K I S S 2

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Forgetting Changmin.

Almost a month has passed and Jaejoong has been living quite well on his own. No more knocking on door by Changmin asked for a date, even no more any glimpse of Shim Changmin with Kim Junsu at Jaejoong’s favourite café. It was like Changmin was avoiding him while actually Jaejoong yearned for his presence.

Jaejoong was leaning on his recliner while took a very deep breath and heaved his sigh of relief. Today has been tough, even yesterday also tough. He was like losing his main focus. He felt distracted but he needed to finish his design of his own leather brand by this week. Still, no progress.

Jaejoong has been sketching his imagination of a design man’s wallet when his playful mind lingered back to him. Changmin. His wooden pencil which he used in sketching his design was rolling out from his grip and carelessly landed at the corner of the table. Tilting up his head, scanning the plain white ceiling of his office, his thought wandered to a certain tall figure.

‘Has Changmin takes his breakfast?’ Jaejoong haven’t taken any breakfast since Changmin didn’t come back to the coffee shop he used to eat his breakfast at. Every morning, Jaejoong will walk to the coffee shop and settled on his seat while keep starring at a certain angle of a table Changmin used to sit – with his date. Almost a month, no glimpse of Changmin – and his smiles – and those lips that Jaejoong was so tempted to kiss. Nothing.

‘Does Changmin is actually sick?’ Another reason Jaejoong couldn’t finish his sketched design was because of he was caught a flu two days ago. He kept abandoning his health and kept coming back to the coffee shop and sometimes dropped by at the main entrance of Changmin’s law firm to check on him, but all his attempts were futile as he has been never seeing Changmin again.

Jaejoong gave up with his self. As so much he told himself to throw away any Changmin’s traces in his heart, mind and soul, yet he failed. Changmin’s shadow kept coming and haunted his life.

Lowering down his head, Jaejoong’s eyes landed on his neglected sketching paper. Halfway done. No inspiration, no imagination, no strength to even lift up the wooden pencil again. He was merely weak at Changmin’s absence.

Crumbled the halfway done of his sketching design, Jaejoong threw it away at the corner of his room, brought along his bag, stepped out from his office and locked the door. No point in continuing his work when his soul wasn’t with him.

He decided, he needed fresh air to calm this torturous feeling.

Jaejoong walked aimlessly, allowing his steps to take him and unconsciously he was there, at Changmin’s law firm. His breath hitched when he saw Changmin was talking happily with someone – or Kim Junsu to be precise. Jaejoong dropped his bag onto the floor as he was beyond shocked to see Changmin after almost a month the latter has been missing.

His dropped bag caught Junsu and absolutely Shim Changmin’s attention. Both of the lawyers turned their head only to meet with Kim Jaejoong, the designer who had dropped his designed bag on a dirty floor.

Sensing his presence much not needed in the scene and situation, Jaejoong bent his torso and grabbed his bag while uttering some gibberish curses for his clumsy self. Jaejoong wasn’t sure either it was because of the weather of may be not; but he felt hot. Might as well hot and red from embarrassment.

Without stealing any last glance at the couple, Jaejoong turned back and took his steps away, still cursing under his breath for his clumsiness. Jaejoong missed a lamp post was on his way and he mercilessly bumped on the thing and stumbled back behind.

“KIM JAEJOONG!” Jaejoong heard the shout. The voice was much more familiar, too familiar actually. Jaejoong wanted to look behind him but his tiny bit of pride prevent him not to. Jaejoong has been embarrassed his self not once, but twice. He felt like buried his self seven feet under; or allowing this ground swallow him alive.

Jaejoong was too immersed in his thinking, in his cursing when he felt warm palms on his face. Jaejoong gazed upon the person and his heartbeat missed a rhythm when he met the deer eyes. Changmin’s eyes.

“Are you okay?” asked Changmin while checking for any wound but only found a bruise scratched the forehead. “You had a scratch on the forehead, any other pain?” Changmin busied in checking for any discomfort wound again.

“Changmin, let’s bring him to the clinic first for check up.” A voice suggested the idea has startled Jaejoong. A face finally appeared in front of Jaejoong when the said man took a place next to Changmin and knelt while checking on him.

“I’ll bring Jaejoong to the clinic. Can you handle the meeting with client Chanyoung for me, Junsu?” Junsu nodded.

Jaejoong almost lost his breath. Changmin was so close with him and Junsu was even with him.

“It’s okay, Junsu ssi. I’m all good.” Jaejoong shrugged off the idea and distant his self from the couple. With his least strength, Jaejoong finally able to stand tall over the two kneeling man. He rubbed off the bumped on his forehead and cringe at the pain that welcomed him after.

Jaejoong missed the glance that Junsu and Changmin shared in between both of them. Junsu gave a pat on Changmin’s shoulder before left the two of them alone

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mi-e-rotic #1
Chapter 5: Despite the confusing English I really liked this ff a lot ^^
Lee_An #2
Chapter 5: Wow.. A loooooots of kisses!!! Now kisses for authornim!! ^3^ <3333
Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Awww. This is too sweet for my tastebud. Too good to be true. Thanks. Junsu is so cute. Hehe. And JaeMin is always awesome !

Much love ♡
pritta #4
Chapter 5: This is sweet. Author-sshi, you are a good writer ♥
Chapter 5: You really a great author... So sweet~ I really love it ...
Chapter 6: Wah, its so romantic! How I wish it was longerrr D:

JAemin is so love dont they? Kkk

THx for sharing this
indurindu #7
Chapter 6: Wow.. I will re•read this story again and again.
So romantic :D
Thank you author shii
Chapter 5: This is so cute. Jaemin's pure love.
Hanmie #9
Chapter 5: i really really love this.. perfect! ♥♥
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Chapter 6: They're soooo in love with each other ^v^

Thank you for the story author-shi, I really enjoy reading this ^^