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The Day I Lost my Visuals

The night sky had fallen over the city streets, and as usual the night life was well alive along Seoul. Music was blasting from a single tower placed in the middle of the city; a hotel that outshined amoung the rest.

A man leaned over the balcony of one of the outside patios on the highest floor, playing with his wine glass in his hands. The celebration was for his birthday, an event so great that Korea itself had taken the time to wish him Happy Birthday. His black hair matted slightly to the left, and his suit blended into the darkness of the sky. The sound of a door behind him slid open as another male approuched him.

"You're out here alone?" the male asked as he closed the patio door. The man stopped touching the outer ring of his glass and faced the male who called out to him.

"Neh...were you looking for me?". The man only nodded, walking by his side and looking out into the distance.

"Your dad wanted to wish you a happy birthday...Myungsoo..." he began. Myungsoo only let out a short breath of air, almost like a laugh. "What dad? He never cared about me"

"That isn't true" the other man defended looking towards him. Myungsoo nodded still staring into the stars.

"You're right. I shouldn't turn him away no matter how much I hate him. He is my father, and after all I am the heir to his buisness.

"Ch-quite likely of you"

"Come on Sungyeol light up, tonights my night, and nothing could get better than a party with my best friend...and a much of beautiful women" Myungsoo laughed outstretching his arms.

"Please...shouldn't you be loyal? You are engaged" Sungyeol pointed out hitting the young mans shoulder.

"Aish, I'm only engaged, not like I'm married" Myungsoo rolled his eyes.

"Neh- don't be like me. This ones a keeper...she is the one and only IU" Sungyeol stated.

"She may be IU to you, but she'll always be the Lee Ji eun I grew up with as a kid"

"Eh? Don't forget me, I was your childhood friend too" Sungyeol wined.

"Of course....." he answered lightly.

The door slid open behind the two men as they both looked back. A petite women with long dark hair stood infront of them. The dress she wore came down to her knees, and her flats were planted firmly on the ground.

"I'm sorry did I interupt?" she asked watching them.

Sungyeol first looked at Myungsoo then smiled, turning back to the young women.

"No no, you came just in time actually" Sungyeol glided toward the girl and pulled her out near Myungsoo.

"It's been a long time Myungsoo" she said bowing in front of him. He smiled. "Yes it has..."


He had remembered the first meeting with her as if it had been yesterday. Her smile was bright as ever, the girl he hadn't seen since they were kids. She was now mature, even her beauty had matured more than he had remembered.

"Son...she shall be your wife alongside your ruling" his father announced.


"I'll just tell your father you said thanks" Sungyeol said heading toward the door. "I'll let you two be"

Once he left she felt completely awkward. "What do I...say?" she questioned outloud.

"Eh. Why are you acting all weird Ji eun?" Myungsoo asked patting her head. She was shorter than he was, especially since she wasn't wearing high heels.


"Ya" he called out, grabbing her attention. "Just because were engaged doesn't mean anythings gonna change between the two of us. So just act like you when we were kids" he laughed. She smiled then nodded giving him a big hug.


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CassInspirit97 #1
Chapter 5: of course she should join the company! !!!update sooooooon!!!
CassInspirit97 #2
Chapter 4: about the story,, till now is great!!!!but make myuggie oppa and jimin cross their paths!!!!otherwise it will get boring!!!!!update soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
CassInspirit97 #3
Chapter 3: i canttt imagine myunggie oppa being ugly!!!!!hahahahahaha!!!but in this story myunggie will end with jimin or jieun?????plxzzzzzzz update sooooooonnn coz till now he is sad on jieun!!!!!!
Chapter 3: It's so good!! Haha, he loses his visuals. Lol.
Chapter 2: Good beginning!! Update soon!! But lol, why would Myungsoo lose his handsome face?? And how?
CassInspirit97 #6
Chapter 2: yo!!!!author nim nice start!!!!but i didnt understand one thing how can our myunggie lose his oh-so-handsome face!!!update soooooooooooon!!!!