His mate

The Wolf

I woke up with sunrays hitting my sleepy eyes, wrapped in protective arms, pair of legs entangled with mine.

"Morning," said Minwoo with hoarse morning voice, his eyes still closed.

"Morning," I said in my mind, not trusting my voice and smiled at sleepy Minwoo. He looked so cute like that.

"Sleep some more," he mumbled and pulled me even closer, nuzzling his nose in my neck, tickling me.

"You're like a kitten," I smiled and he growled

"Tsk, I'm a wolf," and grazed my neck with his teeth, but was still to sleepy to do anything else than tickle me with that. I laughed again, happy and well rested, since I slept so well that night. I had no nightmares.


I woke up again a few hours later, alone.

Before I could be disappointed the door opened and Minwoo came in with two cups of coffee and a huge grin. "Uff, just in time I see," he said, leaning down, kissing me.

"Coffee?" he asked after he sat beside me and I took the cup, gratefully.

"Sooo," he started, taking my hand and intertwined our fingers. "You're mine now," he giggled. Was he always so adorable? I thought he was y...

"I guess so," I said blushing and took a sip of coffee. It was perfectly sweet.

"Do you regret it?" his expression became more serious, almost worried. I looked at him gently

"I thought I would," I said quietly "But I don't, not even a bit." His face lit up at that, showing his ridiculously adorable eye-smile.  "I still feel sorry to Junjin though..." I said.

"That's understandable," he whispered in my hair after he pulled me into his embrace "I don't expect you to just forget him right away like nothing happened between you two. Just know that I'm here for you to help you get through this. You can talk to me about anything, anytime. Okay, sweetie?"

I nodded, hiding my face in his neck, saying "thank you" through my thoughts as hot tears gathered in my eyes. I missed Junjin, but at the same time didn't really, Minwoo was just so...

"It’s okay if you want to cry," he said, drawing circles on my back.

"Naah, not now," I pulled back and smiled at him, not wanting to drawn in sorrow and guilt. Not now. I took back the cup in my hand, because he put them on the floor when he hugged me and leaned on him.

"What do you want do to today?" he asked. "Since its Saturday we have the whole day to ourselves..."

"I don't know," I replied, but then my stomach growled.

"Hmmm," laughed Minwoo "let's feed you first. Since it's already late, we can have lunch."

"Sounds perfect," I said thinking of food.

We quickly got dressed and made our leave to the nearby restaurant.



After paying me lunch, Minwoo took me to the nearby park, where we were walking hand in hand and even bought me ice cream. One would though that that would be awkward, but it really wasn't. It just felt so right, like it was really fate that brought us together. I blushed madly thinking about that, not realizing Minwoo was staring at me.

"What are you blushing for?" he asked in a childish voice pinching my cheek.

"Nothing," I mumbled, but blushed even more.

"Awww, you're so cute," squealed Minwoo.

"Shut up," I said and pushed him away, making him burst into laugh.

"You're a fool," I smiled at him

"A fool for you, my darling," he said fluttering his eyelashes. I rolled my eyes at that but even though leaned closer and kissed him.


"Eric?" I heard Dongwan's voice.

"," I muttered broking the kiss and turned around to see confused Dongwan and angry looking Hyesung holding hands.

"Hey, guys," I said, trying to pretend nothing was out of ordinary.

"YOU!" screamed Hyesung, pointing his finger at me "you ing traitor! What do you think you're doing?! Jinnie is miserable and you-- YOU!"

 "We broke up," I mumbled looking at my shoes.

"You meant to say you dumped him because of him," Hyesung argued.

"That's not... entirely true," I mumbled.

"Hyesungie calm dawn," Dongwan tried to calm his boyfriend.

"Don't tell me to ing calm down!" Hyesung yelled "Don't you dare defend him!"

"I can explain," then Minwoo started talking "It's not Eric's fault."

"Then whose it is? Oh right, it's yours both. Well that really makes a difference."

"Shut up Hyesung," I said annoyed.

"Don't talk to my boyfriend like that," then Dongwan stepped in. I had enough of it, if they didn't want to listen and just judge me so be it.

"Let’s just go," I said to Minwoo and took his hand, dragging him away.

‘’Wait,’’ Minwoo stopped me ‘’I don’t want to take you away from your friends, that was never my intention. I just want to protect you…’’

‘’But they—‘’

‘’Just try to talk to them,’’ he interrupted me and squeezed my shaking hand tightly.

‘’What is there to talk about?’’ asked Hyesung angrily ‘’you—‘’

‘’that’s enough Hyesung,’’ Dongwan said softly ‘’let’s hear them out first, I know Eric,’’ and looked me in my eyes. He really was my best friend.



An hour later we were sitting in the park, Dongwan and Hyesung still pretty shocked after seeing Minwoo change into a wolf and back into a human again. Now Hyesung was less determinative to murder me and my new boyfriend, but still clang onto the fact that we left a heartbroken Junjin behind. And no one could blame him for that.

‘’What happens to you now?’’ Hyesung asked me.

‘’Nothing really,’’ Minwoo answered for me ‘’since he is with me now, I can protect him and he can live a perfectly normal life.’’

‘’That’s good, I guess,’’ answered Dongwan and nudged a blank looking Hyesung.

‘’Y-y-yeah,’’ he stuttered ‘’I guess I kind of understand your situation now and won’t be ahem bother you too much…’’

‘’Thank you Hyesungie,’’ a huge weigh fell down my shoulders, because even though we were constantly teasing and ‘fighting’ each other we were still like a family in some way, I didn’t even want to think about what would happen if he hated and abandoned me for this.

I think he saw my relief and smiled gently at me, reassuring me with his eyes that that won’t happen.      

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N_chwa #1
Chapter 11: Uwaahh!! I'm so happy that the final pairing is RicJin! <3
I would be sad had Jinnie ended up alone in this fic but luckily Eric came back! :)
The only downside is that Andy is the bad guy and had to die. T_T
Thank you for writing such an awesome fic, author-nim~^^
SoulDragon #2
Chapter 11: Waw...just waaww! Amazing story, i really loved it! And also RicJin, there are't to many story's with that pairing, i love RicJin. :)
Only to bad Andy had to die at the end...
It's been awhile since i read such a good one, it's definitely in my top 3 :D
The way you described the wolves, you must really like them?! ;)
And may i ask how you came up with the concept of the soulmates like that? I mean my favorite book has about the same concept, but i haven't come across it anywhere else up until now....and she's not a very well known author... i'm just very curious. ;)
Chapter 11: I finally read the final chapter and all I have to say is... wow
The last paragraph really got me... my poor poor feels
Also I am soo glad that you didn't listen to my advice, hahaha :P
I really enjoyed reading this <3
Thank you for writing this and I hope that you write more awesome stories in the future
(which reminds me... i really should start writing the continuation for out fanfic xD)
Chapter 11: Thanks for the amazingly written story! I really love this. I was ready to be heartbroken by the fact that Jinnie was suffering alone, left by Eric n becoming Andy's slave.. BUT YOU BROUGHT RICJIN BACK TOGETHER IN THE END!!! and that's sooooo daebak (cz I'm a er for RicJin). I also love the plot and the way you described RicJin soft, calm, and gentle love and RicMin raw and passionate one (that's how I saw it).
Sorry for rambling
Chapter 9: Thank you for such a fast update ^^
What do you mean by ''poorly written ''? It was amazing xP
I really liked this chapter and i really can't wait for the next one <3
MMM123 #6
I want an update please ^^ pleaseeeee ^^
Chapter 6: But that means Minu knew who eric was?? Or maybe he just realised later...
Chapter 6: I loved it ^^
Waaa this is.seriously getting more and more interesting with each new chapter <3
Now i really can't wait for update.:) because i am dying to know what is going to happen next.
undeadXmofo #9
Chapter 6: Hope it's Leo from vixx hehhe
MMM123 #10
Chapter 6: Complicated!!! What's going on?! Who's this Leo guy? Why does everyone appeal to Eric??? HahahHa XD
Update soon, i need answers and I cannot wait;)))