The Wolf

I was in a forest again. Behind me there was heard a sound of a small branch breaking.I turned around praying not to be that ‘thing’ which was chasing me every night but the wolf, Minwoo.

My prayers weren’t heard this time for I saw something so hideous one could not describe with words. I stood there not able to move, since my body wasn’t listening to my mind screaming to run away. The creature opened its mouth from which an ear piercing sound was heard. And the teeth! They were yellow, sharp as razor and countless.

“I’m really screwed now” I thought, when I heard a loud howling coming closer and closer. 

“Minwoo” I thought relieved, and there he was coming from the darkness around me.

He jumped on the creature and after an intense battle finally ripped its head off. There was crimson blood everywhere, on the ground, around the wolf’s snout and even on me. I could feel its warmth and stickiness on my bare skin. But I didn’t care. All I saw was Minwoo standing there, proud and more beautiful as ever. My wolf.

For a moment I thought the wolf changed its appearance and I thought I saw my roommate. That’s weird. So I quickly blinked my eyes and he changed back to normal. I was more determinate as ever to get to him, to touch him. I started to move towards him, slowly step by step. Since he didn’t move, my heart started racing as crazy.

Finally I will reach him. Only a few more steps left.

But then he suddenly turned around. “Nooo!” I screamed in desperation. “Don’t leave me.” 

But he didn’t listen and rather started to walk away. Tears started flowing out of my eyes, my vision was all blurry because of them. I felt my heart shredding to thousands of little pieces. I was screaming his name, but it was useless, he was walking away from me. I fell on my knees and cried out.


“What do you want for Crist’s sake!?” I heard a familiar voice, just before I felt a punch on my head.

“What? What’s going on?” I asked confused still not entirely woken up, as I saw my roommate weirdly looking at me.

“You were screaming my name nonstop. And when I asked you what do you want you didn’t react, but just kept screaming “Minwoo, Minwoo” over and over again. So I had to wake you up somehow. Why are you crying? I didn’t hit you so hard.” he explained. I touched my cheeks and they were wet with tears.

Wait, what did he say? “Screaming your name?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, my name. Minwoo” he said simply.

I couldn’t believe this weird coincidence. My roommate’s name is Minwoo? Does it have any connection with my Minwoo. It was weird that their eyes are so similar, but that is not possible, my roommate is not wolf, he is a human being. I decided rationally and only then noticed Minwoo’s body.

He had a black eye and bruised lip. “You don’t look so well” I said to him at which he snorted: “Says who? The guy who woke up crying and screaming his roommate’s name?”

“I wasn’t screaming your name” I answered sulking.

“Yeah, right…” he smirked back, but suddenly grabbed his back and hissed in pain.

“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned.

“Mind your own business” he answered rudely, but I was already by his side, checking him.

“Your shirt is all bloody, take it off so I can take care of your wounds” I said bossy, but in return just received: “Just leave it, I’ve been through worse. I’ll take care of it.”

“Yah, don’t be so difficult! Just let me do it, since you already woke me up.” I said and went to the bathroom for first aid kit.

When I returned he was already shirtless waiting patiently on his bed. I gasped when I saw his back. It had a huge wound which looked like an animal’s scratch and some smaller wounds all over his body.

“What the hell happened to you? Did you get attacked by a dog?” I asked skeptically.

“It was a wolf” he said back.

“What? How could a wolf come here?” I asked. “Wait, weren’t you in a fight with that Yunho guy?” 

“Yup, damn possessive bastard. Is it my fault that he can’t control his boyfriend? Ouch, it hurts.” he groaned as I applied medicine on his wound.

“Luckily, it’s not too deep” I said “but what really happened?”

“I told you already” he groaned.

Looks like I won’t be getting any answer out of this one. But was that with being attacked by wolf? It doesn’t make any sense?

I finished treating his wounds thinking of Minwoo the wolf during the process, how he defeated that beast. I wonder if it will stop chasing me in my dreams. But I don’t want to stop seeing my wolf.

“Here, done” I said and stood up to clean up, but Minwoo grabbed my hand and said: “Um… Thanks. I guess.” he said awkwardly.

“No problem” I smiled at him and headed toward bathroom to put the kit back and wash my hands. At the time I got back, he was already in bed with his back facing me. Since it was in the middle of the night I too went back into my bed.


I woke up in the morning, from weirdest dream I ever had. It wasn’t my usual dream, but just a bunch of unconnected scenes in which wolf kept changing to Minwoo and back.

So what if they have a same name. It’s not like they’re the only Minwoo’s in this world.

I turned my head to the bathroom door as I heard them being opened. It was Minwoo who came from under the shower; his hair was wet, water drops dropping down his perfectly shaped torso. Only now I really noticed how hot his shirtless body was. I noticed myself staring at him and quickly looked away. “Get to your senses Eric! You have Jinnie and you love him. It’s not like I like my roommate. Yeah, I’m just observing his body, since I work out too…”

“What are you doing?” he interrupted my thinking.

“Nothing” I said looking at my shoes “are you done? I have to use the bathroom.”

“Sure,” he said and I was already leaning over the sink staring at my expression and trying to calm down. “I wonder if Jinnie already woke up” I said to myself, splashed some cold water on my face and exited the bathroom.


 Minwoo was sitting on his bed drying his hair with a towel still shirtless. Then I noticed his wounds. They were almost already healed. How is that possible?

He noticed me staring and smirked “Like what you see?”

“Your wounds,” I said “how is it possible that they healed so much so quickly?”

“Oh, that?” he answered “I’m a little bit special,” and winked. Looks like I won’t be getting any answer from him today either.

“You really don’t like to answer any question seriously do you? You’re really mysterious.” I sighed.

“I am serious,” he said back “whatever; believe what you want.” With that our conversation was finished.

Well, he is not as bad as I thought he would be when I first or actually second time met him in my room, when he told me to leave him alone. He-he, at least he is speaking to me.


 I exited my room and went to see my Jinnie. Finally I could see him every day again. I knocked on his door and entered.

There I saw Hyesung frantically covering his torso: “Yah, why are you breaking in like that?!” he yelled. I just rolled my eyes at him: “Don’t be so shy, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” at which he blushed.

“Why are you teasing my mama bird? And what did you mean by seeing it before?” asked Junjin playfully as he came from the bathroom.

“Jin-ah!” I screamed and ran to hug my boyfriend.

“I missed you to,” laughed the latter “but you should stop bothering Hyesung,”

“I’m not bothering him he’s a pain in the ,” I answered back.

“Yah, do you wanna die?” yelled Hyesung at me.

Junjin just rolled his eyes at us and tried to stop us from starting a fight when Hyesung got ready to kick me and I raised my hand to punch him.

“Jesus, how old are you two?” Junjin shook his head.

“I’m here,” we heard Dongwan say and enter the room.

“Thank god, help me separate this two,” said Junjin relieved.

“Haha, fighting again? What was it this time?” laughed Dongwan at us, grabbing Hyesung and tightly hugged him to prevent him from escaping.

 “He’s being a sensitive jerk,” I said but earned a punch from Junjin: “Yah, stop insulting my hyung,”

“I’m your hyung too,” I pouted.

“Yeah, right,” was sarcastic Hyesung “you act like you are 5 years old,”

“And you like you’re 50,” I said back “no fun.”

“My Hyesungie is fun,” reassured Dongwan to Hyesung and pecked him on his nose.

“Love is really blind,” I continued but was interrupted by Junjin: “Aish, now is enough. Let’s go, hyung,” who dragged me out of the room.


 “Why are you two always teasing each other?” he asked.

“He-he, it is fun to see his funny reactions,” I answered back but my boyfriend didn’t like my answer. “You two act like children…”

“Yeah, but you still love me, bbuing bbuing,” he laughed at that and hugged me tightly. He nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck and whispered sweetly: “Yeah, I love you. So much.” Feeling butterflies in my stomach I hugged him back tightly and said: “I love you too,”

We just stood like that for a couple of minutes then Junjin pulled away and smiled at me. He looked so cute at the moment I had to peck him on his sweet lips, but I realized that wasn’t enough so I leaned back to him and kissed him hungrily at which he gladly responded. When we ran out of our breaths we separated and smiled at each other.

 “So, what are your plans for today?” I asked Junjin.

“I have practice at the afternoon, then I’ll go to the party.” he answered.

“Oh, right. I totally forgot about that. Dongwan was yapping about it all week.” I remembered about the dorm party we have every month.

“So, when should I pick you up?” I wiggled my eyebrows at my boyfriend.

“You can come at 9,” he said “and make sure you wear something y so I won’t be embarrassed to come with you,” he winked.

“Tch, when do I not look y” I acted offended.

“Hmmm…” he pretended to be thinking hard: “Never,” and kissed me again.

“You two are seriously weird. Both looking so tall and muscular, but can’t be more childish and mushy.” Dongwan came out hand in hand with Hyesung and giggled like a school-girl.

“Look who’s talking,” I said between the kiss not bothering to break it, yet.



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N_chwa #1
Chapter 11: Uwaahh!! I'm so happy that the final pairing is RicJin! <3
I would be sad had Jinnie ended up alone in this fic but luckily Eric came back! :)
The only downside is that Andy is the bad guy and had to die. T_T
Thank you for writing such an awesome fic, author-nim~^^
SoulDragon #2
Chapter 11: Waw...just waaww! Amazing story, i really loved it! And also RicJin, there are't to many story's with that pairing, i love RicJin. :)
Only to bad Andy had to die at the end...
It's been awhile since i read such a good one, it's definitely in my top 3 :D
The way you described the wolves, you must really like them?! ;)
And may i ask how you came up with the concept of the soulmates like that? I mean my favorite book has about the same concept, but i haven't come across it anywhere else up until now....and she's not a very well known author... i'm just very curious. ;)
Chapter 11: I finally read the final chapter and all I have to say is... wow
The last paragraph really got me... my poor poor feels
Also I am soo glad that you didn't listen to my advice, hahaha :P
I really enjoyed reading this <3
Thank you for writing this and I hope that you write more awesome stories in the future
(which reminds me... i really should start writing the continuation for out fanfic xD)
Chapter 11: Thanks for the amazingly written story! I really love this. I was ready to be heartbroken by the fact that Jinnie was suffering alone, left by Eric n becoming Andy's slave.. BUT YOU BROUGHT RICJIN BACK TOGETHER IN THE END!!! and that's sooooo daebak (cz I'm a er for RicJin). I also love the plot and the way you described RicJin soft, calm, and gentle love and RicMin raw and passionate one (that's how I saw it).
Sorry for rambling
Chapter 9: Thank you for such a fast update ^^
What do you mean by ''poorly written ''? It was amazing xP
I really liked this chapter and i really can't wait for the next one <3
MMM123 #6
I want an update please ^^ pleaseeeee ^^
Chapter 6: But that means Minu knew who eric was?? Or maybe he just realised later...
Chapter 6: I loved it ^^
Waaa this is.seriously getting more and more interesting with each new chapter <3
Now i really can't wait for update.:) because i am dying to know what is going to happen next.
undeadXmofo #9
Chapter 6: Hope it's Leo from vixx hehhe
MMM123 #10
Chapter 6: Complicated!!! What's going on?! Who's this Leo guy? Why does everyone appeal to Eric??? HahahHa XD
Update soon, i need answers and I cannot wait;)))