The Truth Behind Lies


After the shocking reveal of a relationship between EXO's Baekhyun and SNSD's Taeyeon I began to question how they feel. Their secret dates together, love for one another, and handling the hate and judgment from their fandom. Look deeper into their love, discover the truth behind it. 


EXO member Byun Baekhyun and SNSD member Kim Taeyeon have rumored long ago to be dating. Finally, SM Entertainment speaks out truthfully that those rumors are indead true.

I myself was completely shocked by the whole thing, the fact that both my bias's had been in a relationship since Feburary blew my mind...but I didn't have a straight feeling. Only shocked.

At some point, I know that every fan must have felt how I felt, even if you weren't interested in either person.

I was EXTREMELY shocked...and then I felt sad...then I felt happy knowing that I liked both of them...but then I was shocked once more.

...the strange thing was that I didn't feel hate...I mean shouldn't every fan girl or fan boy feel that way? Hate towards your oppa, unnie, hyung, or dongsaeng for lying to you or being a "trader"?...but I didn't...

This story shows a lot more of their story...

None of this, I repeat, none of this is real facts, I just assumed what is going on behind the scenes...please do not hate or judge anything I write. I just like writing stories and feel the need to show support to a couple that is being hated upon.



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