Chapter 4

Fractured Gem
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  “They are growing stronger by the day.  The more we try and fight the more they come at us with force.”  The West Gate Guardian exclaimed.

  The Counsel was summoned to meet today.  One Guardian from each Gate was gathered in the circular room.  I sat at the north point, each of the Guardians take up their spot at their respective points.  All the Counsel members are married, thus there are two Guardians per Gate so one was always left as protection.

  But I am alone.  Should I ever leave my Gate I have to close it.  Shut it down so no one can gain entrance or exit, but that causes some complications and no one but I knows the full extent of just what that does.  I need another Guardian with me, doing it alone just isn’t working.

  “We can’t just give up!”  East added.

  The set up for the counsel room was quite exquisite.  The four Gate Guardians represented the four cardinal directions and the ordinal directions were the oldest living Guardians for each Gate.  My Grandfather sat in his seat to my left, the northeastern direction.  And so our circle was made.

  “No one said anything about giving up.”  West added.

  “This is getting us no where!” Suho and Kai’s father exclaimed.  He sat straight across from me in the south seat.  “I have another matter I want to bring foreword.  My son, Kai, experiences times where his power to teleport does not function.  I would like this brought before the Counsel and an answer discovered.”

  I normally do not speak during meetings, my voice is never heard and my opinions never counted, even though I am the one with the most control.  North has always ruled over the Counsel, but seeing as I am only sixteen and female I get paid no heed other than knowing my place is taken.

  But in a time like this speak and being heard is necessary.  “If I might speak.”  I said when no one made any attempt to speak for a moment.

  “This matter shall be looked into right away.”  My grandfather said shooting me a look to stay silent.

  “Would you listen to me.”  I tried once again.  But this time Kai’s father had the audacity to tell me to remain silent and stay out of things that don’t concern me. 

  Now, hold on a second there.  I am the only one who knows what is wrong with Kai.  I am the one who technically holds power over the course of the Counsel and I am the one that you shouldn’t shut up.

  “No, all of you better zip it and listen to what I have to say!”  My voice boomed through the entire hall.  I have had enough of being looked down upon.  I am the North Guardian and as such I hold the highest position here and I best be treated as such.  All eyes were on me and none of them seemed pleased with my outburst.

  I didn’t let that stop me though.  No in the slightest.  “In case all of you have forgotten I’m going to enlighten you on Counsel etiquette.  I have remained silent for a month now, I have followed what you wanted for a month but enough is enough.  I am a Guardian, I hold the same rank as all of you, if not more.  I am North and as such this Counsel is under my rule above all else, or have to forgotten?”

  “Agate, stay silent.”  My grandfather hissed at me.

  “No.”  I hissed back.  “I am at the head of this counsel and I expect to be treated as such.  I have full control to bar the North gate from access to anyone should I so please to do so.  I can make sure Kai can never teleport again, so I suggest you listen to me and treat me as an equal.”

  I may only be sixteen, but I have had to mature so quickly in the span of only a few days.  I have had to take up a position that, in the state we are in now, is as good as signing the notice for my death.  Ever since my parents were killed a little over a month ago, things have started going to hell.

  Demons are coming after everyone in Chaos with full force.  I am alone in my attempts to keep the Demons from getting through the Gate between realms, but it is hard to do so alone.  The amount of blood on my hands is far greater than any of these Guardians can imagine.

  I’m tasked with the job to kill anyone who comes through the Gate without my explicit consent.  A war is brewing and I am at the front line, as soon as I am down the others will soon fall.  I need assistance guarding the North Gate and there is only one person with the proper training and skill to do that.

  “How dare you!  What are you doing!”  South roared.

  “You can’t do this to a Warrior, you know the rules as well as any of us Agate.”  East added.

  “You think I have a choice

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