K I S S 4

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A long break at work.

Jaejoong really has nothing to do. His new lover was out of town to attend a client’s meeting. Even so Changmin did text him and call him during his break, Jaejoong still felt left out.

The last time Changmin called him was around noon. He was so persistence in forcing Jaejoong to cook for dinner instead of dine out or ordering from any Chinese restaurants. ‘Good food at home, Jae.’

He really didn’t mind to cook for dinner but Changmin wasn’t here to spend the dinner with. He really hated it when he took in a lot of efforts in preparing for dinner yet there was no one to accompany him. Before he was dating Changmin, he used to do everything on his own, alone but at Changmin’s presence, his previous image of a person with a hard feeling was all shattered.

Changmin’s fault for spoiling him too much.

Like yesterday’s night Jaejoong has this urged to skip the dinner and waited for Changmin’s night call instead. Screwed his roaring hungry stomach and all his care was listening to Changmin’s voice which later lulled him to sleep without having dinner.

Changmin knew Jaejoong skipped dinner because he started to ask about Jaejoong’s dinner dishes, his lover distracted him with another topic to discuss upon. However Changmin caught Jaejoong’s slyness and tonight he won’t let his lover easily escaped. Jaejoong has no choice but to eat dinner and snapped a few pictures to prove to him that he really did.

At first, Jaejoong searched a few recipes and decided on only two to three dishes but later he ended up trying all the new recipes. Since Changmin, his new lover had requested him to snap a few pictures to prove that he had dinner tonight, why didn’t he arranged all the dishes in more appetizing ways. A little sweet revenge in making Changmin drooled over his cooking will do.

Satisfied with his art of work, Jaejoong cleaned his kitchen island with no traces of any dirty and proceeded arranged the food nice and accordingly. He lost counted on how many dishes he have been cooking but the dining table of four has no empty spaces even for side dishes and he knew he just screwed himself.

Who will finish all of these?

Jaejoong’s smartphone beeped once indicated that he received a text from no other than Changmin. Giddy and excited blended to one and Jaejoong was half-running half-jumping at Changmin’s text.

I’ll have my dinner later. You go take a shower or bath because you’re stinky.

Jaejoong replied his lover with lots of emoticons and later informed Changmin he was about to go to shower.

Give me 10 minutes.

Jaejoong tossed his smartphone on his bed and left to the bathroom for a quick shower. He wasn’t supposed to spend more time in showering or else all of his dishes will get cold and he needs to re-heat all those back.

Spare him from more work, please.

The water running along with Jaejoong’s loud singing in the bathroom was too noisy. The dangling sound of keys at the front door was left unheard. When the door unlocked, a figure appeared with a smile on his face. Upon listening to Jaejoong’s rocker jammed in the bathroom, Changmin made his way to the dining table and surprised to see a table full of dishes and a few side dishes were still on the counter.

Did Jaejoong prepare all of these?

To confirm his speculation, he opened the metallic silver of refrigerator and surprised to see an almost empty with only a few grocery products left. He shook his head in disbelief.

Jaejoong obeyed him too much.

Changmin grabbed two glasse

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mi-e-rotic #1
Chapter 5: Despite the confusing English I really liked this ff a lot ^^
Lee_An #2
Chapter 5: Wow.. A loooooots of kisses!!! Now kisses for authornim!! ^3^ <3333
Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Awww. This is too sweet for my tastebud. Too good to be true. Thanks. Junsu is so cute. Hehe. And JaeMin is always awesome !

Much love ♡
pritta #4
Chapter 5: This is sweet. Author-sshi, you are a good writer ♥
Chapter 5: You really a great author... So sweet~ I really love it ...
Chapter 6: Wah, its so romantic! How I wish it was longerrr D:

JAemin is so love dont they? Kkk

THx for sharing this
indurindu #7
Chapter 6: Wow.. I will re•read this story again and again.
So romantic :D
Thank you author shii
Chapter 5: This is so cute. Jaemin's pure love.
Hanmie #9
Chapter 5: i really really love this.. perfect! ♥♥
judesjaden #10
Chapter 6: They're soooo in love with each other ^v^

Thank you for the story author-shi, I really enjoy reading this ^^