Second Chance


32 years old, Andy Lee is a successful Landscape designer who manage to score a high paying job at a Five Star Hotel on Jeju Island. However, there is a catch. He has to work with his ex-fiance, Eric Mun - whom he left at the altar six years ago!


Ricdy is my ultimate couple before Jindy. This couple is not geting much attention and love from this site. So, I decided to make one for them. Hope you enjoy this fic. And sorry for my grammar mistakes. I'm a new writer here, please be nice to me ^^ 

Lastly, I want to thank -Secret Letters- for making this beautiful poster :D


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Chapter 1: Found this story a week ago or so I think. Can't stop reading it cause it's really good
rinakkuma #2
Chapter 10: Happy ending~
poojitaj #3
Chapter 10: Wow a real good one
poojitaj #4
Ricky and ricwan has always been my favorite couples amongst all other pairings in shinhwa
scrippsydoodle #5
Chapter 10: omg i love every chapter of this story!!! i actually have a test to study for but i just can't stop reading hihi #wherearemypriorities
i love the ending, a happy ending for the love birds~~
i wish there are more ricdy fics out there ;A;
JisuJisu #6
Chapter 10: Stubborn eric and low self esteem andy = perfect ~

Im so happy for the happy ending !!
Andy is so cute here and yassss andy slapped that ~ go baby boy !
maysquidz #7
Chapter 10: Lastly, Happy ending~ so sweet
Eric really love little Andy~ and Andy is really love Eric hyung too.
I love this fic and this pairing (Leader-Maknae<3)
I'll be waiting for your fic>~<!
maysquidz #8
Chapter 7: So sweet and hot M rated-chapter T///////T
I like it!><~
maysquidz #9
Chapter 6: Heartbreaking! T_____T This chapter can make me have tears TT
Lastly,both of them are understand each other~
So sweetttttt ><
maysquidz #10
Chapter 1: I think he is Eric~ so excited!