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Hi! Nice to meet you! :)

About Me

Fandoms: Inspirit (Infinite), Starlight (VIXX), A+ (MBLAQ), Exotic (Exo), Perfection (100%),ToppKlass (Topp Dogg), and Elf (Super Junior)

Sometimes: Shawol (Shinee) and Baby (B.A.P.)

Groups I have recently gotten into: Bts and Got7

Pairings:Myungjong,Jongkey, Hanhun, Taoris, Joomi, Hyukbin, Minkyu and Banglo.

For 100%, I do have a pairing as well, but it's not as popular right now and I sadly don't know the pairing name for them yet (Jongwan x Hyukjin)

I love , so if there are any good fanfictions that anyone would like to reccomend for any of the pairings that I have listed than please do so on my wall or private message ^-^