Steel Heart

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Wonshik couldn’t stand the feeling of loneliness anymore, not with his friends being so happy and in love. So he made an android. Who could walk, talk, think and most importantly love him.

             But in the world he lived in that was forbidden. Entirely artificial creatures weren’t allowed to exist...


Me and katychan666 finally started writing a co-authored story ^^

As you ken see it's based on Error with other sci-fi elements~

Hope you'll have as much fun reading it as we do writing it!



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Chapter 21: won't they finish it? it `s so sad.
Chapter 21: I read the whole story since yesterday and I just ing love it so much omg I wish you would update again T_T ?
KTsuki-chan #3
I'm missing this... please update soon?? ;-;
Chapter 21: omfg.... I kennot....
MinhWuYoung #5
Chapter 21: I've already cried lots of times! I hope everything turns out okay with Ken.
Chapter 21: Oh no!!!This is just so depressing. Everybody's angry! :(
Chapter 21: ㅎ_ㅎ why must you do this? I really dont want to cry anymore today. But people just keep having amazing writing skills that makes you want to rip your heart out. Now excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.
vixx_starlight_leo #8
Chapter 21: This was sooo sad...
Waiting for more (ಥ_ಥ)
KTsuki-chan #9
Chapter 21: No please Jaehwan, you know they still love you as their friend right?? And you know Wonshik is guilty, you're just upset at Sanghyuk for deciding for you, and ye it's selfish, but you know he loves you, don't you??
Whaaaaaa why so much sadness?? T-T
Chapter 20: I hope things will get better........ Please update soon.................