Chapter 1

Three's A Crowd?







“Come on, please”




“But why? Give me two good reason. Why you don’t even want to try?”


“For one, it’s weird and for another it’s…WEIRD!”


“You might like it”


“I doubt it”


“Just think about it, okay? Don’t just say no. I’ll even let you pick who it will be. I need to go, my mom wants me to watch my sister tonight. Again, think about it.”


Junjin gave me a quick kiss and I watched him run down the road from my spot on the park bench. I can’t believe the conversation we just had. How could he think I would go along with that crazy plan? Sometimes I really think that he was dropped on his head or something in that general range. He is always coming up with crazy plans, but this one, well it just beats all the rest by far.


I really shouldn’t be surprised. He’s always doing this. And I’m always following along like some lovesick boy. Not this time though. I might have gone along with the time he convinced me it would be ‘fun’ to steal my mom’s credit card and call the ‘phone ’ number but forgot to mention that I should hide the phone bill, or that time he thought it would be ‘cool’ to run through this very park, , in the middle of the day. That resulted in a few scared kids screaming for their mommy and a not so nice police officer escorting us home.


I groan and put my head in my hands. I can’t say yes to him. Everything about his so called ‘greatest idea in the world’ is going to be bad. Very bad. There is no way this will work. Somebody is going to get hurt. It will probably be me that will be the one to have heart broken. I mean, am I not good enough for him? Is he bored with me now? Is that why he wants to do this?


I groan again at all the questions running through my head. Now that I am actually thinking about why he would ask me to do…that… I’m starting to feel the confidence in myself doing a huge dive into the ground below me.


I grab my phone out of the back pocket of my jeans and scroll through my contacts until I find Junjin’s number and hit the call button.


It rings a few times before I hear someone answer. I don’t even give him time to utter a hello before I start shouting the question that have been haunting me.


“Did you really think that I would say yes? Why would I? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not cute enough? Smart enough? Do I bore you now? TELL ME! Why don’t you want me anymore?” I stop yelling, taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly, waiting for Junjin to answer me.


The phone stayed silent for a few minutes. I was just about to end the call, thinking Junjin had hung up on me before I heard his whispered reply.


“I’m sorry”. He paused for a second before continuing. “I didn’t think you would start questioning my feelings about you. You are smart and y. There is nothing wrong with you and I will always want you. Always love you. You know I do”


“Then why?” I asked him feeling a little desperate.


“I just thought it would be something new and exciting. Not that its not exciting with you but just something new for both of us. We’re young, Eric. We should be experiencing new things. I wouldn’t do this without you. If you say no, then I won’t bring it up again. Just remember one thing that once it’s over, it will still be just me and you. Forever”


I can feel my defense weakening with every word his said. Am I really considering this? Nah, I just can’t.


“I get to pick?” I asked him.




“And you will be happy with whoever it is?”


“Of course”


“I say when it ends”


“Are you saying yes?” Junjin asked me excitedly.


“YES” I yell into the phone then quickly push the end button. What have I just done? This is crazy! I didn’t just do that. Somebody made me.. yeah, some invisible person with super powers invaded my body and made me agree to my boyfriend crazy plan. Yep, that sounds believable.


I roll my eyes at myself and lay down on the bench. Now I have to figure out who to ask. It has to be somebody that I can trust. Someone who would be crazy enough to agree to it. Someone who is not cuter then me.


I scroll through the contacts of my phone once again reading the names of my friends.


Shorry? Too short


Taeho? Too tall


Jisung? Nope


Aaron? God, no! Eww, why is his number even in my phone?


Harry? Too hairy.


Okay now I’m just going to make things up. There has to got to be one person that would be good enough..


Andy? Andy? Andy? ANDY! This could work. He was just telling me the other week that he think he might be BI. This could be perfect. He’s fairly cute. Very adorable in that puppy kind of way. His skinny body makes him look almost fragile. He’s sweet, a little shy but I can work with that.


As I think more and more about Andy. I can feel a smile come to my face. This might not be so bad after all.


I hit call button again and wait for Andy to answer.


“Hello” A quite sweet voice answer the phone.


“Hey, Andy” I said happily.


“Eric, for the last time, I will not do your homework!” I laugh at this. So, I might have asked or perhaps begged him to do my math homework a few time in the past.


“Haha, you’re so funny, but seriously, I have something important to talk to you about. More like something that I want to ask you to do. Not my homework. Something, uh, more personal” I trail off.


“Personal? Like what?”


“Not something I want to talk to you over the phone. Come to my house later?”


“Sure I guess. I’ll be there in an hour”


“Great, see you then”


I hang up and stare at the sky, thinking that there is really only one reason why he wouldn’t be a good choice. He’s my best friend.




Okay, the first chapter here. KInd of short, i know. And seriously to make ricjin as a couple is hmm awkward for me. haha XD, don't you think so?

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