Three's A Crowd?


Junjin and Eric have been together for years, just the two of them...that is until they decided to add Eric's best friend, Andy into their relationship.


Can they really love each other equally or will one like another just a little bit more?


I really want to write about this three sooo bad. My first try is a fail. I even delete that story. So, here my second attempt. Give your support guys :D


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Please tell me that u'll update this beautiful gem of a fic? Cz id be reaaaaaally happy if u do so. This is my fifth time reading this fic n i can still squeal cz it's JINRIC OH MY GOD!!! Im so in love with the idea of him being ed by Jin cz damn, the amount of dominant eric is too damn much. N THE IMAGE OF HIM WRITHING UNDERNEATH JIN IS AAAAAAAAAGGGHHH *dies* n jin's carefree attitude is so y here, tho in my jinnie biased eyes, he's alwys y...
So, yeah, thx for writing this fic
Chapter 5: AWWW THIS IS A FIRST! 3 PERSON DATING EACH OTHER! But it turned out to be awesome! I like it
Chapter 5: By that you are cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the idea !!!!!!!! Updated please!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XDX
Chapter 5: Yes yes yes yes!!! Freaking hell yes please film them!!!! Oh my God!! The kiss in the cafeteria though!!!! God the way he kissed Andy I wAs already gone and hot but then Jinnie joined in and started like that and I just died and begged for them to go on...
And then God just the tickling and... Andy is so into it already! And Eric likes the idea of being center huh?... I'll still wish for Jinnie to be ed.... I love him as a bottom... But wow Andy in the classroom so cocky sayig that whole boyfriend on his knees thing... Wow Andy is... So much cooler than I thought! But please oh god please not chapter and soon and filmed!!! I really really need it filmed!! I missed this story so ing much!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 5: Yah!! What are you doing in the middle of school!!!>///< *hides face and scroll*
And why is every one so nosy about their relationship lol
Hwangbo being loud...sorry I can only hear a sorethroat
kpoppandachan #6
Chapter 5: Are you kidding me? This story is fantastic, not anywhere near being terrible or boring!!! ^o^ Do you know how long I've been anticipating another chapter? Aloooooooooot!!!!! That's shows how much I love your story (I think, if not than I guess it just shows how crazy I am :p)!! XD
luvlybum #7
Chapter 5: thank u for the update... really love it ^^
Chapter 5: woohoo updated!!!
can't wait for more hot steamy date of the three guys xD
that scene in the hall way was awesome, like they were in their own world :)
Chapter 4: Erm, tbh me don't really ship Junjin and Eric... I find it weird.. xD Totally new thing for me :3

Erm eonni, can you plis make both Junjin and Eric jealous? Like someone (a guy) confessing or hugging or do whatever to Andy? It'll be so cute! Hellyeah!
kpoppandachan #10
Chapter 4: Is his dad some idiot that hate gays? Because if he is, I already want to kick his -_- Gah Eric's and Junjin's actions to Andy was so cute!!! XD