Black Magic

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I was raised by someone my parents hired. 

I was taught things one would never dream of learning.

I've found someone who can see the real me, the part of me that just wants to be free.

Shrouded in mystery, I just want to know him more.

Just one day can change everything.

Just one day and I finally have what I've wanted for so long.



"You are standing at the center of my life"

"That's all I've ever wanted."






So I have decided to enter my first writing contest.  This one to be exact - Just One Day - Haruman WRITING CONTEST - so, this is my one-shot to submit for it.  

I've never tried writing a one-shot before, so this is an experiment I guess you could call it.  I hope you enjoy it.  As long as someone likes what I have to write I'll feel honored.  Enjoy!

Not sure how this is going to go, but I'll do my best.

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