Dara, The Chambermaid


Dara Park is an unpopular extras in CFs and Television shows and have a typecast role - a maid. The directors says she lacks something and her BFF Park Bom says she also need to internalize in that thing. If being a REAL LIFE maid to a pain in the 'master', will she be able to finally get the internalization she needs to grab the most coveted role in any cinemas, commercials, MVs, and television shows any actresses would want - the main female act. And not be just the forever mere extra maid. Will it be easy? We'll see.


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"Bring me water."


I wordlessly give it to the 'monster' lazily sitting on the couch.


"I want the water in a Pyrex glass. I'm sensitive, idiot."


I bit my lips as I go back to the kitchen, and in a tray, I layered the line of glass of water with its different expensive brands like Pyrex, Schott Zwiesel, Riedel, and Govino to name a few, in case the 'monster' changes his mind about the brand anytime again.


I hurriedly climb upstairs before he shouts about my slowness again and 'respectfully' shows him the tray with my already monotonous and robotic, 


"Here's your water, master."


The 'monster' twitched his lips upwards at the look of what I presented him and also by that smirk, I know the next thing threatens World War III.


"I changed my mind. I want juice." and goes to play flappy bird in his IPAD again.


That shatters me. I mean, without blinking, I let go of my hand holding the tray and right there and then, the expensive glasses shatters on the ground. I then quickly hold his collar and pushes him on the couch. My eyes are red in extreme anger. I. Had. Enough.


I grittily whisper to him and shoot him glare daggers, "You want war? I will give you war."


But I already know him too much to believe he actually took my threat seriously.


The annoying smirk on his lips remains as his eyes challenges me. "Oh yeah?"


That finally snap me. "AHHHHH!!!!!! YOU MONSTER!!"








Siv: #LOL.kk. Don't worry, this is not a long fic. This is like a oneshot ;) Three shot perhaps and will be short kekeke This is a passing idea while watching the trailer of a Filipino Teen-flick Movie kk DNP this fic and that movie is not the same, okay? ;) I'm just a writer who takes inspiration in a tiny little detail. And the movie gives me the maid-master idea. kk THANK YOU!!!! and HAPPY 5TH, APPLERS!!! btw LOVE the was I THOUGHT a MANIP as my main Banner ;) hensho





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