Chapter 3

Three's A Crowd?



“So, we’re boyfriends now?” He asks me again. I don’t know for how many times he asked me now.


“Yep” I reply shortly.


I look over at Andy and see him nervously biting his lip and shaking his leg up and down. It’s actually kind of cute and I can’t help but to smile. “You know, no matter how many times you ask me, the answer is not going to change”


He laughs a little before looking over at me from his position on the side of my bed. “I can’t help it. It’s just so weird. I don’t know how to act around you now” He confesses.


I sigh and get up from the floor to sit next to him, laying my hand softly on his leg. “Well, just act like you would with any other boyfriend”


“I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” I have to bite down on my cheek to keep from letting an ‘awww’ come put. He is just too adorable right now.


“Okay, then act like you would when you had girlfriend”


“So you want me to tell you a bunch of lies to get you in bed then leave you once I have gotten what I wanted?” He say with a glint in his eyes.


My mouth drops open and I try to think what to say about that. Did I seriously just pick a player to be my second boyfriend? I start to look around my room, not wanting to meet his eyes.


“Uh..” yep, I still speechless


Andy starts laughing and pointing at me. “You should see your face right now”


I turn my head back towards him and I give him a ‘what the hell’ look that has him laughing harder. “Am I missing something here? What is so funny about you confessing that you’re nothing but a player?”


“ I was kidding! Come on. I’m your best friend. You should know I’m not like that” He shakes his head a bit and gives me a smirk.


I blush a little, “Oh right.” I mumble. “Sorry I called you a dirty nasty player”


“You didn’t say dirty and nasty” Andy said,


“I censored it before letting it come out from mouth” He laughs and shoves me in the arm, making me topple of the bed. Jeez, where did that strength come from? I grab his hand and yank him down to the floor, jumping on top of him. I pin his arms down and am about to yell in victory before Andy does some kind of freaky ninja move and I find myself now pinned under him.


“Fine, you win” I say between breaths.


“You know I kinda like this position” He whisper while leaning forward slightly. His lip just a few inches from mine.


I swallow nervously. Am I really going to kiss my best friend? Well, he is my boyfriend now and there will be kissing and other stuff. I should just start getting used to it now. Yeah, I should definitely get used to it now.


I take a deep breath in and close the rest of the distance, pushing my lips onto his gently. His lips feel soft against mine. I feel like I don’t have to rush with Andy, but am able to take my time and explore. I open my eyes slightly and see Andy with his eyes closed tightly and trying to decide if he should put his hand on my cheek. I watch him move his hand towards me and hover an inch from my cheek before he jerks it back then trying again.


I try not to. I really try not to, but unfortunately I fail and start laughing like a fool. I couldn’t help it. He looked too cute. I’m sure he would laughed at me if the position had been changed.


“Is kissing me that bad?” Andy asks looking offended.


I try to reassure him that the kiss was great but every time I opened my mouth, I would laugh all over again. I lay down on my bed and bury my head into the pillow, trying to muffle the sound.


After a few minutes, I am finally able to calm down enough to explain myself to him. I glance next to me and don’t see Andy sitting there anymore. I sit up and look around but he isn’t in the room at all anymore. He laughed at me when I thought he was a dirty nasty player, but he gets mad when I laugh at him? Okay, I guess it’s not the same but still he should know I would never purposefully upset him like that.


Aw, dammit! I guess I have to go find him now.


I get up and run past my parents, stopping short when I see the two cuddle up on the couch in an intense make out session. What the hell?! That’s probably going to do some serious damage to my sleep tonight. I think and shake my head, trying to remove the image.


“Please, go to your room!” I yell to them as I start running towards the door again. I get outside and look up and down my street looking for any sign of where Andy might have gone. I sigh deeply when I don’t see him and start walking towards one end of deserted street. When I make it to the end, I turn the corner and keep walking in a random direction.


Okay, if I was an adorable bi boy, where would I be? I think to myself as I continue to look up and down the road. I spend the next five minutes continuously looking in every possible spot with no luck. I’m just about to resort to looking under cars and behind bushes when I am suddenly tackled to the ground.


“STRANGER! STRANGER DANGER! HELP ME!” I scream at the top of my lungs and start to struggle to free myself.


“Eric, shut up! It’s me” I stop screaming when a hand is thrown over my mouth and I look up to see Junjin on top of me.


I grab Junjin’s hand and sling it off of my mouth, “ What are you doing? You don’t sneak up on people like that!” I yell and poke him in the chest with every word.


“I was just trying to surprise you” he said, grabs my hand in his again, holding it away from his body.


“Surprise me? You can just jump out and say surprise. You dint tackle somebody to the dirty ground. I thought some freak was about to make me his little play thing”


“You can be my play thing” he says suggestively, throwing me a wink in which I roll my eyes at.


“No thanks. I am looking for Andy” I just realize that I haven’t told Junjin who will be our new boyfriend. Wow, that still sounds weird, OUR boyfriend.


“I’ll help you look” I smile at him gratefully when he offers me his hand, pulling me up. We walk side by side for a few silent minutes.


“So have you decided who it will be?” Junjin asks casually but I can see the nerves as he glances at me, bitting the inside of his cheek.


I hesitate before answering him. I hope he will be okay with my decision. I mean he should, he is the one that told me to pick whoever I wanted,


I take a deep breath before answering. “Well..I choose..Andy” I look quickly at him to see what his reaction will be. Definite shock and something else. Anger?


“Why are you mad?” I ask him


“I’m not” he says tried to denied it.


“Okay, sure your not” I say sarcastically.

He ignores me and we continue to walk awhile before the awkward silence starts to drive me crazy.


“Tell me why you mad at me!” I grab his arm, turning him towards me and demand.


He pulls his arm out of my grasp and runs his hand through his hair, “Why did you pick him?” Junjin ask me.


“I thought you will like him?”


“I do but I also know that he had a crush on you for a long time now” Did everyone know that he liked me, except me? I still don’t believe it.


I look at him, “Doesn’t that make it better, though? That’s the type of person we wanted, right? I mean I guess I could of picked, ugh, Aaron?” I say the last line in disgust.


“I would have broken up with you if you had picked him, the guy that hasn’t changed his socks for months” Junjin says with a laugh. My body shutters as I remember the smell in gym class today, all the sweat mixed with his dirty socks.. never again will I stand behind him while doing pushups, my precious nose an inch from those…feet.


“Anyway, you don’t want me to choose someone else do you?” I silently plead with my eyes, not wanting to have to give Andy up. I’m already attached. Whoa, we’ve only had one short kiss, how do I feel so strongly about him already?


He stares at me for awhile before finally sighing and shaking his head. “No, Andy will be fine”


I grin and wrap my arms around him, giving him a tight hug. “Yay! Don’t worry this will be great” I tell him, enthusiastically.


“Just do me one favour” He asks before I can pull out of the hug.




“Don’t fall in love with him and leave me” I smile softly and lay my hand on his cheek, giving him a soft kiss.


“Just you and me, forever” I whisper against his lips. As I look into Junjin’s eyes, I feel as nothing else exists, just us and our love for each other. The world disappears. I forget all about Andy and why we are out here. It’s just me and him.


“Is that Andy over there?” And the moment is ruined.


I look at the direction Junjin is pointing to and see Andy sitting on the same bench that I was when I first called him. His head is bent down, staring at the ground and it looks like he is mumbling something to himself. He looks really sad. Did my laugh, cause this?


I turn back to Junjin and quickly explain the reason why I have been for Andy. He looks slightly jealous when I finish.


“So, I should probably go talk to him alone at first” Junjin agrees and I walk slowly to where Andy is sitting. Seeing him like that make me feel so guilty. Then, I sit next to him.


“Hey” I said, he doesn’t say anything but glances out of the corner of his eye at me.


“I’m sorry, Andy”


“For what?”


“For laughing at the wrong time” He snorts and rolls his eyes.


“Did you come here to tell me you didn’t want me anymore?” I’m shocked at his question. What is he talking about?


Andy shakes his head after I don’t say anything and gets up, walking towards his house. Really. This boy seriously needs to stop running away. I cant spend all of my time chasing him.


“Andy ah. Please stop” He listens but doesn’t turn around.


“What do you want now? Haven’t you said enough?” What? I haven’t said anything!


I groan when he still doesn’t face me. “I wasn’t laughing at the kiss. In fact, the kiss was pretty hot, but if you didn’t think so…” I trail off, knowing he liked it as much as I did.


I hold in a smirk when he finally turns around and walks back over, sitting next to me. “I did” he says shyly.


“Really? Then why the hell am I chasing you all over the neighborhood? We should be letting out lips get to know each other better.” I wink making him blush. Wow, this is going to be so different. When I with Junjin, I am always the…girly one. But with Andy, maybe I could try out my dominant side. I get excited as I think about this, This is really going to be better than what I had first anticipated.


I wave to Junjin and admire his body as I watch him walking over. He grabs my hands and pulls me up off the bench, sits down and pulls me onto his lap.


We all stare at each other in an awkward silence. Andy is staring at Junjin with a nervous look on his cute face. Junjin is looking at Andy with one eyebrow raised in amusement. I roll my eyes at the both of them. Great, guess its up to me to get us past the awkwardness.


“Do something to make him more relaxed” I whisper in Junjin’s ear.


He thinks for a minute before reaching over Andy’s neck, pulling him closer and touching their lips together. I watch them not really knowing how I am feeling. Jealousy, sure there is definitely some of that.


Andy wraps his arms around Junjin’s neck and opens his mouth slightly. And of course, Junjin is being Junjin is more than happy to deepen the kiss, rubbing his tongue against Andy’s.


I cross my arms and pout a little. Well, Andy sure looks relaxed now. I didn’t go that far with him. I don’t know why but really I want to hit Junjin right now. Maybe because its just wrong to see the guy you love kissing someone else or maybe it’s because I’m feeling left out.


“I’m still here, you know” They continue to kiss, as if they didn’t hear me.


“Oh my god Andy, your mom is watching you!” Andy breaks the kiss immediately and looking around frantically.


I laugh a little and position myself in between the two. Yes, this is better, I think with a grin.


“Was someone getting jealous here?” Junjin asks with a smirk.


“Huh? Of course not. I was just bored” You think I am going to admit that.


“I have a question” We turn to Andy and wait for him to continue. “How are we going to act in school tomorrow?”


I think about it for a minute. How are we suppose to act? I didn’t plan this far ahead actually and by the thoughtful look on Junjin’s face, neither did he.


“We’re just going to act like the any other couple. So, what I am trying to say are, just screw everyone else and what they might think.” Junjin says.


“Yeah, screw them!” I jump back into Junjin’s lap, giving him a hard kiss.





Actually I don't know how to end this chapter. Hehe. So, the ending is a little weird, i guess. Anyway. enjoy guys :D

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