Chapter 2

Three's A Crowd?



When I got home from the park, I walked straight to my room, not even hearing my mom ask me how my day was.


Thirty minutes, before Andy gets here. I can feel myself getting more nervous by every second. What am I suppose to say to him? How does someone even start out a conversation like this one? Everything that I am coming up with just sounds crazy or erted.


‘Hey Andy, want to date me.. and Junjin.. at the same time?’ Too weird


‘So Andy, do you find me and Junjin y because we want you to join us in our ual relationship’ Sound crazy.


‘What’s up dude? How do you feel about three ways?’ And here comes the erted one.


Ugh! I ! This is going to be so awkward!


I start pacing through my room and look down at my phone. Ten more minutes. Come on! Stupid slow time! Don’t you realize that I have something important to do?


Eight minutes. Just as I am about to throw every clock I have in my room out of the window, I hear the doorbell ring. Thank god for anxious people who show up early.


“I GOT IT” I yell and run for the door, throwing it open.


“An- oh, it’s you, Dad” I growl at the person standing in front of me.


I turn around and head back to my room. Five more minutes. I sit on the end of my bed and stare at the time on my phone. Four more minutes. This is like watching water boil. Three more minutes. I close  my eyes for a while. Hoping the time will fly faster. Then, I open my eyes. One more minute. Almost here.. almost here.. almost here.. Zero minute left. Yeah, finally!


I lift my head up, pointing my ear in the direction of the front door, waiting for the doorbell to ring. Nothing. What the hell? It’s been an hour! He said he would be here in an hour. I change my mind. I’m not going to ask him anymore. What kind of person thinks they can make someone wait around for them forever?! FOREVER! I CAN FEEL MYSELF STARTING TO GROW OLD HERE!


The doorbell ringing interrupts my mental rant and I once again run to the front door and throw it open.


“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! YOU SAID AN HOUR! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?! HUH? ANSWER ME?” I finish yelling and finaly look up to see a very shocked mailman.


“Um.. package?” He says holding up a large white box.


I snatch it out of his hand and give him the evil eye that has him backing up all the way down the driveway. I’m just about to shut door when I see Andy standing over the side giving me a crazy look.


“Eric, you okay?” he asked cautiously. Where did he come from?


“You were hiding behind the mailman!” I say pointing an accusing finger to his face.


“Also known as being a nice person and letting him go first” Andy said. I roll my eyes at him and grab his arm, pulling him all the way to my room.


“Do you have to be so rough?” Andy asked. I just ignored him.


“You know, I just late 5 minutes, and you are already yelling like a mad old woman. And not to me but to the poor mailman. What he did to you to receive that ‘greeting’ from you” Andy said while laughing.


I tried to stay serious but then remember what I’ve just did, which is I find it funny too, cant help but to laugh along with Andy.


We’re down on the floor at my room, holding our stomach and trying not to cry from all the laughing.


After a few minutes, our laugh calms down and we lay next to each other on the floor, breathing hard.


“So, what is the important personal thing you need to do?” I freeze up when I hear him ask me. I still have no clue on what to say.


“Well. Its not like something that you have to do right now, its more of something that will be drawn out for a long or perhaps short period of time depending in how the, hmm, chemistry is.”


“Chemistry? I thought you said this wasn’t about homework? I already told you to do your homework on your own. And how is that even personal? Nothing about Chemistry is personal. It’s boring and whoever invented it obviously had nothing better to do” I lay there, staring at him with a dumbfounded look on my face. Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Who am I kidding, that even confused me.


“Yah, I’m not talking about homework, babo ah”


“Oh, well then, what are you talking about?”


“Threesomes?” I said hesitatingly and earned a confused look from him.


I groan and turn over on my stomach, laying my head on top of my arms. “ This is so hard. I’m going to kill you, Park Choong Jae!” I mumbled to myself.


“Junjin? What about him? Ahh, I’m getting really confused right now” Of course you are.


“You’re BI, right?” I ask him


“Yeah” Andy replied


“So, you find guys attractive. You wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with them, right?”


“Yes. That what this is all about? Did you find someone you wanted to hook me up with?” He says excitedly. Yeah, I did. Me and my boyfriend. I can’t say that. He will probably run out of the house screaming in his haste to get away from the crazy guy. The crazy guy, of course it’s me. I must be crazy enough to accept my crazy boyfriend with his crazy idea.


“Hmm kinda”


“Who? What’s his name? Do I know him? Do we go to school with him? Is he cute?” I have to cover his mouth with my hand to stop the ‘question attack’.


“Do you think I’m cute?” I ask him and slowly remove my hand to hear his answer.




“Then yes, he is cute” I said feeling a little proud. Of course I’m cute. No one can resist that.


“So, he looks like you then?” I roll my eyes at him. Really? Either he cant take a hint or I at giving them.


“Yeah. He looks like me. He is me” I say looking directly into his eyes. No way he will not be able to figure it now.


“So, what are you saying? You have a gay twin that I didn’t know about?" He starts laughing again and shaking his head.


SERIOUSLY?! GAY TWIN?! Oh my god! What’s wrong with this guy? I outright said it was me.


I growl in frustration and climb on top of him, “Listen carefully. I have no twin. I am talking about me. ME! I want you to be with me” He frozen, not even breathing. I think it is easy to say that I have officially put him into an intense shock.


After another few minutes of silence, I get off of him with a sigh, “ You really need to say something. I’m not a mind reader. What are you thinking?” God, I sound like a girl!


“When did you and Junjin break up?” Great, the second awkward part, here I come.


“We didn’t”


Andy looks confused before realization comes to him. “I get it now. This was a joke. Someone told you that I had a crush on you, right? Who told you? Was it Jisung? It had to be him. That bastard! I told him not to say anything”


Now, I’m the one who frozen. Andy has a crush on me? Since when?


“You like me? This should make your decision easier then” I tell him with a grin


“What decision?” He asked innocently


“About being with me! Duh. I’m sure I have said that many, many times now” I replied, starting to feel annoyed.


“I thought you were joking. You said you and Junjin still together”


“Do you not get it? Yes, we are still together. We are not going to break up,  but we do want you to, hmm, join us? Yeah, join our relationship. You know like instead of only boyxboy it will be now boyxboyxboy. Sounds great right?” I explained to him. Then, I see his mouth drop open and his eyes go wide. Huh, that was my expression when Junjin first mention it to me.


“ Are you being serious?” he asks in an unsure voice.


“Yep, so what do you say?" Please say something, so we can be done with this bizarre talk!


“ I don’t know what to say” Andy looks down at hands and it looks like he trying to figure this all out in his head.


He waits a moment, biting down on his lip, before replying, “Yes.” He said softly.




“…Yeah” he whisper.


I can’t believe he agreed. I’m not sure how I should react. I only prepared myself for the rejection that I thought was coming. I never imagined that he would be willing. Am I happy? Yes, I think I am.




I dont even know why I make Eric to be this way. Haha XD. I tried to make Eric's character a little different anyway. So what do you think? feel free to comment :D

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