Leo's kitty


Hyuk has always liked Leo, more than just a fellow member or a friend. But Leo thinks that Hyuk, even though very cute, is just a kid and therefore can't accept his feelings. What happens when Hyuk suddenly mysteriously turns into a cute kitten which wants only to cuddle and play?


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Chapter 1: This was seriously funny and entertaining xD
And sweet as Leo finally gave in to Hyuk~ xD
Chapter 1: XD Ravi's a sloth
a-topp #3
Chapter 1: I love that ending part. Lol
weirdstuff #4
Chapter 1: Hah, this is so funny!!!! The rest of vixx will have to learn not teasinh their leader...
Chapter 1: The ending part is so funny XD I love your story
vixxtion #6
OMG! This was so cute and so hilarious! Absolutely loved it!