I Love You More



"How are you feeling today?"

"I still think about her every day."

"If I can't have him, she can't have him either."



Park Chanyeol and Min Joohyun have been happily dating for three years. Chanyeol has been waiting to propose to her at the perfect moment, but on the day he was going to, Joohyun never shows up. At first, he thinks that she stood him up or just had a case of cold feet, but he gets a call from the hospital to confirm a body of a dead girl who they claim is his girlfriend. Chanyeol doesn't believe it at first, but after some contemplation, he goes to identify the body because he can't get ahold of her. When he reaches the hospital and sees the body of a cold but beautifully pale girl lying on the silver table, he identifies her as his girlfriend, Min Joohyun.

Luckily though, at Joohyun's funeral, Chanyeol has a companion; a girl named Cha Soeun, who claims to be an old acquaintance of Joohyun. At first, Chanyeol is confused because Joohyun had never previously mentioned her, but soon warms up to Soeun because she's the only one who stayed at the funeral all day, showing that she really cared about Joohyun, and that, Chanyeol admired about her. Little did he know, he would soon be getting himself into a whirlwind of desire, despair, and deception.



Author's Note (181061): This whole plot gives me goosebumps and makes me not want to sleep in the dark... Seriously. Hahah. Anyway, this is a story that we came up with while thinking about things we didn't want to think about. Haha... But yeah... Uh... This will be a short story that features my handsome (but idiotic), Park Chanyeol, who I freaking love, so do enjoy!


Author's Note (CarriedAway): Hi guys! So...I know I haven't updated ANY of my stories, yet I'm writing a new story, I know - I get it. Author of The Year Award goes to me (*Note the sarcasm, but not really.) Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this short story because 181061 and I became unhinged in order to write this story for you guys! Hehe. Ignore all my stories that I currently have on hiatus (which is all of them... -__-) and please be satisfied with this gift for now! Thank you! <3

11/6: We are the worst, aren't we? Please be patient with us. College is killing us! We're currently writing as much as possible! We'll update soon!! (181061)

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when are u going to update authornim ive been waiting for so long now :((
chandib #2
Chapter 8: I do hope soeun isn't the killer putting the peace together she was sure that her door was locked but chanyeol found it open.that just means thAt someone may is setting her up.I hope so caz I really like her to be with chanyeol☺♥
Chapter 8: it's been a little over a year but this story has always been on the back of my mind. just checking in here to let you guys know i'm VERY much still on edge with anticipation, and i hope you've both been well <3
Chapter 4: LOLOLOL @ the EXO's fan base comparison.
huwihuwi #5
Chapter 8: it's not Soeun right ????? i don't think that Soeun would killed Joohyun just because she want to be with Chanyeol... and i really hope you can update soon.. i know that you guys are so busy but plz spend only a little of your time with your readers... fighting ! :)
Chapter 8: I hate that I'm so lacking in 'guessing' :(
who is the killer omg i'm so curious.
Update soon authornim
Chapter 8: I've had my doubts about Soeun and her sane-ness from the beginning of the story. She seems suspicious but at the the same time she's not. The only thing I came up with is that Soeun has multiple personalities or you know, she's really good at acting/she's a psycopath.....
teteixofanai #8
Chapter 8: Omg... Who's the killer ... Is she really dead.... Who's 'her' ... Ahhh there's too much going on... This story is so tence.... Pliz update soon
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 8: Did that 'her' killed joohyun? Or did seoun killed her and got some help from 'her'? Omg haha idk what to think anymore. For some reason, seoun is sure creepy in her own ways. I hope the best for them though.
Chapter 8: After reading this story of yours, why do i have this feeling that the one who killed joohyun as soeun? or soeun was only framed up? well, im waiting for this story to be updated again :))