Chapter Seven

Wanna Bet? (Finished)
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Monday, February 18th

As the final bell rang, Jessica rushed to her locker and gathered her books before heading to Ren's locker. Ren was changing his books as well while his friends kept whining over the amount of homework they received. As she walked over to Ren, she found him laughing at his friends' misfortune.

"Hey." She smiled brightly at him before giving him a passionate kiss, surprising Jonghyun and Minhyun. They looked at each other as the two slowly parted with bright smiles.

"Hey, babe. You ready to go?" Ren asked as he put his arm around her shoulder. Jessica nodded. Ren closed his locker and the group headed to the exit. Ren was looking at Jessica when a large fist collided with his chin. He fell to the ground from the sudden impact as the students around them gasped and quietly watched the situation unfold. Jessica bent down to check on him. Ren looked up and found Jihoon glaring at him. He glared back as he stood back up and charged at him with his fist. He hit him and the two grabbed each other and started shoving.

"Guys! Stop!" She tried to get in between the two, but as Jihoon shoved Ren backwards, she fell backwards, grazing the lower half of her palm on the floor as she did. Ren tried to punch Jihoon again, but he caught his fist midair.

"Don't even try." Jihoon spoke in a low tone.

"I'll decide that." He pulled his hand back, resulting in Jihoon pulling at his bracelet, causing it to break. The beads fell on the floor as the two continued to beat each other. Ren gave Jihoon one final smack in the face before Minhyun pulled him off of him. Jihoon tried charging at the two, but was stopped by two other male students. Jonghyun helped Jessica up and inspected her bleeding hand. Her breathing was shaky as Ren joined to look at her hand.

"I'll get you back for this." Ren glared at Jihoon one last time before taking Jessica to his car. Minhyun and Jonghyun followed with their bags.


"Ah!" Jessica yelped in pain as Ren's butler cleaned her wound. She was in Ren's study room. Jonghyun and Minhyun were seated on the long couch, as Jessica was in the chair next to it. Ren leaned against his desk as he watched his butler clean her hand. Jessica thanked his butler after he finished treating her. He cleaned up the first-aid supplies and left the room.

"Told you that he was an ." Ren looked at his pen that he was playing with. He chuckled once. "Still you go up to him and apologize. That's kind of the stupidest thing I've ever seen a girl do." Jessica looked down embarrassed.

"Besides sleep with you?" Minhyun joked. The boys laughed.

"I'm sorry." Jessica spoke softly. The guys looked at Ren and he nodded his head to the door, gesturing them to get out. Ren sat down next to her on the arm of the chair and grabbed her bandaged hand.

"Listen, you couldn't know that he would hit me." Ren grabbed her chin and made her look at him. "But, I am sure it's not your fault. He has always been picking fights with me since middle school. It's not a big deal."

"It is a big deal. Look at your lip." Jessica pointed at the bruise that slowly formed on the corner of his lips. Ren smirked at her.

"I know something that could heal it." He whispered.

"An icepack?" She replied. Ren chuckled.

"No, this." He pulled her face to his and kissed her softly. When his friends returned to check on them, they flinched at the sight of Jessica and Ren on the couch, seemingly devouring each other.


Friday, March 8th

Jessica was waiting for Ren in the park. A hand covered , surprising her, and a low whisper followed.

"I've missed you." Ren kissed the crook of her neck before letting her go. She turned around and hugged him before hitting his chest once.

"Don't scare me like that." Jessica whined. Ren chuckled.

"But, it's funny." He smirked at her. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards an empty field, except for a blanket on the ground.

"I thought we could have a do over for Valentine's Day when it was raining so much. Luckily the sun is shining brightly."

"Luckily I brought my sunglasses." She muttered before pouting.

"My chef made all of it, but I chose the drinks." Ren said as he showed the bottle of champagne proudly. Jessica chuckled at his cuteness. After they ate, they laid down to look at the clouds. After some time Jessica felt tired. Ren noticed and decided to take her to her place. When they packed the basket, Ren looked behind Jessica with his eyes widened. Jessica frowned and attempted to turn around, but was met with his lips on hers instead. She was confused when he didn't make any attempt to deepen the kiss. Ren followed something with his eyes and rushed her to get to his car when he pulled away. He had just put the basket and blanket in the back of his car, when his nightmare became reality.

"Rennie~ I didn't expect to see you here!" A loud, female voice said from behind them.

"!" Ren cursed under his breath. Jessica frowned at him and turned around to see who the voice belonged to. Her eyes widened at who she found standing there.

"Wow." Jessica softly spoke as the woman came closer.

"Holding hands? You must be Ren's girlfriend! Nice to meet you~! I'm Kahi. Ren's sister-in-law." She said. Ren continued cursing in his mind as the two girls talked.

"I-I know. You're a famous fashion model for Korean fashion brands. I'm a big fan." Jessica shook her hand. Kahi turned to Ren.

"I came home about an hour ago. Your parents told me you were out. I can see why that was more important." She smirked at him.

"What's your name?" She turned back to Jessica.

"Uhm, Jessica." She replied, still in shock.

"Jessica~! That's such a cute name!" Kahi exclaimed. Jessica flinched. "Ren~! Why didn't you tell me you're girlfriend is such a cutie." She spoke while looking back and forth between Ren and Jessica.

"Maybe because you weren't supposed to know." Ren muttered.


"Nothing." Ren replied quickly.

*Great, now mom and dad will know in a nanosecond.* Ren thought as he trailed behind the two girls. Kahi offered to buy them coffee to get to know Jessica. She had linked her arms with her before dragging her along. They sat down in a café nearby. Jessica ordered hot chocolate and Kahi ordered a mocha. Ren ordered a double espresso. He scowled as he sat next to Kahi, going over the imaginary scene in his head, hoping he could figure out a way to keep it from his parents.

"So, how did you two meet?" Kahi asked eagerly.

"We go to the same school." Ren said annoyed as he looked down at his drink. Jessica frowned at his sudden change in demeanor.

"R-Right. He is a junior, and I'm a sophomore." Jessica added.

*Is he annoyed by my shyness?* Jessica wondered.

"I thought Five Star high school was for rich kids only." Jessica's eyes widened a little at Kahi's blunt statement. Jessica looked at Ren but he was looking out the window.

"Oh, please. If you really were a rich kid, then you wouldn't be wearing these clothes. Trust me, I know." Kahi kept a gentle smile.

"I got in with a scholarship." Jessica admitted. Kahi gasped.

"Whoa! You must be really smart then!" Kahi exclaimed.

"Not really. I just got lucky." Jessica responded and looked down. Ren stared into the café. One figure that went into the direction of the toilets caught his eye. He narrowed his eyes as he put down his already finished drink.

"Be right back." Ren said before he got up and followed the figure. Ren got closer as the girl tried to escape into the girls' bathroom, but Ren grabbed her arm and forced her to turn around. She tried to hide her face by hiding behind her hair, but he already saw.

"You?" He laughed at the discovery.

"Stop laughing." Lizzy said embarrassed.

"So you work here. Interesting. I thought you're parents owned some famous five-star restaurant." Ren smirked down at her as he noticed her u

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