My Girl (Sequel)



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My heart froze in place and stopped beating as soon as our eyes met. I couldn’t believe who was standing there before me, smoking a cigarette so casually under a black umbrella and was wearing a nice fitted suit that made him look even more handsome than he already was when it was raining. He looked so different. I remembered his blonde hair that used to make my heart sway no matter how messy it looked, or the way his eyes looked into mine showing how much he loved me, or the way he half-smiled at me, making the butterflies go crazy inside my tummy.

From the moment our eyes met, I realized that maybe those feelings weren’t gone just because the color of his hair colore changed. Who would have thought that he was the same person throughout these past five years?

“It’s been awhile.” Hearing his voice again made my legs go weak. I felt them shaking under me and I didn’t know when they were going to give up on me. “Idiot…”

Who knew those familiar words would make my heart at ease? He let out some smoke that he took in a few seconds ago and threw the cigarette onto the ground before putting his hand into his trouser pockets. The blood in my veins were rushing everywhere, making it hard for me to breathe. Maybe I was surprised or maybe that feeling inside of me was because after all these years, I was only a few yards from the one whom I first fell in love with, making the distance between us seem even more than it seemed.

I felt as if I was in a daze seeing him there on the street. It felt surreal and dream-like.

“Stupid…” I whispered, but I knew he heard me because he scoffed before smiling at me, making the unknown tears in my eyes stream down my cold, pale cheeks.




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*Author's Note: This is the sequel to My Gangster. I repeat. This is the sequel to My Gangster. Hehe^^

02072015: Wow! Thank you so much, everyone! I've been featured again! Love you all so much^^

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iLoveYuh 1 points #1
Chapter 29: Oh man, Soojin is really so frustrating to read and follow when she can't stay dedicated to Jinhyuk and keeps leading Sehun on/constantly thinking and considering him! She should really just realize that Sehun is the one for her and Jinhyuk is clearly not! But I'm still looking forward to the next chapters! ?
Chapter 29: I was tearing up! And you just have to end it there but I'm excited to see them get married even though it's going to be fake (or not) and it must be sad af.

P.S. My favourite character would definitely be Luhan!!!! Omg he is so wise and good with his words. I bet if I were to be talked like that by Luhan I would be speechless and dumbfounded and mad a bit!

Nice story you write authornim ^^
Chapter 29: God
In the end I cried
I can't handle all this feelings
theother88 #4
Chapter 29: wow im speechless ._.
ExoticBaby01 #5
Chapter 29: noooo jingukkkkkk but on the other hand we can probably see sehun and soojin getting married?
Chapter 29: JinGuk must live pleaseee!!! He can be their son T_T
Junielly #7

please update fast authornim like ㅋㅋㅋ
I love youuu~
Chapter 29: Omg yes jin guk!!! sehun and soojin just get married already
exogirl__ #9
Chapter 29: AWWWEW JINGUKKKK I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Soojin with her belated heart, damn! Please just realize that Sehun is for you. Pleaseeeee i'm begging youuu Soojin! You said that "they're taking people away from Sehun" but you're leaving all by yourself... please don't leave Sehun, he has no one anymore... *bawling*