Episode 4

The Day I Lost my Visuals

Sungyeol was nearly close to falling asleep as he rested his head on the arm chair.

"FINISHED!" Myungsoo shouted holding his stack of audition papers. Sungyeol nearly screamed, scared from his rude awakening.


"Here is the documents" Myungsoo said towards the CEO rep. Since his father was on a buisness trip, the vice president was the second in charge. Mr. Kang was his name, and from the looks of it, he was a strict man.

"You narrowed it down already? Very impressive" he stated.

"Well I'll be out now..." Myungsoo said heading towards the door. "Wait" the vice-president stopped him. Myungsoo turned back and stood in front of Vice President Kang.

"Yes sir?"

"Some of the other representatives of KIM entertainment is arriving right now. They should be in the meeting room as we speak..."


"If it's not a trouble, we'd like you to present your ideas for this company towards them"

Myungsoo hesitated for a moment and nodded slowly. "Sure..."


The room was full of important buisness men and women waiting on numerous chairs.

"Welcome everyone, today I brought the next representative of KIM entertainment with me...Mr. Kim?" he asked turning to Myungsoo. He bowed politely and spoke.

"It's nice to meet you all"

"Now Mr. Kim would you mind explaining your ideas?"

Myungsoo cleared his throat. "Yes. Knowing how successful my father has come with this entertainment, I hope to establish a bigger and better generation for K-POP" he explained more about his plan and caused commotion in between the buisness men.

"I see. I'm looking forward to working with you Mr. Kim. Knowing your new plans I'd like to create a small foundation to help build this company" one of the men smiled holding out a hand.

"Thank you, I'm greatful for your advice and support" he smiled shaking his hand. 

"Just one question..."

"Yes what?"

"Are you sick?" one of the men asked. Myungsoo felt a shock in his body. "No, no I'm not..."

The man tilted his hand confused. "Why not-" he asked holding his arm out towards the scarf.

"NO! I mean no" Myungsoo said stepping away while holding out his arms.

"Mr. Kim. We demand to know what is wrong" he announced as he continued approaching him. Myungsoo stepped as far back until he hit the front of the podium and his scarf fell to his neck, revealing his hideous face.

The room was silent as everyone stared with mouths hung open.

"Wh-what" the man asked pointing at the uneven curve in his face.

"MYUNGSOO" Sungyeol announced while barging into the meeting room. He then noticed the commotion, and the Myungsoo who no longer covered his face.

"What is the meaning of this?!" he asked simply.


"I thought the Kim's were more handsome, trustworthy, and honest" he asked.

Myungsoo went speechless and could only stare at him. "You are a disgrace to this company Mr. Kim, I would like to see you out...and forget the offer from earlier" the man said as he exited the room. The rest of the buisness men and women followed as Myungsoo was left to face Sungyeol.

"I want you out...until you fix...this" Vice President Kang whispered and walked out.

Sungyeol looked at the face of his dear friend...."Myungsoo..."

He was silent, and nothing could ever cut the silence, not even the sharpest knife in the world.


"Bwah?!" Jimin asked holding her handphone against her ear.

"Neh, the auditions have been canceled, there will be no more project this year" the women spoke.

"I understand. Thank you" she said hanging up the phone.

Minhwan was helping her unpack her things in his apartment. She was nearly about to cry.

"What's wrong?" he asked watching her drop her phone. "That was one of the assistanced at Kim entertainment..."

"Did you get a callback?!" he asked excited. She shook her head.

"No. In fact, she said that the project itself is canceled, due to reasons she can't explain"


Jimin wiped a small tear that formed. "I spent all I could to move here...and I don't know what to do"

"Come on. You can stay with me until you find a job" he assured patting her head. She smiled. "Thank you"

"I'll take you to all the other entertainment companies until one will take you" he laughed.


"He can't just cancel my whole project like that!" Myungsoo complained. "Just because I am not physically attractive, doesn't mean they shouldn't follow through with the plan I set from the very beginning. This audition project was going to put enough talent to compete against EXO" he said slamming his fist against the table. Sungyeol was sitting across from him sipping on his coffee. They were both hanging out in the coffee shop that was widely known, the one all celebrities went to.

"Apparently they can....with you not in charge and your father not here...you can't do anything"

"I can't rely on my father...and he isn't exactly someone I get along with" he complained.

Sungyeol shrugged while ignoring his problems for a second. He looked outside the large window blanking off from the conversation.

"-and they shouldn't assume otherwise how people see others and their visuals. Why won't they listen to my ideas instead--hey are you even listening to me?" he asked as Sungyeol was ignoring him.

"You see that crowd to right?" he pointed outside. Myungsoo turned his head and saw the group of people surrounding the street.


"If it makes you feel better, I can buy you a new guitar" Minhwan offered staring at her guitar case.

"Ani- You've done enough, and besides, I've had this guitar since I was little. It's something I treasure personally"

He laughed stopping at the corner of the street. "Why'd you..." she asked looking in his direction.

"Let me see..." he said while taking her case off her shoulders. He ped the case and examined it.

"...ya, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Doesn't mean I can't try and play it...you know like how we did before?" he chuckled beginning to strum the strings. She hesitated as she noticed people were stopping on the side.

"Ya. People are starting to stare" she said shaking his shoulder. He continued playing. "Come on, join in...we haven't street performed in a while"


Sungyeol smiled staring at the large crowd. "You know...this city hasn't seen street performing in a long time...we should go check it out..." he said turning to Myungsoo. But Myungsoo was no where to be seen. "Eh? Myungsoo?" he said searching the coffee shop. He looked outside once more and saw Myungsoo heading in the direction of the crowd.

"Kim Myungsoo, you're always ahead of me" he laughed standing up and heading for the door.

"You say that I won't love you...anymore and I'll fall to you...those days we laughed and cried were the best...for me it wasn't enough" she sang while staring at Minhwan. It was a song they had written together in high school. She just barely remembered the lyrics. "And though these moments are hard for you~ and now you drifting away~ the love you should can even compare, to the one I gave away~" she ended as the crowd cheered throwing money infront of them. Jimin was flustered, she didn't expect to cause attention like this. She turned back toward Minhwan and smiled greatly. "I can't believe you remembered the song" he laughed.

"I know, I nearly failed" she joked. "Good thing you didn't"

As the crowd cleared Myungsoo walked toward Jimin with a smile. She recognized his presence and stared. He was dressed like a richman with his coat and neatly dressed clothing.

"Hello. You did well singing in front of those people" he said smiling. "Thank you..." she hesitated.

"I am a producer for a comp-" he stopped remembering that he was fired. "I mean, I'm a producer...and I was quiet impressed of your performance. If you're intrested in making music...call me" he smiled dropping a slip of paper into the pile of money they made up.

He walked away slowly as Jimin watched him disappear into the crowd. "Was that a scout?" Munhwan asked putting a hand on her shoulder. "Neh. I didn't expect to be scouted...on the street that is..."

"Are you gonna take the offer?" he asked packing up the guitar.

"Should I?" she asked reaching out for her case. He shrugged. "Not sure...did he say what company he was from? SM? YG? JYP?"

"He didn't say..." she said walking beside Minhwan.


Sungyeol nodding approvingly. "Congrats, you've found someone worthy of recruiting...only one problem...oh yeah, you don't have a company to produce her?!" Sungyeol said sarcastically.

"Relax, I'll find a way to get back at the company. I'll fix this mess and then I'll be back in management running a better company" he smirked walking down the street. Sungyeol let out a sigh. "Huh. That cocky little...aish. Causing me white hairs already"


A/N: End of episode 4. Sorry so short...Do you want Jimin to join his company? Hmm? Haha we shall see in the next update~^^

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