Chapter Ten

Wanna Bet? (Finished)
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Minhee walked around, searching for Ren. She hoped with Jessica gone and Ren drunk, she could convince him to get him into bed. Aron and Jonghyun tried to convince her to quit hitting on Ren, but Minhee's friends managed to distract them. She went over to get a new drink and heard a soft thud from inside the showers. She slowly walked towards it, wondering what was going on. She chuckled when she saw Jessica underneath the water, hand in her hair. She though she must be trying to wash the sticky mess she caused, but was surprised when she suddenly saw the back of Ren's head. She continued to watch the two, annoyed when she realized what they were doing by the sound of Jessica's groans.

"What are you doing?" Dongho asked loudly, shocking all three of them. Minhee gasped and Jessica and Ren noticed her presence.

"I-I heard a noise. Thought maybe a hobo sneaked into the showers." She tried to sound convincing.

"Yeah, right. How about you give those two some privacy. We don't try to watch you with whatever sad piece of male species you seduced." Dongho forced her out as Jessica pulled Ren close behind the shower door. Ren turned their positions around before getting back on his knees, while Dongho decided to stand guard for a while.


Monday, April 15th

"Mr. Choi, how nice of you to join us as well. Had you been only thirty seconds later, I would've written you down as absent." Ren rushed to his seat after closing the door of the classroom and sat down.

"I'm sorry, sir. I couldn't find my book." Ren smiled at him. The two stared at each other for a while until his teacher decided to clear his throat.

"Right." He turned around and started the class. Ren frowned at his discomfort.

"Dude." Minhyun muttered to him.


"You do realize you have a dark purple hickey right below your ear?"

"Oh. I thought Jess was only nibbling." His friends frowned at him.

"To be fair she's a bit of a biter when she s." Ren chuckled. Minhyun and Jonghyun looked at each other.

"Since when do you get frisky at school?"

"I thought you guys wanted me to loosen up?"

"Is this about Jihoon? You doing this to annoy the crap out of him again? Cause last time you did that, he tried to bash your face in and then you got suspended." Minhyun argued.

"You want to get suspended for a whole month? Cause that's what happened when you have on campus." Jonghyun added. Ren rolled his eyes the two and turned away. Jonghyun and Minhyun scoffed at his behaviour. After the first hour, Ren's class received a test. They were right in the middle of it when Nana and her friends decided to break into his locker.

"How do you know how to break into a locker?" Nana frowned at Raina. Raina only shrugged as she went through Ren's jacket.

"Got it." She showed Ren's phone to Nana. Nana smiled brightly and took it, before scowling.

"Why does everyone always have to lock their phones?" She folded her arms over her chest.

"It's Lady Gaga's birthday." Raina said as she unlocked the phone. Nana and Lizzy frowned at her.

"He's predictable." She shrugged.

"Should we do this? Ren was pretty pissed for what we did last time." Lizzy asked as Nana went through his text messages to Jessica.

"Wow, she's even boring texting." Nana ignored her.

"I saw Trash Bag in the library, so she should reply pretty quickly." Raina assured her.

"Great. She said that she was working on a make-up assignment for chemistry. And, Ren said he'll wait for her in the school garden."

"Tell her he'll come to her instead and she should wait in the chemistry room."

"Sent. Please , reply soon. Ren will finish his test any time now."

"Girls. Ren can get us suspended for doing this." Lizzy reminded them.

"Relax. We're not going to do anything like last time. Jongho's still scared Ren might beat him up. We're just going to intimidate her a little bit so she'll get that Ren's mine." Nana assured. "Yes! She replied and said okay. Now just delete the messages, and we'll wait for her teacher to leave the room this afternoon." Nana smiled brightly and put the phone back in his jacket. They made sure his locker looked untouched and went on with their day. Ren was done for the day, and much to his annoyance, Minhyun and Jonghyun decided to invite themselves to go with Ren and Jessica to the Avengers film. They waited for Jessica in the garden, and Ren became grumpy when she was late, which also turned the other two grumpy.

Jessica was still busy finishing her project with her teacher's guidance and finally received a good grade for it. As they were cleaning up, her teacher got a call and asked if she was okay cleaning by herself. She nodded and he left.

Nana, Lizzy and Raina were waiting outside the classroom and soon entered when their teacher turned the corner. Raina locked the door behind them as Jessica was surprised to find them behind her.

"Uhm. If you want to use the burners, you're going to have to wait until our teacher gets back." Jessica said as she nodded her head to the burner on the table.

"So naïve. Honestly, what does Ren want with her?" Nana chuckled. Jessica frowned as they got closer. "We don't want to use this stupid stuff. We have people for that."

"Then what do you want?"

"Same thing I've been wanting last time we spoke. You need to break up with Ren."

"And why would I do that? Because you believe you're such a better match because you're rich?"

"Yes. But, since you can't seem to understand verbal warnings, I'm going to have to be more clear." Nana ripped of the charm from her bag and the burner. Jessica tried to grab it back, but Lizzy and Raina held her back.

"I'll give you a choice. You break up with Ren, or I will burn this ugly doll you always have on your bag." Nana smirked.

"No! My sister gave me that! Give it back!" Jessica begged.

"I will when I hear you say you'll break up with him."

"Nana, that's enough. She got the message. Let's leave before the teacher, or worse, Ren gets here." Said Lizzy.

"No. I want to hear her say it first." Jessica stayed quiet.

"Fine then." Nana brought the charm to the flame and set it on fire. She smirked at Jessica before flinching when the flame touched her. She threw it to the floor, almost hitting Raina with it. Raina moved away, knocking over a bottle of kerosene and the flame soon grew large, filling up half the room. The girls screamed at it and Jessica quickly grabbed her bag and joined the other three near the door. She fished out her phone and tried to call Ren, but it turned off just before she could press call.

"Damn it! Empty battery."

"You don't charge your phone?" Raina asked with a judging tone.

"I forgot, alright? Where's yours?"

"We left then in our jackets." Lizzy answered.

"Great." Jessica sighed. They tried to get the door open, but the heat had already spread through the metal of the door handle and burned her hand. She yelled out in pain.

Ren and his friends were still in the garden, wondering what took Jessica so long. Ren was looking at his phone, waiting for a text about how long she still needed.

"Dude, the building is on fire." Ren looked up and quickly saw what Minhyun meant. There was smoke coming out of an open window of one of the classrooms.

"Isn't that the chemistry lab?" Jonghyun asked.

"! Jess!" Ren jumper up and the three rushed inside. They soon reached the classroom and tries opening the door.

"Ah! What the hell?!" Ren yelled out when he touched the handle.

"Ren?" He heard Jessica's voice from the other side.

"Jess! What happened?!"

"Nana threw a burner on the floor and Raina knocked kerosene on the floor. They also locked the door!"

"What?!" Ren exclaimed. He heard Jonghyun already on the phone to get fire fighters to the school.

"They said they'll be here soon." Jonghyun said as hung up.

"They need to get out now though. We need to kick the door in. Girls! Get away from the door!" The three of them stood next to each other before kicking the door hard. The girls screamed when the flames grew bigger, but luckily they were soon rescued out by Ren, Jonghyun and Minhyun. The firefighters soon arrived and put out the fire, as police kept nosy students from the scene. Ren's butler had drove them in the morning and had come to pick them up, shocked at all the commotion going on. He went over to Ren and Jessica who sat at a distance from the crowd.

"Jamie made me that doll in kindergarten. Now it's gone." She spoke sadly.

"She can always make you a new one." He smiled at her.

"That's not the point." She hid heer face behind her hair. Ren held her close to comfort her as his butler approached.

"What happened, sir?"

"Long story." Ren glared at the three girls talking to the teacher. He glared at Lizzy in particular, who grew uncomfortable with his gaze.

"We still on for movie night, right?" Minhyun asked with a grin. Ren glared at him.

"Not the time, dude." Jonghyun dragged him away from the three.

"Are you alright Jessica?" The butler asked. She nodded. Ren frowned when he started wobbling a bit.

"Something wrong?" Ren asked just before his butler fainted. He fell to the floor and Ren rushed to his side with wide eyes.

"Don't die on me old man! Not today!" Jessica, Jonghyun and Minhyun ran over as well, just like a police man and a firefighter did to help.

Ren's butler was rushed over to the hospital where he was examined. Ren was treated for the burn on his hand and he was let into a private hospital room where his butler laid. He sat next to him on the bed and was told to wait for his father, as he couldn't share anything with Ren yet. Luckily his father arrived soon with Ren's mother, who rushed to Ren's side to check him.

"What happened to your hand?" Ren's father asked.

"Long story." Ren muttered.

"Don't worry. I already know. You're school called me on the way here."

"How's Jessica? Is she alright?" His mother asked.

"She's getting checked right now."

"Ah, you must be Mr and Mrs Choi." A doctor entered the room.

"Yes. Can you tell us how our employee is doing?" Ren's father asked.

"He only passed out from exhaustion. It's nothing to worry about too much. I'd say he's been working a little too much and should be alright after getting a few days of rest and maybe a better schedule." The doctor winked at the last bit.

"You seriously couldn't tell me that earlier?" Ren glared at him. The doctor gulped and hurriedly left after muttering an apology.

Meanwhile, Jessica went to check on Raina after getting treated for her hand. She arrived at the room she was in and found Raina going through a magazine in bed. With all the commotion around Ren's butler, most of them missed Raina fainting as well.

"Nana and Lizzy already left?" Raina looked up, surprised to find Jessica standing in the door opening. She nodded.

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be checking on your boyfriend's butler?"

"Yeah, but I was getting checked, and I figured Ren and his parents wanted to be alone for a while." The two sat in silence for a while, feeling awkward.

"My mom is coming to pick me up soon." Raina muttered.

"Good." Silence again.

"So, I don't know if you've spoken to the police yet, but I will tell them you guys just came to borrow my notes, and stuff got knocked over on accident." Jessica smiled at her.

"Why would you do that?" Raina frowned.

"I just don't want to be as petty as you guys, I guess."

"That's beyond going petty. We almost killed you, and ourselves."

"Then, call it hope. That you guys will finally leave me alone. I mean, honestly, even if I broke up with Ren, you would still treat me like crap. What Nana did today wouldn't have made any difference to me." Raina looked down embarrassed.

"I'll let you rest. Hope you get better soon." Jessica smiled a small smile before proceeding to leave.

"Thank you, for checking up on me." Raina muttered as she was by the door.

"And sorry. Really, for everything." Jessica smiled again before heading over to where Ren was. Since there was a limited amount of chairs, Ren quickly pulled her onto his lap as his mother bombarded her with questions.

"Jessica, are you alright? Did you get checked? Is your mother coming?" Jessica smiled at Ren's mother.

"I'm fine. Doctor said I'm fine. I called my mom, she can't pick me up, but I can take the bus or something."

"Don't worry, Jessica. Ren can drive you home." His father assured her.

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