One Minute


What would you do if you had one minute to tell your best friend that you loved him? Sixty seconds to pour your heart out? A fraction of time to tell the whole truth - and know he wouldn"t be able to judge you?


Hi, ricjindy here XD. Okay, hmm I decided to make this one shot fic for Jindy shipper. Just a random one.


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Chapter 1: OMG I loved it, but who's the voice!? D: I wanna know author-nim. XD
Chapter 1: Aww this is so cute :D
Sorry, I've been too busy to comment lately :P
But this was a really nice little fic, I really liked the idea
And you executed it well
Chapter 1: this is nice :)
Chapter 1: thank you for feeding me with jindy feels... really thank you!^^♡ my heart is so happy kyaaaaaa!♡♡♡♡♡♡
sue_erin #5
Chapter 1: so sweet..^_^
Channies #6
omg how awesome is that
Chapter 1: I love the part: "Jin ah, look at me" ~ Andy taking control, ordering him, I love it! It so intense! (≧ω≦)
The whole fic was really.. imaginary and creative; very fictional, in a good way of course. ❤
I think It's awesome you didn't reveal who's the person directly at first and let us find out while going through the plot ^^
In addition, the idea of the voice in Junjin's head, actually, it made me think~ if I had that one last minute to confess what would I choose?'s gives me a feeling of distress and I just feel pressured…will I regret not confessing later?... Anyways~ making a reader think is a great achievement, kudos Fada-ssi! (>‿◠)