Chapter Eleven

Wanna Bet? (Finished)
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Wednesday, April 24th

Jessica sighed as she stood in front of her bed. She laid out about five options for their anniversary date. Her older sister was downstairs with their younger sister to babysit when she left. She also insisted to do Jessica's make up. Jessica was torn between a yellow knee-length dress and a pair of camo skinny jeans with a black fitted T-shirt. Ren had texted her late last night that the park was pretty big, so she should wear something comfortable, because they would be walking a lot. She finally decided for the jeans, thinking it'd be easier when getting on rides, and was now messing around with her hair. With her sister's help, she chose to wear two braids and simple make up.

"You guys had yet?" Jessica's eyes widened at Alice's question. "Oh, chill. Aron and I have done it. We can talk about it."

"You've been together for a month."


"Wow." Jessica shifted uncomfortably while Alice grabbed the mascara. The doorbell rang when she was almost done and Jamie ran out the living room to open it.

"Wait! Jamie!" Jamie had already opened the door when Jessica and Alice caught up to her.

"How many times have we told you not to open the door if you don't know who's there?!" Jessica scolded her. She looked up and found Ren smiling at her.


"H-Hi. You're early." Jessica blushed.

"Barely. Some guy drove his car into a truck, so I had to take a different route- Whoa!" Ren looked down surprised at the little girl hugging his legs. He frowned at Jessica for a moment before looking back down.

"Uhm, hi?" Jessica chuckled at his awkwardness.

"I'm Jamie." She announced proudly.

"I am aware of that." He smiled at her, begging her to get off him with his eyes.

"You have a bigger than my sister."

"Jamie!" Jessica pulled her off of him and gave her a stern look.

"Considering I'm a guy, I sure hope so." He laughed awkwardly.

"Can I call you Big-Buttman?" Jamie asked.

"Actually, I already have a pretty cool nickname." He kneeled down to her eye level. "It's Ren. See? Pretty cool, right?"

Jamie held her head high and shook it violently.

"No! Big-Buttman is always better." She spoke loudly.

"Of course you think that, you're three years old." Ren muttered to himself while looking away. Jamie quickly kissed him on the cheek. Ren looked at her in shock as she ran back inside.

"I kissed him before you! Na na na na na~!" Jamie sang. Ren stood back up.

"Well actually-" Ren was cut off as Jessica slapped her hand on his mouth before he could continue. He smirked at her underneath.

"She's not shy like you." Jessica blushed and cleared . She pulled her hand back when her older sister interrupted the two.

"If you guys get too tired to come back. You should stay at that little love motel near the highway. Those beds are amazing for you know what." She winked at Ren. He blinked uncomfortably a few times before returning his gaze to Jessica.

"You ready?" He asked as Jessica sent her sister back to the living room.

"I just left my phone upstairs. I'll go get it."

"Okay. I'll wait by the car."

"You don't want to get inside?"

"Between your sister telling me about Aron's... Business, and your little sister talking about my , I'd rather wait outside." He smiled at her.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry." She rushed upstairs to get her phone and then back downstairs. She quickly bid her sisters goodbye before running up to Ren. He gave her a quick kiss before opening the door for her and let her get seated. He got in on the driver's side and the two soon left. They soon drove near the amusement park she chose and Jessica's eyes gleamed up at the sight of the rollercoaster and a few themed buildings. Ren took her hand once they were out of the car and they joined a line to get in. Jessica was surprised to get in rather quickly, realizing Ren had arranged special tickets.

"You didn't have to go through the trouble for me." Jessica smiled at him.

"Anything to see that smile on your face. Besides, it's our anniversary. It should be special." He smiled back. She pulled him close for a kiss to thank him. The two earned some whistles from a few older boys in the line near them. Jessica blushed at it while Ren took in the glory. They finally entered and Jessica was already on pulling him towards the first ride she saw. After having stood in line for a total of three hours and twenty minutes, he finally convinced her to take a short break to get some food. The two went to the cafeteria and Jessica basically ran towards a pancake stand. Ren chuckled at her childlike behaviour and followed after. After also getting drinks, the two found a nice table in the shadow of a tree to eat at.

"So, you got a lot more rides you want to go on, or are you ready to head over to my place?" Ren asked when they were about halfway done.

"You're tired?" She asked concerned.

"No. Just wondering. I want you to have fun. Plus, I can't get tired when we still have on our to-do list for today." He winked at her. She nearly spit her drink in his face after hearing him say that.

"Wow. Spent almost four months talking everyday, and you still get shocked at the word." He joked.

"I'm fine with the word. Just, not in public." She looked down.

"Look around. You honestly think they care? These people are too busy with their kids or scaring bees away from their food."

"Bees?!" She flinched at the word, causing him to smirk.

"You're scared of bees? Really?"

"Shut up. It's not like I want to be. I just get in a bad fight or flight mode when they're near me. And, don't you dare pretend there is one nearby, cause I'm going to kill you." Ren chuckled at her. She glared at him, showing she was serious. The two stopped by the toilet before continuing their tedious activities of waiting in line for nearly an hour, just to have five minutes of fun and adrenaline. It was nearing the end of the day and the park lanterns om as the daylight faded quickly. They passed a victorian house, and before Ren could protest, he found himself waiting in line to get into a haunted house.

"I-Is that blood?" Jessica stuttered. Ren nodded.

"Need me to hold you?" He grinned, not wanting to admit he was mentally crapping himself. As they entered the house, the staff tasked them to find a certain item, following a story line. The two nearly made it out, Ren growing increasingly terrified, as a ghost like creature appeared from behind them. Ren screamed louder than Jessica, causing her to get distracted for a moment. The staff led the two outside, and Jessica felt her hand go numb from Ren's grip. This was the first time Jessica saw a less manly side of him as he kept hiding behind her, making her walk in front. He was afraid that even at the gift shop, ghosts would jump out at them. He earned a hearty laugh from Jessica as he flinched when he turned around and found a ghost like mannequin behind him. She as they went over to the counter with pictures taken inside the mansion.

"Aww, look at your face. It's amazing." Jessica laughed, pointing at their photo.

"Thank God it disappears when we leave." He sighed.

"But I want to buy it." She whined.




"Why not?"

"Cause you're going to show Jonghyun and Minhyun, and they can make fun of me without your help."

"Please?" She pouted at him. He stood his ground.

"Pretty please? I did bring something special for later." She by biting her lip and his hand. He pursed his lip for a moment.

"It better be something real damn special." He muttered as he took out his wallet. She jumped up in glee and kissed his cheek before walking around the store. She also rushed over with a mug with the theme park's logo on it and the name of the haunted house before Ren finally paid. He thanked the guy behind the counter as Jessica took the picture in her hand and looked at it.

"I can't wait to show the guys." She teased.

"You're keeping that thing in your room, so I know no one else will see it." Ren spoke with a stern voice.

"I'm putting in my wallet so I can look at it anytime I want." She stuck her tongue out to him and ran away from him when she saw his insulted expression. The two went on another ride and then had some coffee before going on their final ride in the ferris wheel.

"Thank you for today. I had fun." Jessica put her head on Ren's shoulder as she looked up at the stars.

"Good." He replied.

"Especially with that photo." She smirked and he sighed.

"I swear to God, I'm going to rip that photo up if you mention it one more time." Jessica giggled.

"I'm just saying, I've never seen you like that. It was cute."

"I wasn't scared. I just didn't want you to feel awkward screaming by yourself."

"Yeah, right." She looked at him with a knowing smile. "You were, you should've seen your face when that clown with a chainsaw came after you. I almost peed my pants from laughter." Jessica said as she was laughing. Ren glared at her. Her laughter was suddenly stopped when she felt a warm hand in her neck, as another pulled her close before something soft landed on her lips. Ren pulled back after a few seconds, leaving Jessica in a flustered state. Her cheeks turned bright red and her eyes were half open.

"Was I scared?" Ren whispered. Jessica shook her head, knowing that if she said yes, he would've stopped.

"Thought so already." He dove back in for another kiss, lasting longer this time. He pulled away slowly. She opened her eyes a bit and looked at his.

"I love you." She whispered. He paused for a moment, taking her appearance in.

"I love you too." He spoke slowly. He pulled her back to him, kissing her passionately. The two soon left after getting off the ferris wheel to go to Ren's car. Jessicah had barely closed the passenger side door before Ren pulled her in for a heated make out session inside the car. While she was flustered and mentally preparing herself for later, Ren had finally driven off the parking lot and headed home. He didn't greet any of his staff as he arrived and dragged Jessica directly to his room. His butler chuckled at his frantic behaviour and Jessica's flushed face and told the rest of the staff to leave him alone for the rest of the night and coming morning, stating he would "need his rest".


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