Hakyeon is always pushed away and made fun of, but he doesn't show any sadness. At least not in front of the others. 


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a-topp #1
Chapter 1: Thank for coming, bin ah 5555
i just love this ending. 'Don't let me out anymore' so sweet binnie.

Thanks author-nim
ChaBin #2
Chapter 1: This is sooo cute!
Poor Hakyeon, but Binnie came for him.
How I love this couple. There are way too less Chabin stories.
Thank you for posting this.
laputachan #3
Chapter 1: aaaaahhhh chabean, my guilty pleasure. i think hakyeon should head taekwoon once a while hahaha. nice read!
Chapter 1: Aww poor Hakyeon :(
I am happy that Hongbinnie managed to make him feel better :)
And I am glad that everything worked out for Hakyeon in the end ^-^
Thank you for writing this; this was both sad and cute :)
I loved it.