Chapter 5

Fractured Gem
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  “How was detention Tao?”  Chen asked me as we sat at our table during lunch.

  I groaned as I slammed my head on the table, “Torture.  Pure and utter torture.  How does someone not go insane from having to sit and stay quiet for two hours?  If I had to go any longer I might have lost my damn mind.”

  My friends snickered, “So dramatic.”  Luhan mocked as he high-fived Xiumin.

  “Immature brats.”  I growled to myself.  The six of us sat in the cafeteria eating our food and occasionally tossing insults at one another or stealing food from those next to us as we went along.

  “We in for an afterschool food run and video games?”  Lay asked as he swatted Xiumin’s hand away from his chips.

  Kris reached over and snagged the chips from both Lay and Xiumin as he replied, “My place is open tonight for once.”

  “I’m going to have to pass, my parents want a family night.”  I said as the others cheered.  Kris’ place was the best to go to hang out at, his parents always stocked us up with food and they didn’t care how much noise we made.

  “ to be you then Tao.”  Xiumin shrugged as he snatched my coke I had yet to open and chugged it down.

  “Don’t I know it, maybe tomorrow night I’ll join.”  I commented as I packed my things up.  Another class that I just want to be over.  “Lets get to class before the teacher gives us grief for showing up late.”

  “Don’t want another detention?”  Luhan mocked.

  Rolling my eyes at him I replied, “Not at all.  I’ve experienced it already and I’d like to avoid it from now on, thank you.”

  I took my seat and stared at the clock waiting for the class to begin so time would run it’s course and it would be over with.  I want the day to speed up so I can get out of this place and be free of this institute of learning I like to call torture.

  Time runs far to slow when I want it to run faster.  I must have zoned out while I was watching the clock tick by the minutes for I was snapped out of m thoughts with the ringing of the school bell.  The bell for the end of the day.  Glancing around I found myself in my last period Chemistry class.  I have no recollection of exactly how I got here but I remember what went on during the day and during the past two hours that went by in what to me felt like seconds.

  “I’ll see you guys tomorrow then I guess.”  I said to the five friends around me as we made our way out of the school.  “Have fun tonight.”

  “Don’t be late for school tomorrow if you don’t want to stay after the day ends again.”  Kris laughed as he led the five of them in the opposite direction I was heading in.

  I walked the seven blocks it took me to get to my house.  The two story modern house stood the exact same as all the other ones that surrounded it.  Sighing I pushed the door open and kicked my shoes off.

  “Mom, Dad, I’m home.”  I called as

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