Episode 2

The Day I Lost my Visuals

Myungsoo sat on the black leather seat, it was a spinning seat (the best kind) while unfolding the now organized stack of audition papers.

"Whose first?" he said turning toward a man waiting by the studio. It was the man from before who was waiting eagerly to pick up anyone auditioning.

"The first is a twenty-two year old male student from Busan" he said as the man came into the studio. A black screen blocked in between both sides.

"Busan? Quite far for a student" Myungsoo said reading the mans audition paper.

"Mr. Kim, you should also know that the people cannot see you nor me...we can only see them"

"Thank you" he said turning back toward the panel in front of him. Searching across the numerous buttons, he spotted a bright red one that was to record. Then he pressed a semi-large black button right next to the record button.

"Hello Mr....Mr. Yoon is it?" he asked into the microphone. The clueless Busan student stuttered while trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.

"Ah- hello, my name is Yoon Ji won" he bowed polietly waiting for an order.

Myungsoo smiled. "He seems promising, very good-looking, but of courses not as good looking as me" he said to himself.

"Very well Mr. Yoon, lets begin the auditions you may begin..."


Jimin sat on a long row of chairs, there had to be about a hundred or so on the same floor. Many people had shown up today for these auditions, it suprsied her how many were only there to see if a celebrity would walk by. She played with her fingers trying to collect herself. Of course she was nervous, who wouldn't be...and the fact that she traveled this far to reach her only chance of making her dreams come true made her feel better. On the side of her she had a case, a guitar case, and in the other was a mysterious shaped instrument, she supposed she wouldn't need to use it. 

"Are you ready?" she heard one of the girls say to her friend. She guest that they were auditioning together as friends.

"Yes, but I'm extra nervous since I heard that Kim Myungsoo was holding this years auditions" the friend replied holding her inner fangirl screams.

"Eh? Kim Myungsoo?"

"Neh neh- he is the prodigy, the one and only whose father runs multiple buisnesses and companies across Seoul!"

"Chincha? Some rich kid you got there"

"Ani- he is not only rich, but Kim Myungsoo is also very handsome"

"EH? Really?"

"Yes yes, he is my wallpaper as we speak" the girl said pulling out her phone showing the simple portrait picture.

"Hmmm...say he is good-looking, does he have a girlfriend?"

"Some say he does..."

Jimin was shaking by the feet, she didn't know what to do...she was next in line by the time 5 minutes were up.

"Park Jimin?" they announced as she grew chicken skin across her body. "Eh I'm Park Jimin" she said standing straight up.

Everything was cramming into her mind every step into the new room. She was walking down an on going hallway only to stop in front of a final room.

"Please wait in here" the man instructed.

"Thank you" she said before he closed the door.

She searched the room hopelessly. Jimin couldn't see anything, just a black dark wall in front of her. She felt like a goldfish, unaware of what was happening or going on.


Myungsoo watched as the women walked in, she was wearing casual clothing and carrying a guitar on her side. Her body was petite and short as she approuched the microphone. His eyes widened as he had recognized the familiar face.

"Mr. Kim?" his assistant asked waiting for him to reply. Myungsoo shook it off and turned to face his assistant. 

"Who is that girl?" he asked pointing against the screen. "I believe she is a high school teenager, just graduated...maybe around your age"

Myungsoo inspected her carefully then hit the record button. "Please state your name, age, where you are from, and what your talent is". The girl reacted as if she was startled by the speakers. She couldn't see who was speaking toward her at all.

"My name...is Park Jimin, I am 18 years old from a town near the edge of Busan" she said nervously while playing with her fingers.

Myungsoo turned toward the assistant. "So she is from Busan as well?"

"Ani- from a town not too far off the entrance of Busan. She doesn't have a dialect" the assistant nodded.

"I see...what will you be performing for this audition" he asked into the microphone. She hesitated for a moment but then came upon her guitar. "I will be playing an original song I composed...it's about my mother..." she was caught in her own words as she tried to find what to say. "...it's about longing for someone you cared about...someone whose moved on..." she trailed off.

Myungsoo bit his lower lip thinking about her meaning. He then tried to think where and how Ji eun was...

"Carry on, lets hear it..." he said while resting his back against the chair.

Jimin stood tall with her guitar against her chest. She tuned the guitar extra tight that morning and hoped it wouldn't snap. Gripping the neck of the guitar she strummed the first chord slowly out. Continuously she played until she couldn't anymore.

"Do you think that I couldn't say those things to you? When you left me all alone in bitter night? Did you breathe these open wings and rest the words I said to you, did you even have the will to carry on?..." she sang. Everything was silent excpet the light luminating her music.

"And-even though your gone, and the seasons never change. How could I just let you go~ Why do we do these simple things, why can't you just return to me, why does this always feel the same now, when everything has change..." she continued to strum faster along with the beat and finally ended staring at the black screen. She waited for the mysterious voice to speak back to her.

Myungsoo swallowed deeply then blinked as she finished. He couldn't shake the feelings of the lyrics as he thought of Ji eun. She couldn't have done that much wrong could she? He thought helplessly.

He smiled then pressed the button to speak. "Miss Park, I have a deal to make with you..."

"Eh?" she said suprised.

"I'll give you a call back maybe in a few days...if we call you you're in, if not, thanks for trying out" he smirked.

"...Th-thank you" she said bowing and exiting.


"Aish what a long day at work" Myungsoo complained when the audition finally came to an end.

"It wasn't that bad..." his assistant spoke up shyly. "Are you kidding? Did you see that girl with the weird talent of playing a piano with her tongue?!" Myungsoo spat out almost laughing. "I guess that was pretty weird" his assistant managed.

"Well I'm off now" Myungsoo said while heading down the corner of the street. "Eh? Where to Mr. Kim?"

"I have to meet up with my friend" he said before running acorss the street.


"And she played a piano with her tongue?!" Sungyeol shouted as they both laughed in the resteraunt.

"Yeah, there was also some guys that were dancing and singing for me, they weren't as good as Sunggyu hyung though..."

"Wow Sunggyu hyung? I miss that old guy" Sungyeol joked while pouring himself a glass of alcohol.

"Haven't seen him since he got famous..." Myungsoo added.

"After his scandal with numerous women that is" Sungyeol laughed. "I'm sure he hasn't lost his talent in singing"

"There was one girl however amoungst all the others that shined..." he said taking another shot.

Sungyeol swallowed his drink down then slowly put the glass against the counter. "A...girl?"

"Neh- she was around my age...she's a music composer...she wrote a song about her mother and it reminded me about my relationship...my marriage" he continued.

"Things aren't getting better?" he asked shrugging.

"It hasn't...sometimes I wonder if being engaged to someone is a good thing" he hesitated hitting his glass.

"Well no matter man, I support you" Sungyeol said giving him a light punch to the shoulder. "Thanks man"

"Well anyways I gotta get home now dude, Taetiseo is going to be on running man and I don't want other men partnering with my Kim Taeyeon!" he announced while quickly pulling out his share in payment before heading out.

"Alright, take a taxi, you're drunk as hell" Myungsoo laughed. Sungyeol winked and ran out the door. "Aish that little-" he took another sip of his drink and leaned back. From the corner of his eye he saw a women leaning against the bar. She had seemed as if she was there for the longest time. Her hair was dark and reached her lower back. Her dress was cut short and was a shade of crimson. It matched her lipstick which was plummed and thin. He had also noticed a pendant on her necklace just above her collar bone. It was a silver circle, two to be exact, they overlaped eachother. Once he set his drink down he sat up heading in her direction, as he approuched he gave slight glances to her until she caught him staring.

"Hey" she finally spoke up. Her tone was even, refined, and elegant. "What's your name?" she asked leaning against the bar. It was only the two of them left in the resterant.

"Kim Myungsoo..."

"You seem like the type that all women like" she smiled. "Are you a wealthy men, or do they like you for your charm?"

He didn't want to answer this strange yet beautiful women who was asking him questions that were oddly personal.

"I can't say, maybe a little of both". She looked bored and somewhat tired of the conversation already. "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked slowly batting her eyelashes. He looked down at his feet and then back up to her. Certainly he wasn't in a relationship now. His fiance herself was cheating on him, why couldn't he do the same?

"Not at the moment...I am going through a difficult relationship though..."

"Would you want to tell me about it?" she smirked.

"No thanks..." he said heading to the door. She stopped him from exiting as he turned back to her. She waited with a smirk only the devil could give.

"I'm not looking for a settle down relationship...maybe just a one night stand"

Myungsoo laughed to himself. "You're real desperate...is it because of how handsome I am?" he teased.

"In fact, yes" she smiled raising an eyebrow.


It was morning and the light shined through the room slightly. Nothing made a sound except the birds that were leaning against the trees outside. Myungsoo lifted his head up from his white sheets and scratched the back of his neck. He hadn't remembered what happened that night as he sat up. Slowly he got off the bed and headed toward the bathroom. Clicking on the bathroom light he began washing his face with the cold sink water. Finally he lifted his face staring at the person in front of him...himself.

"Aish!" he almost screamed. "Who-" he couldn't recognize the person in front of him. His own reflection.

His skin wasn't as soft and clean as it was before, it was bumpy and oily. And instead of his hair being luscious and dark, it was nearly light and mis shaped. His eyes were parted differently and his nose wasn't completly even to the rest of his face. Not just his face but when he looked down at his fingers they were also imperfect. Along his arms and hands were old cuts, some leaving scars.

"Who-what" he had almost felt as if he had been abused. Then he remembered the women at the bar. How she led him to-

"That's it! Her!" he said while sprinting down the stairs to his living room. There in the kitchen he spotted a tall female. She had dark hair that touched her lower back, but this time she was wearing a over sized t-shirt and long pants.

"Who the hell are you" he asked as she turned to face him. "I'm the girl from the night before don't you remember, Myungsoo"

"I can file a report that you abused me!"

"Abuse? What are you talking about?" she said taking the just brewed coffee and walking into his living room. He followed her wanting an explaination.

"I'm talking about my face. Look at it" she looked up to see his face then laughed to herself.

"It's ugly as hell"

"YOU DID THIS!" he accused pointing to her.

"No, I didn't do it...the magic spell did it"

"What are you talking about you insane witch. There is no such thing as magic!"

"Oh but there is...and exactly, I am a witch" she smiled devishly walking towards him. "You think you have it all Kim Myungsoo? You have the prettiest fiance in Korea, the richest and wealthiest family, and the best reputation for looks...you must be fortunate" she walked circles around him.

"What are you trying to say?"

"You damaged your loyalty towards your fiance, and you went behind her back to mingle with other women..."

"Yes...I did. But what does that have to do with my visuals?"

"Can't you see? Your whole popularity revolves around your boyish charms, and ability to whoe anyone, human, thing?" she laughed to herself. "As punishment, you should be stripped of the thing that brings you most joy"

Myungsoo watched as she danced across the living room, mocking him with his new misfortune.

"Turn me back now" he ordered with a serious face. She stopped spinning and gave a sharp look at him.

"Well aren't you sassy? The spell won't wear off unless you can build back your reputation without using your handsome features" she simply said.

"Everytime you fail to build it, or it somehow goes down even more, I will benifit and get even more prettier" she smiled.

"And what if I can't at all?" he asked showing some intrest in her mental games.

She chuckled to herself. "Well...let's just say...you won't live to see the ugly inside" and with those last words she vanished into thin air.

"The hell?" he whispered than hit his head. "Am I going crazy?"


A/N: Bum Bum Baahhhh! And that was how he lost his visualsssss~ Please wait for the next update^^




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