Forest Bound

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My life was anything but perfect.  My family hates me, but they hide it.  My siblings want nothing to do with me and make it quite clear to anyone looking.  The village I live in fears me because I am different.  I'm marked.  Born with a mark unlike anything ever seen before, born with a mark that some say is tied to the Forest.  Others claim it is nothing more than a strange combination of genes.  But no one really knows what casued the mark to appear and they frankly don't care.

But for me, as much as I cherish the mark I proudly carry, it is the reason my life was tossed, torn and burnt to the ground.

Becasue of this mark, I was bound to end up in the Forest where I rightfully belonged, at least, that's what my parents told me



Prequel to The Forest



Forest Bound - Hoping to have this updated by the end of May.
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