Chapter 1

Fractured Gem
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  “Hurry up Tao or we are going to be late for class!”  My best friend Kris called me as the two of us ran towards the school entrance.  As usual the two of us had to sprint the last few blocks to make it to the school before the gates were closed and we would one be late and two have to climb over the walls to get it.   And while that seems like fun, it really isn’t.  It is a pain in the and everyone knows it.

  Seconds after we skidded though the school gate it closed behind us.  Kris and I were bent over and panting, one would think we would be in amazing shape from all that running we do in the morning.  Yeah . . . not so much.  Sure we are in decent physical shape but sprinting at eight twenty in the morning is not easy.  Don’t believe me, go try it yourself.  Go run as fast as you can seven blocks without stopping an hour after you wake up then tell me it’s easy.  Then again I still won’t believe you.

  “Seconds to spare as always you idiots.  Do you ever think of coming earlier.”  One of our close friends Xiumin nagged as he pushed off the wall just inside the school grounds.

  “Why would we do that?”  I said as I regained my breath, “It mean I have to spend more time with you.”

  “Yah!”  Xiumin growled as he wacked me upside my head.  “Watch your words, I’m not that bad to be around I’ll have you know.”

  “What ever you say Minnie.”  Kris mocked as he slung his arm around the shorter’s shoulders and starting moving him towards the main entrance.  Kris was the tallest in our group of friends and he used that fact quite often.

  I swear we are all his personal leaning polls since he never hesitated to lean on us if we are standing beside him.  His arm goes on his shoulder and we have to support his weight.  It’s a damn good thing we all have some crazy point in out attitudes and personalities or we would all bicker more than convers.

  “Where is Luhan, he usually hangs around the entrance with you?”  I ask him as he walked down the hallway towards our class.

  “Him and Lay are trying to print their assignments that they forget to finish the other day.  And I’m pretty sure Chen is on distraction duty today so we have time to make it to class.”  He replied as he wiggled his way out of under Kris’ arm and escaped from the danger zone around the taller.

  “Is he chatting up the teacher about the recent assignment due?”  Kris asked as he finally made it to the classroom.

  The two of us shrugged as we slipped into the classroom a few seconds after the morning bell blaring through the entire school.  The three of us took our seats at the back of the classroom leaving the three other open seats in front of us free for our friends.

  The class was still rowdy since there was no one to quite them done and make them sit still for the hours on end we were trapped in this prison adults call high school.  I sighed as I slumped on my chair, I do not like that I have to spend eight of my waking hours sitting in rather uncomfortable chairs listening to my teachers lecture on about things I can’t see myself using in the future.

  Only two years left and I will be free from this place.  But why does that seem so long?  Two years feels like eternity when you think of just how many days and hours you have to spend in a school.  But there isn’t much I can do about it.  For now I just have to live with the fact that summer brea

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