If SMTown Moved On...

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Title: If SMTown Moved On…

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Ratings: All ages


Moving on is not about never looking back, it is taking a glance at yesterday and seeing how much you’ve grown since then.


Timeskip. We’re five years ahead, and the idols of S.M. Entertainment have taken one step ahead in the game of life. A whirlwind of idyllic romance, adorable children, and vexatious problems ensue. As dramatic pandemonium descends upon the never-peaceful S.M. family, will they continue to move on with their lives?


Main Couples:

Zhoumi + Victoria = Zhou Huiling

Kyuhyun + Seohyun = Cho Seonjung & Cho Yeonjung

Jonghyun + Jessica = Kim Jeongmin 

Luhan + Yoona = Lu Jun

Taemin + Sulli

Sehun + Krystal

Minho + Soyeon


Minor Couples:

Onew + Tiffany = Lee Jinyoung

Key + Nicole

Henry + Amber

Leeteuk + Taeyeon = Park Taesoo & Park Taeseung

Heechul + Sohee

Kangin + Yoonji

Yesung + Yuri

Eunhyuk + Hyoyeon

Donghae + Son Eunseo = Lee Haein

Sungmin + Sunny = Lee Sungsoon

Shindong + Nari

Siwon + Sooyoung = Choi Sooeun

Ryeowook + Luna

Kibum + Go Ara

Changmin + Lee Yeonhee

Yunho + Lina = Jung Jiyoung & Jung Jimin 

Chanyeol + Jiyeon

+all the rest




Hello everyone, 

I wrote this in 2011, deeply inspired by delaneyna's "The Beginning of Forever". I asked Delaney if I could try writing an SMTOWN marriage!au and she gave me a thumbs up, which spawned many versions of my "moved on" series about SMTOWN stars growing up, having children and etc. 

This fic has a lot of flaws to it, but is still the one that started it all for me. I've decided to keep it up here, just so you readers can reminisce on the past and have something to remember.

This was written before the tragic events that happened in the past few years. Rest in peace, Jonghyun and Sulli, you will be missed.

It won't be continued, but I am writing a story about the entertainment industry, SMTOWN idols, marriage, kids and more here: strange bedfellows

I hope you can support me in my new endeavors! But still, thank you for all the love and support you have shown for this story. <3

- C


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Chapter 13: Hi ya^^ I hope things are going well for you!
Aww~ I am glad that you are writing SM Town Fanfics again ^_^ I have missed your Yoona stories :D As I was watching the recent episode of RM with SNSD, I was thinking how adorable Yoona and Minho look. They were one of the popular pairings back then hehe^^
I must admit I will dearly miss Luyoon but I am also very much looking forward to the new version with Yoona and Minho.
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Chapter 13: finally you're back with an idol fic (tho i'm sad there's no more luyoon orz) i missed you and your luyoon ff so much laura tho i dont think you still remember me. haha. anyways have a great day :)
Chapter 12: Omg. I really want this fic to be continue. Will Zhoutoria fight? Or just clear the misunderstanding?
Authornim update~!
Chapter 11: Author-nim, pls update! This is a really good story
Chapter 11: OHMY! IS ZHOU MI CHEATING ON VIC? tch...

And horray! LuYoon is back together!
crookedgemini #8
Chapter 11: Please please don't let anything happen to Zhou mi and vic's relationship.)): I have a thought about the problem and I thinks I got it.
And ya ya ya luyoon are together again♡
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Chapter 11: You WILL continue this, right? Please tell me you will.
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