The Truth

The Wolf

I didn't get my consolation from Dongwan since he was, again, busy with that whiny brat Hyesung.

I didn't have anything smarter to do so I decided to go to my room and never to come out again.

As I was getting ready to open the door I heard angry shouting voices in my room. Just great! Why does my roommate have to be so social? And in MY room. But then besides Minwoo's voice I also heard Junjin's voice. Why would be Junjin talking with my roommate? Since that was a matter of my boyfriend and my roommate I gave myself the right to find out what was going on so I ‘not obviously’ leaned my ear on the door.

"Your time with him is up," I heard Minwoo say "I think that Taekwoon already made that clear to you. And not just one time."

"Do you and your brother really think that I will that easily back off?!"

Minwoo's brother? That guy is Minwoo's brother?

"We explained everything to you in Japan," Minwoo sighed "look, I don't have anything against you, but I have no choice. Eric and I are already connected though his, what he thinks are just, dreams. I will have to claim him soon or he could get seriously hurt. And you don't want that do you?"

The hell is going on? What are they talking about?

"N-n-no, but... Is there really not any other option?" I heard Junjin's voice cracking and it looked like he was on the verge of tears.

"I'm afraid not. All I could do was to tell you soon enough to prepare as much as you could. I know this must be t-"

"You don't know anything!!! How would you feel if someone were to tell you that you have no choice but to leave the one person that means the world to you just because of some stupid wolf curse and faith and destiny and all that crap?! To have some other man, trying to forever take that person away from you?! Ha?!"

Then I heard loud thumb and Junjin sobbing with Minwoo's voice repeating "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

I heard enough so I turned and ran.

I finally stopped at the place me and Junjin were watching stars last time and cried.

What was happening? Those dreams I was having about a wolf; was it really this Minwoo?


"I see they have finally told you," the voice suddenly startled me.

"Don't run, believe it or not I'm not trying to harm you," it was that Taekwoon guy.

"Told me what?" I said "I heard Minwoo and Junjin talking something about leaving me and dreams and wolfs and stuff. I don't get it."

Taekwoon sighed "Sit. I'll explain it to you, since those two idiots obviously can't. Minwoo is my brother. We come from a family which has a special gene, a wolf gene to be exact, which gives us strength and if we want we can turn into a wolf. With that come also heightened senses such as smell and the need to claim our mates, who we can't really get to choose, but the love is real trust me." he said and smiled.

"So," he continued "once the mate is chosen by whatever supernatural fate it might that be, he starts to have this weird dreams that connect him or her to their mate, which have to claim him and like that protect him from the evil things that try to harm him. I think that you have already seen one of them, but that was harmless."

"This is bul," I answered "you are saying that I'm supposed to let Minwoo claim me and protect me from imaginary beasts? Why would they try to harm me anyway?"

"Argh, I knew that would happen. Why did he get a human? And the dense one too."

"Don't call me dense! Who do you think you are?!"

"I'll take it from here, Leo." someone interrupted.


"Good luck with that," said Taekwoon and visibly relieved started walking away.

"How do you know him?" I asked confused "and what will you continue?"

"He's dating Wonshik," he answered "or as you know now, they are mates."

"He is dating your brother?!"

"Yep. He's not a bad guy you know. I've never seen Wonshik happier since they've become mates. And Minwoo is a great guy too."

"Is that why you had with him?" I asked bitterly as a remembered that night.

"Oh, that," he awkwardly laughed and scratched the back of his head "I was drunk and fed up with you treating me like a baby and always kind of liked him... But at that time I didn't know that you were supposed to be his mate I swear!"

"I am not going to be anyone's mate," I said angrily.

"Eric look," he said "you don't really have a choice. You need him. And he needs you. He won't just back down."

"You date him then," I would't stop resisting, they have all become nuts.

"It's not so simple. In 'our' world there are certain rules we have to follow..."

"In your world?" What was he talking about now?

"Actually, my family also comes from one of the wolf’s one... But we are not royal like Minwoo's family so we don't get mates chosen by faith, instead we can choose them ourselves. Unless we are lucky like Wonshik who became Taekwoon’s mate…"

"You are all crazy! Walking around playing wolfs! Andy- ah, come with me, hyung will get you help--" I grabbed his hand and started dragging him away, determined to get him professional help but he yanked my hand away.

"Stop denying everything already! I guess I'll have to just prove it to you."

"What are you talking about? How can you possibly prove something like t--"

I couldn’t finish my sentence since something started happening to Andy. First he started growling like he was in pain, then his body slowly started losing its original form and was becoming more and more beast-like…

Then a few moments later there was no more cute little Andy but a wolf. He ing changed into a goddamn wolf!!!

I couldn’t believe it and started frantically catching my breath. All of that happened so fast that I even haven’t gotten a chance to react in the middle of the process. ‘’What the—‘’

‘’Calm down,’’ I heard Andy’s voice in my head

‘’Well, do you believe me now?’’ he or rather the wolf, which was actually Andy said and took a step towards me.

I had enough. My head was already hurting from all of that ‘nonsense’ so I just let it go and took a look at the wolf in front of me with a clearer mind. If I wasn’t freaked out because of the fact that my dongsaeng just changed into that wolf I would be—no, I was despite of all enchanted by him. He was beautiful, with his gray and black and white fur and those green eyes that looked so familiar.

Before I realized I reached with my hand and touched him. His fur was so soft. ‘’You don’t have to be afraid of me, you know. It’s still me. I won’t bite you.’’ I heard Andy’s voice again and realized that my hand was shaking.

‘’Sorry’’, I said ‘’but all of this—you—it’s shocking.’’

‘’I believe you,’’ he laughed inside my head ‘’but I had to convince you.’’


After some time of sitting in quiet beside Andy and petting his fur I finally accepted those information’s thrown at me and was ready to discuss it further.

‘’So,’’ I broke the silence ‘’who else is a wolf like you and Minwoo? And who knows it?’’

‘’Well, besides our family’s Jung Yunho’s has a wolf’s gene too. As it goes for the people who know: Dongwan and Hyesung don’t know anything, and Junjin found out while he was in Japan, because there he encountered Minwoo and Taekwoon, who knew who he was, so they had told him everything.’’

‘’And he believed them?’’

‘’As you see we can prove it, even to likes like you.’’

‘’Right… So what happens now?’’

‘’That you would have to figure it out with Minwoo and Junjin. I could just tell you the truth. But I don’t think that you have any other options than to accept your fate.’’

‘’I see…’’ I said and stood up. ‘’Thank you for being patient with me, but now I have to be alone for a while.’’

‘’I understand,’’ he answered and turned back into a human ‘’take your time,’’ he added and squeezed my shoulder.



A few hours later


I was still sitting on a bench in the park, thinking about what Andy and Taekwoon had told me. Everything was true there was no way I could deny that, unless I there was something wrong with my brain... But I don't really like that possibility very much. But I still didn't really get that part with leaving Junjin. Why should I?!

"Hey!" someone said to me "Can I sit here?" It was Minwoo.

"Sure," I answered.

For a while nobody said anything and we were just sitting in a silence that I had to admit it wasn't as awkward as I thought it was. He knew that he should give me some time and that was what he was doing; patiently waiting for me to sort out my thoughts.

At that time I took a good look at him; he was very handsome and looked confident and strong, despite being shorter than me. And that feeling he gave off, the feeling that calmed me and made me feel save. He definitely was the wolf in my dreams, even though the circumstances we found ourselves in were very awkward.

"So," he broke the silence "Taekwoon told me what happened."

"Did you know it from the start?" I asked.

"Yes, I did," he answered "That's why I came here. You have just dreams about my wolf form, but for me it's different. I got to know before you that we were meant to be and the invisible strength pulling me towards you, wanting me to protect you, is much stronger than in your case. Not just because you are human and I am a wolf, but because I am your dominant. From now on I am living for you. No matter how cheesy that might sound." he laughed awkwardly but I could see that he sincerely meant every word he said.

"So why did you sleep around? With someone else's mate and with my friend. That doesn't make sense to what you have said earlier." I tried not to care about that, I had boyfriend and I didn't know Minwoo anyway but still it hurt me to think about all the people he had slept with.

"I was hurt seeing you all happy and lovey-dovey with your boyfriend. Also, you had no idea who I was and I am a man after all. Did you see Jaejoong? With Andy it was different but still... I am not a cheater, if you are willing to give me a chance you will see the real me, I promise to love only you."

That did make sense. God, why do I want so much to believe him, trust him and for him to just hold me?!

"I have Junjin," was everything I said instead.

"I know," he sounded hurt "but I think it's time to let him go. If you hold onto him it will just hurt him."

"No! It's bad for you if I stay with him! Don't lie!"

I don't want to leave Junjin.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. "Don't make me leave him." I sobbed while he got closer and hugged me.

It felt so good, so right.

But I couldn't, I mustn't feel like that. I can't hurt Junjin. I love him not Minwoo.

"I can't love you because you say so," I managed to say though tears.

"Just stop resisting," he answered.

"I-I can't," I said and pushed him away.

‘’Fine, but at least stop pretending that you don’t feel anything for me,’’ he said. ‘’I will give you some time, but won’t take no for an answer.’’

I just sat there and watched his back as he was walking away.

He was right, I did feel something, but I didn’t want to.

What should I do?   


So, here is explanation about Minwoo and Eric and other stuff

I tried to include all the questions in the comments...

I hope that it makes any sense^^


Thank you so much for all of your comments – they motivate me to keep writing this fic :) 

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