Chapter Twelve

Wanna Bet? (Finished)
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Jessica sat on the edge of the fountain in the school yard and stared at the necklace Ren gave her. She was done with her test, but really didn't want to go home yet.

"Maybe you should throw that away." Lizzy said as she sat next to her.

"I can't." Jessica let it drop from her hand, making it fall on her chest. "Over the weekend I tried throwing everything away that reminded me of him. But, I just threw it in a big box and hid it away."

"Then what about that necklace?"

"He called me beautiful." He voice shook.


"Last week. We got to his place after going to the theme park for our anniversary. We went to his room, and I pulled away when we were kissing, cause I had this stupid y outfit. I asked if he could turn out the lights as I got changed, and he just said I looked beautiful. He didn't want to turn the lights off, because he wanted to take all of it in. Everytime I look at this necklace, it reminds me of that exact moment every time. And, then I go do something on my computer and I'm reminded of that damn video, by some disgusting asshat." Lizzy rubbed her back.

"You fell in love with him, I get that." Lizzy hugged her as her tears fell.

"Oh my god. No! No, no! No tears. Not this week, when there's enough stress already!" Nana said as she rushed over to the two with iced coffee. Raina was not far behind. The four shared a group hug for a bit, until Jessica started giggling. The other girls frowned at her.

"This is weird, right?"

"What is?" Raina asked, getting infected by her smile.

"Us being nice to each other. It's almost like we're friends."

"Sweetie, we are. The three of us agree, we have to be nicer to you. I figured the best way for that is to be friends." Nana smiled brightly at her.

"Plus, we actually get to talk about how annoying Ren and his friends are with personal experience." Raina added. They heard a car horn in the distance.

"Oh, that's my dad. I've got to go. He's agreed to take me out for lunch for as far possible this week." Raina stood up.

"Can he maybe drive me home? I still need to get changed for work." Lizzy asked.

"Of course." Raina smiled and hugged Jessica and Nana goodbye. Nana and Jessica were left by themselves, obviously feeling awkward.

"I'm sorry." Nana said after the two said in silence for a while. Jessica looked at her. "About everything. I was really mean to you. Burning that doll and then everything that happened after, I just can't believe I went that far."

"To be fair, I wasn't really nice either. Especially with everything going on with Ren. I was just really jealous of you. Ren said I should stick up for myself more, so I did."

"It's fine. Most of it was in response to me. Plus, it kinda helped me. I actually studied for this week. If I get even one grade above eighty percent, I'm buying your family a new kitchen." The girls chuckled.

"Just buy me a cup of coffee and we're good."

"Oh, that reminds me! I got you this." Nana pulled a small doll out of her bag, resembling Jessica's old doll a lot.

"You made this? Why?" Jessica looked at her in disbelief.

"I didn't make it. I looked up a photo of you in the background of an old Instagram post of mine, and I paid a crafty kid to copy it as much as possible."

"Not Jongho, right?"

"No! No. No. Of course not. That was horrible of me. I'm really really sorry. I should never have told him to do that."

"Thank you." Jessica smiled at her.

"You're welcome." She smiled back. Nana's phone went off, signaling she had a text message from someone. She took out her phone and smiled brightly at the message. Jessica noticed it was from Raina. She smiled at the sight.

"You like her, don't you?" Jessica asked.

"Well, of course. She's one of my best friends."

"No. I mean, you like her." Nana frowned at her.

"Guess I've never thought about it. I mean, i spent a lot of time with her outside of school. But, I don't know. I guess, I was so obsessed with Ren all this time, I've never considered liking someone else."

"Maybe you should. I mean, Raina does want the very best for you. Plus, I'm pretty sure she's crazy about you."

"How do you know?"

"Cause I've seen the way she looks at you when you're not looking. And she's always tried to help you with your crazy plans. You don't do that if you don't care about someone."

"Guess so. But, what if it causes scandals? I mean, our parents are business partners. And, we are two girls."

"Since when do you care about scandals? Half the school knows you were obsessed with Ren."

"Maybe I don't. But, I don't want Raina to get hurt." Jessica smiled at her.

"That's sweet. And, it's the exact reason why I think you should ask her out."

"Fine. But, let's get through this crazy test week first. We got enough going on. Can I give you a ride home?" Nana asked, surprising Jessica.

"You can drive?"

"You seem surprised."

"I just..."

"You thought I didn't have the brain capacity, didn't you?"

"Well..." Jessica smiled nervously.

"Believe it or not, this rich girl doesn't like having everything done for her. Driving makes me feel independent." Nana smiled proudly. She grabbed Jessica's hand and dragged to her car.


Thursday, May 2nd

"Hey." Ren looked up from his necklace as Baekho walked into the VIP room. Jonghyun, Minhyun and Ren decided to join Aron at his club, wanting a break from studying for a while.

"Since when do you drink during test weeks?" Baekho frowned at him when he smelled his drink.

"Just tell me you come bearing gifts." Ren downed his drink as Baekho sat next to him.

"I do. I took the liberty of printing the Student ID of the one who posted that video. Including their part-time job." Baekho smiled. He handed Ren a folded piece of paper. Ren lifted his eyebrows after he opened it. Baekho continued smiling at him when he glanced over.

"Aron, put that beer down. We're getting some coffee." Ren stood up and walked out. Aron choked on his drink when Ren hit his back as he passed. They drove for a short time to a nearby coffee shop and the five boys entered. Ren walked out in front and leaned on the counter by the cash register, and waited for the two barista's to finish talking. The one closest to Ren turned around to greet his new customer, but swallowed hard when he realized his identity.

"R-Ren?" His colleague frowned at him for his frightened behaviour.

"Jongho, it's been a while. Nice to see you." Ren smirked.


"I want four cappuccinos and a vanilla latte macchiato. You can bring them to us outside, along with my card. And, tell your boss you're taking a small break." Ren threw a black card onto the counter and the five boys walked out again.

"Who was that?" Jongho's colleague asked after they left.

"No one. Just help me make his order." Jongho swallowed hard. His hands shook as he made the drinks. He muttered something about getting some fresh air after delivering the drinks, and rushed outside with the drinks on a tray. He found Ren and his friends by the side of the building, where no one could see them. He handed Baekho the tray. The moment he let go of it, Ren punched him in the stomach, hard. He doubled over and Aron and Jonghyun held him up by his arms as Ren took Jongho's phone from his pocket.

"Let's see what's on here." Ren took one of the cappuccinos from the tray as he went through the media file. He found a series of short videos, many matching the duration of the video about him shared online.

"Damn, he filmed us since we walked into that bathroom." Minhyun commented.

"He probably saw you guys coming." Baekho added.

"He couldn't have known that we would talk about Jessica."

"He probably expected you to somehow. I mean, Ren talks about the bet every time we're together. He could've overheard once and just assumed it happens more often."

"Damn. I'm lucky he didn't post my tidbit about all the things I've imagined about the school nurse. They could've expelled me." Minhyun widened his eyes at the thought.

"Focus." Ren glared between the two. He turned back to Jongho. Jongho seemed to still be in pain. "Why did you post that video? Revenge for almost beating you up?"

"N-No." Jongho stuttered.

"Then why?" Jongho didn't answer. Ren sighed before nodding to Aron and Jonghyun to pull him up to stand. They did and Ren kicked him in the shin a few times before punching him in the stomach again. Jongho fell on his knees and coughed and wheezed.

"I'm not going to ask again." Ren glared at him. Jongho muttered, but it was inaudible.

"Hmm?" Ren leaned closer. "Repeat that."

"Wasn't my idea."

"Then who?"

"I don't know." Ren took a threatening step closer. Jongho threw his hands up as he fell backwards.

"I swear! I swear! I never met her."


"She contacted me online. I don't know who she is. I never met her." Jongho was now crying.

"I think I found her. Some of the videos are in a map called me2day." Baekho interrupted.

"What the hell is that?" Minhyun asked.

"It was an old Korean social media site. It's set up was basically like Twitter. I'd be surprised if more than twenty people per day logged on nowadays."

"Then why is this sending video's through it?"

"Well, like a lot of social media sites it only remembers what computer you logged onto and your email address. For the rest you set everything up on the site itself. You can create a temporary email address to set it up."

"Can you trace the account of the girl?"

"I can try to find out what email address she used or what computer."

"Sure, do it."

"Give me ten minutes." Baekho walked away with the phone, and pulled out his own. Ren turned back to Jongho and crouched down in front of him.

"I'll give you a choice, so listen carefully. Now, I'll be taking your phone. That's not negotiable. Don't worry though, you'll get your sim card back. As for your choice. You tell me exactly how this contacted you and convinced you to mess with me, or I'll beat you so bad that your colleague will have to get your DNA to a forensic lab in order to get a positive ID after finding you here." Ren tilted his head. Jongho swallowed hard.

"I got a text from a number I didn't recognize."


"After I met Jessica in a boutique three weeks ago." Ren glared at him.

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