Episode 5

The Day I Lost my Visuals

I didn't catch his face...but I knew that he was a scout. It seemed so unreal that someone would find me talented. But the only problem between that and my dream, was my fear. Ever since I was in young I have been afraid to do anything onstage infront of people. Back in the third grade, I had resited the korean pledge in front of my class and not only failed to complete it correctly, but even accidently spit on my first love, who was sitting in the front row. After that, everyone made fun of me, and ever since that day I was unable to cope in front of an audiance.

"I'll do it" I spoke up looking from the phone number. Minhwan was suprised by my sudden announcment.

"Eh? Really?" he asked.

"Yeah...I mean, I need to make money somehow, and I don't wanna have you take care of me all the time"

He cleared his throat and looked at his calender. "When do you plan to start working?"

"Maybe tomorrow" she thought. He sighed. "I'm working tomorrow. I wanna be with you there when you start, since we don't know how reliable this guys is"

"Relax Minhwan, I'm sure I'll be fine"

"Fine. But I don't like the idea..."

That day I called the number I recieved on the slip of paper. Someone answered, however it was someone different from the day before. They simply said that the person in charge was busy, and that they were the assistant.

The next day I walked into the address of a large building, not as large as the KIM entertainment building, but it was slightly shorter. The assistant from before gave me the location of their service and I arrived just before 8.

Inside it was small and simple with plain walls against each corner. It was the most emptiest room she had seen in Seoul.

"Hello?" I called out into the buisness room. It confused me as there was no one at all.

"Welcome" I overheard a voice. It startled me as I jumped searching for the previous voice.

"I'm behind this wall!" they called out. Behind the wall? What the hell? Just then a door opened, one that was camoflaged with the walls. A man walked out with a mask and a hat over his head. Maybe Minhwan was right, I mean I didn't know just how reliable this man was. Plus he was dressed super sketchy.

"Welcome. I see you took the offer from yesterday" he asked. I gave a slight nod, taken aback from my choice on coming here. 

"Relax, you seem tense...I'm not a creepo or something" he rolled his eyes. I relaxed a little and tried to form a smile.

"Come inside" he instructed into the mysterious camoflaged doorway. Inside was a recording studio, and if you looked at the place where the wall was, it was a large tinted screen.

"So that's how you knew I was here" I said to myself.

"Indeed. Now I hope this isn't so sudden, but I want you to record a few things..." he said pointing towards the recording gear.

"Uh...right now?" I asked a bit hesitant.

"Of course...You're a new member of this company, you should always be prepared for an on-the-spot performance"

I nodded and stepped inside the recording studio. It was quite large, and I knew this building was new since there was boxes surrounding half of the studio. He the track and spoke into the microphone.

"I'll start the track" he began. The music played throught the stereos. "Do you know this song?" he asked.

I nodded hearing the Super Junior song. I was an ELF when I was younger, so I was well aware of the old song. I started singing, I grew tense since I the man was watching me through the slightly tinted screen.

After the song ended he spoke. "Well done. Now I know I can rely on you" he laughed.

"Hey, have I met you anyother time in my lifetime?" I asked suddenly. It had caught my attention that his voice sounded faintly familiar.

"Maybe somewhere..." he said thinking. "Anyways, how do you feel about singing as an opening for a concert?"

"Bwah?!!!" I let out as I walked into the room he was in.

"Neh, it will be a large concert, and a great way to announce your debut.

"Ani ani- no I can't" I pleaded.

"Why not?" he asked selfishly. I continued to shake my head. "I'm afraid of singing in front of people"

"Stage fright?! Impossible, you can't" he said shaking his head. "How else would you perform on the street"

"I was terrified, but I was performing with my friend..." I said thinking about how Minhwan was there with me.

"Oh that guy? Is he your boyfriend or something?"

"Ani ani" I shook my head embarassed.

"Well anyways, I'll just have to make you a music composser"

"Oh thank you for understanding Mr...Mr..." that's right, I didn't catch his name.

"Just call me L" he said before exiting the room. "Don't think you're off the hook. You deprived me of having an actual KPOP star, and for that you will start off as my assistant, almost like a person who does all my work".

"Ah..." I said confused.

"It pays well"

"Oh...okay. Thank you" I bowed as he exited.

"Come back early tomorrow morning" he ordered.


Sungyeol was crashing in Myungsoo's home on the couch watching Heirs.

"Hey" Myungsoo said as he opened the door. "Wait, hey" he said coming back to Sungyeol. "What are you doing here?"

"My house loss this program since no one in my family wants to watch Lee Minho" he rolled his eyes joking.

"So you choose to come to MY house?" he asked raising his voice.

"Yep. Anyways, how was that new girl? Was she cute?"

"Why would I...she sang well" he assured.

"Haha. So she was cute?"

"Geez, you girl crazed little-"

"Hey hey hey, let's not be calling people names here" he said raising his hand. 

Myungsoo ignored Sungyeol and went up to his master bedroom. On the bed was one out of many smart phones. On the screen was a message that startled him. He grew suprised yet a bit depressed.

--<3 Lee Ji eun <3-- was labled across the screen. He slid the message opened and read it to himself.

--Myungsoo...I want you here with me. Moving homes so suddenly isn't something that I like. We are soon to be married and you leave me at the last minute? Don't think that you're the only one hurt. How do you think I feel? Sad, alone, I'm so depressed that I can barely eat. Some of my friends say that I have gotten skinnier. I don't know if that's a bad thing or a good thing. Anyways, I miss you, and I need you with me. I love you, I really do. I can explain those terrible lies to you when I get the chance. Just know that if you still love me...you'd come back for me--

Myungsoo swallowed a whole in his throat and threw his phone down.

If I really love her...then I'd return to her. He thought. But does she really still love me?

He picked up his phone once more and replied to her message.

--Meet me at the resteraunt near your home. I'll treat you--


A/N: End of this episode...so will Myungsoo take back Ji eun? Will he believe her love for him is real? Please wait for the next update. Don't worry~ I shall involve more moments for Jimin.


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Chapter 2: yo!!!!author nim nice start!!!!but i didnt understand one thing how can our myunggie lose his oh-so-handsome face!!!update soooooooooooon!!!!