Wanna Bet? (Finished)

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I first came up with this around the time Hello came out. Ren's character is completely fictional, cause I'm sure that Ren is the biggest sweetheart ever and would never want to make someone cry! 

But, like a lot of other girls, I find that the bad boy demeanor can be quite y ;)

Except for the members of NU'EST, Orange Caramel and Park Jihoon all the characters are mine and created by me. Please don't steal any of the characters or storyline!

Enjoy the story!


Ren has spent most of his junior high school, and now his senior high school, bullying his classmate, Jihoon. Jihoon however decided to put an end to it and decides to make a bet with Ren that he thought he could win effortlessly. However, unfortunately for him, his best friend Jessica is the victim of this bet, and he is not allowed to reveal the nature of Ren's interest in her. Even more bad luck for Jihoon, Jessica has had a huge crush on Ren since she met him.

But, will that crush be enough for Ren to win the bet so easily?

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