The Wolf

 6 months later

The nightmares have finally stopped and I think that for good. Every morning I woke up well rested, full of energy, in the warm, tight embrace of the man who slowly crept into my heart.

 Sometimes I still thought of Junjin, even cried occasionally, but Minwoo was there for me every time, pulling me into comforting hug, patiently waiting for me to calm down.

 After that he would shower me with sweet kisses till I laughed happily again. I truly was happy being with Minwoo.

Dongwan was still my best friend with whom I could talk about anything and Hyesung also stopped staring at me viciously. I tried to talk to Junjin a couple of times, but what could I say to him anyway? I was happy with another guy after selfishly leaving him... So in the end I didn't initiate a conversation with him. It's for the best anyway... Far from sight far from mind they say. I rarely see him.

God I missed him.


Why am I in that forest again? I thought the nightmares stopped now that Minwoo claimed me. "Argh! No! Ple- stop!" That voice sounds familiar... Junjin!!

 I quickly ran into the direction, from which the voice was coming, my heart thumping against my chest in fear of what was I to find there.

 Junjin's screams were getting weaker and weaker, till there was heard only a whisper of his excruciating pain. "Jun-" my voice got stuck in my throat after I finally found him.

"No," I whispered and tears welled up in my eyes. "Jin-ah," My ex-lover was lying there, trying to lift himself up, but his limbs were too weak to hold him, so he kept falling back down, shakily. His clothes were all tore, body all bruised and bleeding heavily.

 Over him there was that creature I encountered before, his face more grotesque that I remembered, his pale thin lips stretched into a huge grin, chocked noises similar to laughter coming from his mouth.

 "Welcome back, we were waiting for you," the creature said after its laughter died down "Eric," and locked his eyes with mine.

"I- did--Minwoo killed you," I stuttered, fear controlling my body.

"Foolish humans," he smirked "you really think a weak dog could kill me? ME?!"

 "Let Junjin go!" I ignored him "how did you even..."

"Oh, but I don't want to," the beast smirked "what do you care anyway? You threw him away remember? I just picked him up, what use is he to you now?"

 "That-- that is nonsense--" I stuttered "wait, how do you know all of that? How do you even know Junjin and how did you get to him?" ‘It's just a dream, just a bad dream,’ I whispered in my chin. There's no way he could—

"Oh, but it's not," the creature laughed. "Everything you see here is real and you know that. You have no idea what I am capable of! COME I WILL SHOW YOU! WELCOME TO MY WORLD, DARLING!" he was yelling louder and louder, opening his bony arms as in an invitation. He made me sick in my stomach.

"Why don't we start from where we left the last time, hmm? But I guess since you are all high class now, screwing an elite, you wouldn't want to. I'll make a show for your entertainment then, your majesty," he said mockingly and faked a bow. The anger started bowling in me; my hands began to shake so I clenched them into fists.

"You're sick," I muttered through my teeth and started walking forward "get the hell away and leave me and my friends alone."

 "Tsk, you still don't get it," the beast shook it's head "you are powerless against me. So just sit over there and enjoy the show," showing some green seat that I missed before. Suddenly some green vines started moving behind that chair and before I even realized it they were tied around my whole body. ‘’Wh-?’’ Before I could finish my sentence they pulled me.


‘’Eric! Eric!’’

I opened my eyes, confused about my surrounding at first, but then I remembered my dream.
‘’Junjin!’’ I screamed sitting up and startling Minwoo who was looking at me with worry in his eyes.

‘’What are you talking about? What happened?’’ he rubbed his sleepy eyes. ‘’It was just a dream, go back to sleep,’’ trying to pull me back under the warm blanket with his arms around my waist.

‘’It was not JUST a dream,’’ I said, not moving. ‘’I saw that beast again, it has Junjin.’’

‘’Hm? Who?’’ asked Minwoo. ‘’The guy I killed? It was just a nightmare, I didn’t sense anything. So let’s sleep now, hmm.’’

‘’I know what I saw,’’ I said sulking. ‘’I have to check something,’’ I added and got out from the bed, wiggling out from my lover’s hold. ‘’I’ll be back soon,’’ I added, kissing his forehead as I saw his pout.

‘’You better hurry back and apologize for leaving me alone in bed like this,’’ he muttered but didn’t try to stop me, for what I was thankful; I know how everything looked like. But I had to check Junjin was alright.


‘’Junjin!!! Open the door!!’’ It has been a couple of minutes but nobody opened the door and I was getting more worried by every second. ‘’Open the—‘’

‘’The hell, Eric?!’’ grumpy Hyesung finally opened the door and looked like he was ready to kill me.

‘’Do you have any ide—‘’

‘’Where is Junjin!?’’ I didn’t wait for any answer and just let myself in turning on the lights in process, which made Hyesung even grumpier than before.

‘’Where is he?!’’ I yelled in panic after I found both beds empty, turning to Hyesung.

‘’How should I know,’’ he said with raspy voice ‘’and what do you care anyway? He’s not your boyfriend anymore remember?’’

‘’I had a dream…’’ I mumbled.

‘’I had a dream too! That’s before you barged into my room,’’

‘’Please Hyesung, something is wrong,’’ I said desperate. ‘’You need to—‘’

‘’I need to sleep,’’ he said sternly ‘’you should go too. Minwoo is waiting for you.’’


‘’It’s in the middle of night! Just let me sleep! It’s normal anyway that Junjin is not in the room, I rarely see him sleep here,’’ said Hyesung and pushed me out of the room ‘’Maybe Andy knows where he is,’’ he added before he closed the door.

‘’Andy?’’ I muttered to myself ‘’why would he know about Junjin’s whereabouts?’’
For a minute I was considering to go try knocking on Andy’s door too, but his roommate would probably skin me alive, I never liked that guy and he wasn’t so fond of me either.

‘Maybe it was just a nightmare after all? I mean if it was real Minwoo would come, but he didn’t. He was sleeping soundly beside me.’

So I decided to give up and go back to my room, what could I do anyway?

‘’Yo—ck? Ev- okay?’’ Minwoo mumbled in his sleep when I lay beside him, chuckling at how cute he was. Instead of answering I just kissed the corner of his lips and wrapped my arms around his warm body. The sense of calmness came rushing to me, so I just gave in and dozed off to sleep again.


‘’Welcome back. We missed you.’’ raspy voice made me open my eyes and lift up my head.

‘’ I cursed in my head ‘this can’t be happening! Why am I here again?’

‘’I told you this is not just a dream, but everything is real,’’ the beast said impatiently. ‘’I think I’m starting to get sick of you, you are getting less and less fun… Shall we end this?’’ it looked in my surprised eyes, waiting for me to give any kind of reaction. That was definitely some kind of sick trick.

‘’It’s not a trick,’’ it answered like reading my mind ‘’it’s actually pretty simple and you get to decide which is it. You say ‘no more’ and after farewell party and the exchange of parting gifts I never bother you again. But if you perhaps became fond of my company and wish to continue seeing me you can of course stay here, where we will have so much fun.’’

I definitely didn’t like the words coming out of its mouth and his eerie smirk didn’t help either. ‘’Parting gifts?’’ I asked expecting something really bad.

‘’Parting gifts,’’ it answered with a grin. ‘’Nothing much really, I give you some power you choose yourself like infinite strength or reading minds, if you wish I can also make to be like your new lover, a wolf. Think about it.’’

His words shocked me. ‘’I- you will--? What do you want in return?’’ I asked skeptical, knowing that there was some cheap trick behind all of this.

‘’Ohh, nothing much, just a little souvenir,’’ the beast grinned widely, showing its rotten teeth.

‘’Like what?’’

‘’Like… your soul.’’

‘’My soul?!’’ I couldn’t believe it, no, actually I knew something like that would come out. In exchange for my freedom I would have to give up my soul; it was the same as dying, wasn’t it? I never heard of people not having their souls…’’

‘’Oh, please, stop pretending you even know what the soul is,’’ the beast snorted at me ‘’you think that the beast you are sharing your bed with has it? He is no better than me in that senses, some soulless monster preying on innocent weak foolish humans such as you are.’’

‘’Minwoo is nothing like you!’’ I yelled.

‘’Oh really? And why is that so? Because he took a handsome human form? Because he is fluffy in his real form?’’ the beast laughed at me mockingly. ‘’Because he pretends he cares?’’ its voice suddenly got more serous ‘’I cared once too, I loved, long time ago. You think I always looked like that? This is the form I choose myself, it’s how I really feel. Rotten, broken, destroyed inside out. In your world, which you call reality I look different of course, I have many forms; two of them you are fond of, but my real me, it seems you can’t stand it.’’

‘’Wait what? I know you in real life?’’ I asked shocked. ‘’Just who the hell are you?!’’

‘’Tsk tsk tsk hyung, you were always a little slow, weren’t you?’’ the beast shook its head with now changed voice, which sounded so familiar, but I couldn’t place it…


‘’Forget about it’’ it said ‘’tell me rather if we have a deal or not? Your soul for your freedom, or do you wanna stay here?’’

‘’B-but what about Junjin?’’ I looked at his half unconscious body, lying in front of beast’s legs.’’

‘’Don’t worry about him, he already made his decision, now is you turn, Eric hyung,’’

‘’What? What did he say?’’ I ignored its waiting for me.

‘’I told you to forget it, dammit!! You have 10 seconds! You give me no answer and I kill you both this instant. Don’t tempt my patience anymore,’’

‘’But, I-‘’

‘’10, 9, 8—‘’

‘’What will happen if I don’t have soul anymore?’’

‘’5, 4, 3—‘’

‘’Okay! Make me a wolf!’’ I screamed and closed my eyes. The words I couldn’t take back anymore.

‘’So predictable,’’ the beast smirked ‘’but as you wish. Come here,’’

I swallowed my fear and took a few steps closer to the beast and unconscious Junjin. ‘’A-A-dy, no,’’ he kept mewling silently, his body shaking in waves.

‘’Why are you doing this,’’ I asked desperate, the sight of Junjin breaking my heart.

‘’I told you why,’’ it sneered ‘’you took everything I cared about away from me, my love, my reason of happiness…’’

‘’I took it from you?’’ I was confused ‘’Just who are you?’’

‘’A—And—y,’’ Junjin whined again ‘’s-stop please,’’

‘’Ou, shut up already,’’ the beast rolled its eyes and kicked Junjin in the stomach, making him mewl in pain.

‘’Jin-ah,’’ I screamed and kneeled beside him, his hair as he kept trying to tell me something ‘’A-A-Andy---‘’

‘’Andy?’’ I asked confused ‘’Just what is happening between you guys now? Andy is not here, Junjin. It’s me Eric’’

‘’As I said, slow,’’ the beast mocked. ‘’I’m starting to lose my patience, let us begin already,’’

I nodded and stood up, allowing the monster to grab my shoulders, visibly enjoying my wince at sharp nails protruding my skin. ‘’This will be over in an instant,’’ it whispered and brought his face closer to mine.

‘’Andy please don’t do this,’’ Junjin now spoke more clearly ‘’Minwoo is not worth it,’’

At that my mind started working at full speed, flashbacks fogging my vision ‘’Andy? Minwoo? Love of his life? I know his other forms? Hyung? ....’’

‘’Y-you are Andy?’’ I looked at it with wide eyes, my head suddenly all light and dizzy.

‘’Finally hyung,’’ the beast mocked with Andy’s voice and before I realized his mouth was on mine. I tried to scream as the pain took over my body, the feeling of my insides being out of me, but as if my voice was cut off.

He was right; it was over in an instant. My body, which felt so strange, was lying down on the cold ground, occasional involuntary shakes running through it.

When I realized what was going on it was already too late. I lied on the cold hard ground, feeling emptier than ever. It was him, the person I trusted with my life and would gladly give mine for him without even thinking twice.

"Why?" I asked again, even though I already knew the answer to my question. "Oh come on don't whine, you're a wolf now, show some dignity, yeah?"

‘Hmpf, dignity, who cares about that. I know I don't. I actually don't care about a damn thing, I feel numb, so damn numb. Could it be...’

"Don't be so melodramatic, it's not because you don't have a soul anymore. It's just temporary because you are exhausted from everything that has happened to you. When your body will adapt you'll feel the variety of emotions once again and everything will be heightened on top of that. I actually made you a favor, now nobody will be after you anymore. Well not nobody, you might still have enemies but nobody will try to take your soul. Because I have it!" Andy laughed as a maniac at his last comment, all of his ugly fingers as if he just ate something extremely delicious.

 "What happened to... Why did you even... How?" I was so confused, there were too many questions, too many things that didn't make sense, but I wasn't even sure if I wanted for them to be answered.

"What what what? I don't hear you, speak clearer," he mocked as it was some kind of joke. "You need explanations all the time do you?" he smirked "well I do feel kind of sorry for you... Buuut on the other hand, not. Do you have no idea what you took from me?! I was almost convinced by my own farce once, that we are like brothers. But we're not actually, we could never be. Our worlds are too different." Andy's voice got deeper and almost sadder.

"What are you talking about?" I cried out in despair "Andy is me, your hyung! What could possibly be so--"

"You're no hyung to me, at least not anymore," Andy said with a firm voice "You see, my family is different from yours. Yours is happy and loving and... human, but mine is all that yours isn't l; cold, cunning, power-seeking... monstrous. I never even once received the thing called love, at least not until I met him.


"What's your name?" the boy with the cutest eye smile extended his hand to the crying boy.

While everyone kept calling him monster, making fun of him and even worse, bullying him, that boy was the only one who stopped them. Who tried to know his real name, who actually showed some interest in him as a person.

The boy waited for the other to compose his thoughts, never retreating his hand or removing that warm smile from his face.

"A-Andy," the boy finally stuttered through freshly forming tears.

 "Hi Andy, I'm Minwoo," the boy took his shy hand into his and squeezed gently. It was so warm comparing to his cold one.

 "Wanna play with me?" Minwoo asked, eyes big with hope. "Just yesterday I found this cool secret place, wanna see? Come, I'll show you!" Before Andy could give any answer he was already pulled on his legs and dragged somewhere by the excited boy.

"I told you, it's so cool, right?" Minwoo whispered in his ear. Actually there was no need to be whispering, the place there were at was just a bunch of trees with their branches growing together, but making an impression of magnificent cupola.

"It's so pretty," Andy whispered too and kept looking up in awe.

"Like you," Minwoo said later and Andy froze. He looked at Minwoo with wide eyes expecting some kind of mockery but nothing else came. Minwoo was sincere, his smile and eyes said so.

"I'm not pretty," Andy lowered his look, "I'm a monster,"

 "You're not a monster! Don't believe anyone who says that! They're wrong!"

 "Maybe you're the one wrong here," Andy whispered "even my parents keep saying that and hate me for that reason. I think they're also scarred of me, of everything I can do... How come you're not afraid?"

 "I'm just not," smiled Minwoo at him "when I look at you I see a sad boy who only wants to play with others. I don't care if you can change your appearance. Actually... wanna see something?"


‘’Arghhhh, Min—woo, help me!!’’

‘’Andy-ah! What is happening to you? Your eyes… ’’

‘’Please run away while I’m still—arghhhhhh, it hurts!’’

‘’No, I’m not leaving you!’’




"Did you hear about Minwoo? I heard it was that monster boy who did that to him," "Yeah, I knew something like this was bound to happen sooner or later," "What a monster!" "Monster! Monster!"

Andy tightly squeezed his small hands over his ears as hot tears of sadness and guilt kept flowing out of his eyes. 'They're right, I'm a monster. I'm a monster--' he was screaming in his mind. 'I did that to him. I hurt Minwoo. I'm such a monster.'


"Who are you?" Minwoo was looking at him with questioning eyes, looking sincerely confused about other boy's identity.

 "Y-you really don't know me?" asked Andy in shock, still standing by the door of the hospital room where Minwoo was sitting in bandages.

"Sorry," smiled Minwoo "I kind of have some troubles remembering last month before the accident." "Accident?" asked Andy, hoping the boy forgot about that too then.

"Yeah, my mom said I feel of the tree while playing alone in the woods. How silly of me right?"

 'He forgot everything,' flashed through Andy's mind 'he really did forget about me.'

"I see," said Andy quietly "well... I hope you get better soon then," and attempted to leave the room. "Wait," called Minwoo after him "you didn't answer my question,"

"Nobody sweetie," suddenly Minwoo's mom entered the room "just a boy from your school who happened to be here. Don't pay any attention to him," she was smiling but Andy could feel the hatred leaking from her fake sweet voice.

"You will listen to me and leave Minwoo alone right?" she hissed to Andy quietly "if you know what is the best for both of you," Andy had no choice but to swallow his tears and nod in agreement.

He was scarred of Minwoo's mother, but he was also scarred of himself; what he did to his friend, what more he could do… So he left, and never talked to Minwoo again. At least until their destinies collided again. But only he remembered their short but sweet time together, the first time Andy felt special.

End of flashback


"I-I had no idea that you were suffering so much. God if I knew about you and Minwoo I would never--" I was so shocked after I saw his childhood flash inside my mind; I had no idea something like that happened to him. And his parents; I never met them but, I did meet his brother and Wonshik is the sweetest person ever.

"Don't you dare pity me!" Andy roared, but I could hear his voice crack a little, and also his appearance changed, back to the vulnerable human form he was showing to the outside world.

"A-Andy plea--" I tried to say something to him but suddenly my body started hurting as hell. 'What is happening to me?!' rushed through my brain as the excruciating pain overwhelmed me. I couldn't think straight anymore and I think screams kept coming out of my throat.

"It's happening," I heard Andy's voice beside my ear "let me calm you down, it hurts only the first time you change, later you should be fine,"

'Change?' What was he talking about? 'Wait... I am... really changing into a wolf?' "'Arghhh, make it stop," I heard myself whine pathetically.

But in the next second all the pain was gone. I opened my mouth to say something but what came out wasn't my intention, I growled like an animal, like a wolf. 'Oh my gawd I've really turned into a wolf!' I think I started panicking and letting out different kinds of sounds along with spinning around.

"Stop, stop, you're not doing any good right now," sighed Andy "calm down. CALM DOWN FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!" 

His shout actually made me froze on the spot. ‘’Good,’’ he said ‘’now stop panicking. Can you do that?’’

I nodded my head and just gave up. Everything that has happened today was so crazy, so might as well accept the fact that I have become a wolf now.

‘’That’s a good boy,’’ Andy mocked and I growled.

‘’As I promised, the deal is a deal. You can go now,’’ said Andy.

‘’And you’ll leave me alone now?’’ I asked in my head.

‘’Yes, I’ll leave YOU alone,’’ Andy smirked. Somehow I didn’t like his answer, it gave out a promise of something else to come.

‘’What about Junjin?’’ I asked another question, eying Junjin who started gaining his full consciousness.

 ‘’He’s not your concern,’’ came the impatient answer ‘’but if you really wanna know… He is mine now. Literally.’’

‘’What does that mea—‘’ I didn’t get to finish my question since I out and woke up in my bed just a moment later.

‘’Minwoo! Minwoo!!’’ I kept shaking my boyfriend until he opened his sleepy eyes.

‘’What?’’ he blinked at me ‘’who are you?’’

‘’Ha ha, really funny,’’ I faked a laugh ‘’listen: something bad happened to Junjin and I need you to believe me this time.’’

‘’Who is Junjin? And how the hell did you came into my room?!’’ Minwoo looked at me with strange eyes.

‘’Come on, Minwoo, this is not funny,’’ I stuttered, but his look never changed. My lover kept staring me down like some kind of animal that dared to disturb him.

‘’Please, listen to me. Why are you doing this?’’ I begged as he stood up and started pushing me toward the door ‘’It’s me, Eric, your boyfriend.’’ But it was useless, he managed to push me out and lock the door. ‘What the hell was going on?’

I decided to deal with Minwoo later and check on Junjin for now. I needed to make sure he was alright.

‘’Open the door! Hyesung! Junjin!’’ I kept banging for a few minutes until grumpy Hyesung opened the door. ‘’What the hell do you want?’’ he greeted me.

‘’Is Junjin here?’’ I asked hopefully, ignoring his grumpiness. ‘’I have no idea who you are talking about,’’ Hyesung said ‘’it’s just me in that room, I’ve never seen my roommate,’’

‘’What do you mean, you don’t know your roommate?’’ I asked confused ‘’And how can you not know Junjin?’’

‘’I just don’t think I ever saw him…’’ he scratched the back of his head ‘’weird… Wait, who are you?’’ he looked at me suspiciously. ‘’Come on Hyesung, what is wrong with you?’’ I asked him back, not liking his question at all.

‘’Did we meet before? How do you know my name?’’ he blinked at me ‘’are we maybe in the same class and I forgot—‘’

My head started spinning. What was going on?? How could they not recognize me anymore? I felt sick in my stomach, I needed to sit down.

‘’Hey, are you okay?’’ I heard a voice above my head as I slowly slid on the cold floor, my breath getting heavier and heavier.

‘’What’s going on, hyung?’’ I heard a familiar voice getting closer. ‘’Oh, Andy-ah, this guy just suddenly came, asking about my roommate and he suddenly just collapsed,’’ I heard Hyesung explain.

‘’I see,’’ I heard Andy say ‘’I’ll take him to the nurse’s office, you can go back to sleep,’’ he then added.

‘’Will you? Thanks, Andy-ah,’’ Hyesung smiled and let Andy help me get up. As soon as he was back in his room I saw Andy smirk in satisfaction. ‘’I can’t leave you alone if you bug me and my friends first,’’ he said mockingly. ‘’What’s going on?’’ I asked confused ‘’who is everyone acting like they don’t know about me or Junjin?’’

‘’Well, because they really don’t,’’ Andy said in fake kindness ‘’you see, along with your soul disappeared whole memory of your existence,’’

‘’W-w-what? How is that even possible?!’’ I couldn’t believe what he was saying.

‘’Ups, did I not mention that?’’ he covered his mouth with his hand and fake widespread his eyes at me ‘’well, now you know,’’

 ‘’What about my stuff that is all still here, and the pictures of my friends and me?’’ I asked ‘’That didn’t disappear,’’

‘’You’re right, it didn’t,’’ answered Andy ‘’just the memory and recognition of you did. So every time they’ll look at your picture they’ll see no one, their soul won’t recognize your image anymore. You are as good as dead for them, except they don’t grieve you. They just simply forgot you,’’

"Then why don't they remember Junjin either?" I asked.

"He gave up his soul too," Andy answered.

 "But why? It doesn't make sense. Why would you take his soul too?"

"You really are clueless aren't you? As long as you're happy; figures. He was hurting, Eric, since you left him. And I don't know, somehow I took pity on him and tried to help him the best I could. Maybe I saw a bit myself in him, suffering caused by Eric Moon. So I made him mine, gave him new love."

"You're delusional! It's not my fault you're heartbroken!"

"That may be true. But you're still guilty of being happy with the only person I love. So it's only natural I despise you, no?"

"I don't know you at all~" I took a step back from the person I once thought was my beloved dongsaeng. The only thing I saw in him now was pure hatred towards the world. I couldn't even pity him anymore.

"I want to see Junjin," I said firmly "take me to him,’’

"As you wish," he said "I'll let you see him for the one last time. And then, you are out of our lives for good,"

I just clenched my teeth at his laugh and followed quickly after him.

He took me out of the campus and into the woods. We were walking for what felt as an hour until we reached some wooden cabin. "Please, come in," Andy said after he opened the door.

The inside of the room I walked in was cold and dark, no sign of life in it.

"Upstairs," said Andy and the lights.

The light blinded me for a few seconds, then I saw wooden stairs leading to the upper floor through the hole in the floor, which was closed and locked.

Andy went up first, unlocking the door in the process. I followed right after him, entering some strange room.

There were a dining table, wardrobe, sofa and a huge bed. And on top of the bed there was a figure of someone lying down, sleeping probably.

"Junjin!" I screamed and ran to him 'please remember me, please remember me,' I kept praying, but his heavy eyes which looked at me seemed empty.

"Who is this man, master?" he asked with a hoarse voice, looking at Andy questioning.

'Master?' Just then I saw a collar around Junjin's neck, his torso all covered in small purple bruises. 

"What did you do to him?" I hissed at Andy who ignored my question. "Your new toy, sweetie," he smiled at Junjin" like it? But it’s for one use only,’’  

Junjin's eyes traveled up and down my body, making me shiver involuntary. After some time he nodded and his lips.

"Good," smiled Andy, coming closer to pet Junjin's head.

"You're sick," I had to close my eyes at the sight of Junjin leaning into the touch practically rubbing himself on Andy.

"Am I?" whispered Andy and suddenly pulled on Junjin's collar so the latter let out choking sounds.

"Stop it!" I screamed as he won't stop and tears started coming out of Junjin's wide opened eyes.

"Why should I? He is my slave," said Andy and tugged even harder.

Anger started boiling in my veins, I couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly some strange sensation flashed over my whole body and for I moment I was like paralyzed. I felt something happening to me but I couldn't do anything, not moving even just a bit.

"Liking your new form?" Andy smirked at me and I understood what he meant only after I heard growling instead of words coming out of my throat. Looked like I have turned into a wolf.

I thought I might as well take advantage of the situation and I suddenly attacked Andy by jumping on him and dug my teeth into his arm, so he released Junjin with a surprised scream.

"You dare to attack me?!" he screamed and threw me into the wall with a great force. I was whimpering in pain, but I still gathered my strength to stand up. I was not afraid of him anymore, all I knew was that I needed to stop him. He was hurting everyone with his behavior.

I attacked again, but this time he blocked me easily, since my element of surprise got ruined.

"You fool. You think you can out power me? Me?!" Andy laughed in my face. He took 3 steps forward so he was in front of me, lifting his right foot, probably to kick me. I used the chance to bit him in his left food as hard as I could, hearing bones cracking with great satisfaction.

"Urghhh, you little--" he screamed in pain and collapsed on the floor. I bit even harder, making sure that he wouldn't be able to use that leg again, not in that state.

Suddenly the shape of his foot changed and in my snout there was no more human but wolf's leg. "Let go!" his voice ringed in my mind, but I could hear it was shaken.

I ignored him and soon he managed to turn around and bit my neck hard so I had no choice but to let go.

I backed off a little to see what he will do and as expected he managed to stand up, but was limping on only three legs. "You'll pay for this!" he growled and attacked.

We kept rolling around, biting, scratching for I don't know how long, until we were both panting hard. We were both hurt and bleeding a lot, I was almost at my limit. A few more attacks and I wouldn't be able to get back on my legs anymore. Through my fogged vision I could see Junjin just sitting on the bed, watching us fight with curiosity in his eyes. I wondered what he was thinking.

"Ready to give up?" Andy's voice echoed in my head. "Never!" I screamed back in his head "you took everything away from me anyway!"

"Tsk, I gave you freedom what I did," Andy answered "but you managed to blew it away after attacking me like that. It's a shame but we came to the point I finally got so tired of you I'll just get rid of you for good. Kill you that is," he growled and jump on me with his sharp teeth snapping after me.

I've tried to defend myself, push him away or anything, but I could feel it, I was too weak. I knew this was the end of me.

"Ready to give up and embrace your destiny?" I could hear his mocking voice in my head.

In the end I just closed my eyes in waited for the final blow. But it never came.

I opened my eyes, seeing Andy's snout still opened in front of me, but there was blood gushing out of it. I looked up and there was Junjin, holding a knife in his hands, covered in crimson blood.

"I-I did it," he took a wobbly step back "we are finally free, Eric," he said and looked at me. "You, you know who I am?" I put the question in his head and the answer was affirmative "Of course I know you. How could I forget the love of my life," he broke in tears "I never stopped loving you, hyung," he hiccupped "and I certainly never forgot who you are,"

"Jin-ah," I said, now in my human form and gently took the knife out of his hand "everything is gonna be okay," I whispered and pulled him in my embrace ‘’I'm here now. I'm so sorry, so sorry, Jin-ah. I'm never leaving you again, never again,"

He hugged me back tightly and cried in my neck, the tears of pain and relief.


After he calmed down I took him out of that cursed house, out of that cursed town and we started anew. Somewhere far way, where there were no reminders of our past lives, only the two of us. Forgotten by everyone we knew and loved before, but it didn't matter, we had each other. And that was enough to start healing wounds. 



I'm baaaaack~  After more than a one year of hiatus;  I'm so sorry TT

But I wanted to finally finish this fic, so here it is, final chapter~

As is typical for this fic there are many plot twists and weird stuff… Hope not too much and not TOO confusing… ^^’’

I had no idea (till I typed the last word actually) how to end this and my friend was of no help either – ‘’kill them all,’’ she said  (haha 39 Katy :P )

So… this is the final result :D
I wonder what you think of it… 

Anyway, thank you for reading! ^^ 

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