The Forest

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This place it isn’t for those weak souls.  You can’t just walk in here and expect to survive; with that mind set you will die within moments.  This place isn’t a game, one doesn’t just dare you to enter and you do.  This place is harsh and mean to those that enter it, and only the strong manage to survive a few days. 

The weak make it a few minutes.  The lucky, a few hours.  The strong, a few days.  The fighters, a week.  The hunters, a month.  This place will kill you one way or another, it is only a matter of time.  How long is the question we all want to know.

The Forest is a place all should avoid.  Only death comes to those that enter it.  I've come to the Forest, entered and faced what lies behind its walls of trees.  I have become a part of the Forest as something humans should fear.  I am supposed to be dead; I should be dead, yet I live.

So what am I supposed to do when someone I used to know stumbles into this forbidden place?

Do I let the creatures kill him?  Do I myself slay him and let his blood taint the Forest's floor as many have before him?  Or do I show him how to leave?


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