The Day I Lost my Visuals


Kim Myungsoo is the handsomest guy around, he is rich, loved by everyone, and most importantly known for is visuals. But what happens when he loses his visuals, and everything before him is taken away. Where will he turn to? What will he do?




Kim Myungsoo a.k.a L

Myungsoo is nothing more than a sophisticated seventeen year old rich teen who is popular amoungst women, and people in general. He has recently been engaged towards a women from a wealthy family, and has also been promised heir to his families company. His arrogance and vain personality can get him in trouble and even cause gangs to come after him. His gorgeous looks cause everything to fall completely in love with him, even if you disliked him you can't help but to resist his features.




Park Jimin (You)

Jimin is a seventeen year old women who left her hometown to accomplish her dream of producing music. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died before her own eyes when she was younger, and her father remained MIA half her whole life. Aside from her misfortunate childhood Jimin lived and still takes care of her grandmother who raised her. Her skills are playing musical instruments and singing, however she has never achieved her dream due to her stage fright. She is quite different from most girls, being tomboyish and independent.



Lee Ji eun

Ji eun is a kind sweet girl who is practically Korea's little angel. She is praised for her singing abilities, acting skills, and especially her perfect visuals. She has recently been engaged and arranged in a marriage with Myungsoo because of their family ties. She isn't against their marriage and hopes to get closer to Myungsoo, however she is always busy with her sceduele. But being Korea's little angel has its perks, Ji eun has a high record of scandals and dating rumors causing Myungsoo to avoid her for long term moments. 





Lee Sungyeol

Sungyeol has been Myungsoo's best friend since kindergarden. Though he isn't as good looking as Myungsoo, he has a personality that can attract many. Sungyeol's personality is laughable, open, and socialble. Sometimes people even forget that he is royalty. Sungyeol himself dislikes being wealthy, disliking whenever people agknowledge him for his family rather than his own self.



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CassInspirit97 #1
Chapter 5: of course she should join the company! !!!update sooooooon!!!
CassInspirit97 #2
Chapter 4: about the story,, till now is great!!!!but make myuggie oppa and jimin cross their paths!!!!otherwise it will get boring!!!!!update soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
CassInspirit97 #3
Chapter 3: i canttt imagine myunggie oppa being ugly!!!!!hahahahahaha!!!but in this story myunggie will end with jimin or jieun?????plxzzzzzzz update sooooooonnn coz till now he is sad on jieun!!!!!!
Chapter 3: It's so good!! Haha, he loses his visuals. Lol.
Chapter 2: Good beginning!! Update soon!! But lol, why would Myungsoo lose his handsome face?? And how?
CassInspirit97 #6
Chapter 2: yo!!!!author nim nice start!!!!but i didnt understand one thing how can our myunggie lose his oh-so-handsome face!!!update soooooooooooon!!!!