Episode 1

The Day I Lost my Visuals

It has been 2 months, 5 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes...and 45 seconds since that birthday party...

I remember that day, the day I was almost completely ready to be married...until this mess happened...


Myungsoo stared at his reflection for the longest time, contemplating on what time he was supposed to leave the house. It was nearly 6:35 pm, and he was supposed to be meeting someone for dinner. The air was tense as he overheard a car door slam from the outside of his mansion. Closing his eyes tightly he let out a deep sigh. The front door unlocked, she had the key to the house. Then he heard the nearly silent but faint footsteps climb the stairs. And finally, he heard the door knock shake, and the door creaked opened to reveal her.

"I'm home" she said standing in the doorway. No response came from his side of the room. She pouted then slowly stepped closer to the man sitting at his desk.

"...Myungsoo?" she asked once more, calling out for his attention. Still no response from the man.

"I know...I'm sorry..." he finally spoke up still shutting his eyes.

Slowly she inched near him wrapping her frail arms around his neck.

"I just finished shooting my drama...is something wrong?" she asked putting her head against his shoulder. Suddently he stood up causing her to almost fall over. He turned facing her with cold eyes.

"Is something wrong?!" he repeated. She was confused, staring quietly in his direction.


"Can you explain this?!" he asked pulling out his phone revealing the screen. Her eyes scanned it then she let out a deep sigh.

"So you knew about this?!" he accused. She stood up trying to maintain her balance. "Is this what this is about?!" she answered.

He was suprised that she had yelled back, now she was nearly in tears.

"This is the third scancal this year! I've let it go the first and second time, but now I don't know what to believe" he replied hitting his fist against his desk. The article across his phone read "IU rumored to be dating Super Junior's Eunhyuk".

"It's not what you think Myungsoo, we aren't dating" she replied trying to cling onto his arm.

"Then what are you with him? Why were you even with him?!"

"I'm just good friends with him, that's all."

"..." he was silent, trying to recover. "We're nearly due to be married and this happens..."

"I know. But you gotta believe me-"

"-I just can't right now" he ended the conversation, walking straight out and slamming the door behind.


The airport was crowded with arriving passengers coming into Seoul.

"Yoboseyeo?" a female answered. She was walking out of the airport with her luggage in one hand and cell phone in the other.

"Yes grandma I just arrived...don't worry I'm heading toward the studio now...yes yes a limo should be waiting somewhere for me...yes I did finish the song. I just finished it on the plane"

She scanned outside but no sight of anything. "...okay I'll make sure to eat well.....okay I miss you already grandma...bye"

Where am I supposed to be? She thought searching the pick up lot. Suddently she spotted a man holding up a sign familiar to the one she was assigned a few weeks back. Running towards the sign she hesitated trying to find the words to say.

"Um...is this for the star auditions record label?" she asked hesitant.

The man looked at his cell phone and back at her. "Ms. Park Jimin?" he asked.

"Neh" she nodded.

"Come right this way" he said taking her luggage and leading her towards a black limo.


"And I was constantly saying how I don't want to go to that speech program...but then my dad came in and.." Sungyeol's phone conversation had been cut out by the sound of knocks on his door.

"Hold on hyung I gotta go, call you back later" he said hanging up the phone and throwing it off to the side.

"Aishhhh" he streatched his arms getting off the couch and sluggishly moving to the door.

Right when it opened Myungsoo came walking in.

"Well hello to you to" Sungyeol said watching the man jump onto the couch. Myungsoo instantly curled up into a ball holding onto a pillow.

"Hey man why you crashing my home?" he asked rolling his eyes.

"...idunwannatarkabwatit" his words were muffled through the pillow.

"I can't understand what you're sayyyyying!" he said throwing his hands in the air. Myungsoo continued staying silent.

"Ya! Get your off my bed!" Sungyeol shouted jumping on top of Myungsoo and kicked him off.

"Aishhhh...curse your long legs" he complained standing up.

"Now why the hell are you in my house?" Sungyeol repeated.

"Didn't you hear?" he asked throwing his phone towards Sungyeol. He read the screen in front of him then stared back with wide eyes.

"Ehhhh?!" his words were full of shock. Myungsoo nodded back understanding.

"And and your just gonna let this go?!"

"I confronted her today about it..."


"She said it wasn't true"

Sungyeol closed his eyes leaning back into his comfty couch.

"That women is sure troublesome"

"It's gotten worse...and before our wedding..."

"Eh, Myungsoo just ignore it all and live your life freely like me~" he cooed. Myungsoo scanned the athmosphere.

"Oh yeah, by the way where is your parents?"

"They're still at home. I'm staying here since they didn't like my aditude"

"Aish, listen to your parents, at least they love you" Myungsoo said drifting in his own words.

"...you don't understand...I hate living like them...I'm not like you"

"That's true"

"-women don't come to me and love me"

"...your point?" he asked.

"I hate this rich fancy life, it just isn't me" Sungyeol said shaking his head.

"I guess...but-" before Myungsoo could answer his phone buzzed. He looked down at it then sighed.

"Who is it? Ji eun?" Sungyeol asked curiously looking over his shoulder.

"Worse...yoboseyeo?" he answered waiting.

"Right now?...where? Sure no problem, i'll head there now...bye" Myungsoo hung up the phone and stood up.

"Where to?"

"That was my dad...he said to help him run auditions today since I'm supposed to be next in line"

"Good luck~ oh and if there are any cute single girls...you know where to call me"

"Actually I don't"

"It's my frickin phone number you- just good luck"

"Thank...now put some pants on" Myungsoo laughed leaving out the door. Sungyeol looked down noticing that he hadn't been wearing pants all morning, just his boxers. Covering it with embarassment he jumped back on the couch.

"Aish that was embarassing! What if Taeyeon noona saw?!"


The driver pulled up in front of a tall building with reflected sides.

"This is where we get out" he said towards the women. "Neh, thank you so much" she replied back.

"Please make you way to the front desk" he said handing her her luggage. "And good luck in your auditions" he smiled.

"Thank you ajusshi, I shall" she said rolling toward the building doors. Inside it had almost felt like a hotel, the waiting room was large, and the lobby was beautiful with statues, paintings, and even a water fall in the middle of the front lobby.

"Hello welcome" a women greeted her in the front. "If you are here for the auditions today please go to the elavators on the left and  head up to the fifth floor"

"Thank you" Jimin said.


Myungsoo walked fast from his fathers office, picking up the audition papers that was assigned to him. Going through all of him he sighed exausted. "Seems like all these performances are singers" he wined. "No musicians?"

Finally he rushed to the elavators that was just arriving. Walking in he turned his phone on, seeing the messages that was from Ji eun.

--Myungsoo I'm sorry

--Do you not believe me?

--It's not what you think, no matter what you know I love you...please don't be mad

--I heard that you are holding auditions today...good luck, you will do great things for this company. Fighting!!

He smiled reading the messages, I guess no matter what she was still the young twelve year old girl he saw.

Just as he walked in he ran into a hard object. It hit him straight forward that it sent the stack of audition papers flying onto the elavator floor. 

"OMO, mianhae" a female voice could be heard behind. He soon bent down and began picking up the papers alongside the girl.

"Great, now they're out of order" he complained to himself.

"I'm really sorry, I should have been careful" she said taking a last stack up and handing it to him. "You see I'm late for something and I can't afford to miss out-" BING. The elavator came to a stop. "Aish" she complained running out. It closed instantly. Myungsoo was still fixing the stack of audition papers. "That women, now how am I supposed to run this? My dad's gonna be pissed" he complained wacking his forehead.

"His orders were, what was it...go to the seventh floor for judge surveying, then go to the fourth for comfirmation letters, and back to the fifth floor for auditions" he repeated in his head.

"Kim Myungsoo you can do this" he said over and over in his head.


A/N: That was the end of the first chapter.^^ Hope you guys enjoyed it. Comment please and let me know how it is so far~

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