto.”


“That’s a deal.”


The two shook hands. Then, Akane realized something.


“Oh, no...”




“Tend to Jurina, I need to help Tsugumi save Airi.”


“Understood.” Soon after, Akane left and now Miyuki was alone with the sleeping girl. She moved away some of the strands of hair from her eyes. “I pray for your safety.”


Meanwhile, in another place…


Somewhere closed off in the woods, Tsugumi tried to tend to an unconscious Airi.


“Come on… Wake up!” she slapped her cheek, trying to wake the girl up. “Mou~ you’re so hopeless.”


Then, she heard a rustling not too far from her. She sniffed the air, catching the scent of human blood.


“Who’s there..?”


“Excuse me~” a voice rose. “Could you tell me where this is?”


“Eh..? Um, this is...”


“I’m very sorry,” a hooded figure stepped out. “I was travelling back from a nearby village and it seems I got myself lost.”


She removed the hood and revealed a young girl with short black hair.


“Who is this..?” Tsugumi asked.


“My home is somewhere this way in the forest.”




“Mm, I think~”


Tsugumi wanted to facepalm herself. This girl seemed really airheaded.


“Here’s my map,” she showed Tsugumi the map, a red mark indicating where she lived.


“Uh, I think you’re holding it upside down.”


“Eh?” The girl turned the map around and her eyes widened. “Oh, you’re right! I’m so sorry!”


“N-no, it’s fine...”


“Well, I better be going. I have someone waiting for me at home, have a nice night!” she said before leaving.

Tsugumi’s eyebrow twitched. “What just happened..?”




Out of the deepest part of the woods, the cloaked girl stepped out of the darkness and sighed when she arrived at her home. She smiled, walking up to the doorway and opening it.


“I’m back~”


“There you are!” A young girl with long black hair stood up and hugged her. “Where were you?”


“Sorry, I got lost.”


“Mou, it’s okay, as long as you’re here.”


“Did you miss me?”


“A lot.”


“Gomen ne,” she said cutely, making the other girl giggle. “Come on, I got food from the market. Let’s have dinner.”


“Yay~ I love you!” The tall girl hugged her friend with a wide smile.


“Hehehe. I love you, too.”


The two prepared their meal together, creating a delicious curry. They ate at the table, talking about their day and every other thought that came to mind. When they were full, they climb into bed and cuddled together.


As the long haired girl fell asleep in the other’s embrace, the short haired girl simply smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Oyasumi, Rena.”

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